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Does anyone know anything about this position (Dallas and Chicago offices) with regards to pay, culture, and what they actually do and whether a move to REITs or the buy side is possible? I

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Comments (8)

  • prospie's picture

    You'll just be doing a lot of loans more than anything, so not as prestigious as M&A, but I'm sure you could move to a REIT. Seems like you would learn a ton, given the variety of companies they claim to cover in the posting. No idea about culture or pay, but given that it's corporate banking at BofA in Dallas, I can't imagine it being TOO intense and the pay is probably alright.

  • intlbanker153's picture

    Thanks prospie. Anyone else have any thoughts whether it be BoA or from another bank?

  • intlbanker153's picture

    just got an interview for the Dallas office. Can anyone shed some light on the interview process and what credit terms I may need to know?

  • TeddyTheBear's picture

    You'll be just in lending. Its nothing related to IB or equity related transactions so not sure why its listed as IB. If you want to know credit terms, I suggest you look into the basics like LTV, Covenants, DSC, etc. These are the basics any analyst should know.

  • kjl's picture

    This group also does unsecured loans so you'll want to brush up on your accounting and financial statement knowledge.

  • intlbanker153's picture

    Thanks for the help. I'll let everyone know how it goes.

  • Zevaka's picture

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