Looking at these two groups today and going forward, would you say they are marginally different in terms of deal flow, experience gained, and exit opportunities?

It seems that JP's M&A group has a more solid foundation while MS's is going through some turbulence affected by the turmoil MS has gone through in the past year or two.

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Not sure what you mean by "success." Care to elaborate?

In terms of exit opportunities, yes they are different. MS M&A has always (for as long as I know) been widely regarded as one of the top banking groups on Wall Street and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. While JPM M&A is a good group, it simply doesn't attract the same caliber of analyst talent or buyside/recruiter attention.

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Thanks for the reply seamlessftw. I've updated my post to hopefully be clearer.

I know MS M&A has been a top group on the street for many years, but do you not see that number 1 spot a little wobbly?


There's also the issue that JP Morgan has more survivability than Morgan Stanley if we have continued tough times , since its a much larger institution.


That's true^
But in the short term (2-3 years), do you think that will be an issue?


Maybe not - but once an institution seriously at the verge of bankruptcy , can it seriously ever claim prestige? JP Morgan is currently in much better shape than MS so the group will have more room to grow by making stronger offers to people.

But , MS M&A has great exit points unless the group prestige also drops in KKR and Blackstone's eyes


No, I don't think it will be an issue in the short-term. People don't check Morgan Stanley's CDS spreads when evaluating a candidate from MS M&A. Even if MS goes under (let's not be dramatic here -- MS stock is up 21% YTD), analysts from MS M&A will still be highly regarded by recruiters and buy-side firms.


MS M&A, no question


Updated thoughts on this topic? How does WF M&A stack up against these two M&A groups?


Top posting FTW!


MS M&A is much more highly regarded

Not sure what you're getting at with the broader success point - seems somewhere between unknown and irrelevant to me


MS M & A has better people and better exits when u compare with JPM. I had two close contacts working for that group at MS and they have gone to top HFs.


MS M&A >

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