Does anyone know anything about this position (Dallas and Chicago offices) with regards to pay, culture, and what they actually do and whether a move to REITs or the buy side is possible? I

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You'll just be doing a lot of loans more than anything, so not as prestigious as M&A, but I'm sure you could move to a REIT. Seems like you would learn a ton, given the variety of companies they claim to cover in the posting. No idea about culture or pay, but given that it's corporate banking at BofA in Dallas, I can't imagine it being TOO intense and the pay is probably alright.

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Thanks prospie. Anyone else have any thoughts whether it be BoA or from another bank?


just got an interview for the Dallas office. Can anyone shed some light on the interview process and what credit terms I may need to know?


You'll be just in lending. Its nothing related to IB or equity related transactions so not sure why its listed as IB. If you want to know credit terms, I suggest you look into the basics like LTV, Covenants, DSC, etc. These are the basics any analyst should know.


This group also does unsecured loans so you'll want to brush up on your accounting and financial statement knowledge.


Thanks for the help. I'll let everyone know how it goes.


I am not sure how it is specifically in Dallas, but I've seen a number of project finance departments (real estate divisions in particular) which provide not only purely debt financing but also mezzanine/hybrid financing which involves quazi-equity financing (through affiliated fund or direct investments arm, for example).

So if this is your case, you might be lucky working on some very interesting transactions which are pretty close to even private equity more than investment banking.

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