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Can't say I'm that surprised, considering the educational background most of you had

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Comments (18)

  • Mis Ind's picture

    Yeah, this is pretty absurd.

    Now just sit back and watch me get called a fat nigger bitch by some anonymous guy.

  • aspiringmonkey's picture

    Its not like registration takes that much effort

  • Mis Ind's picture

    Thanks, NYchimp. I think the flames would be at least a little more restrained if people didn't have anonymity to hide behind. Yes, it doesn't take much effort to make an account, but those can at least be tracked/blocked, so someone would have to be really dedicated to changing names and being an asshat in order to keep it up.

  • aspiringmonkey's picture

    can always ip ban an account, then they get screwed. Altho you need to choose what to ban for...i.e. I got banned twice from 2 different boards for calling the moderator fat. I thought fat people were supposed to be jolly?

  • Mis Ind's picture

    See, this guy's behavior is a great lesson to me. There's a reason why he's doing and saying these things. Self-hatred? Frustration with the world and those around him? Boredom? How does one end up this full of poisonous emotions... and how can one recover? It's interesting to think about, especially as we bankers see tinges of this kind of behavior in our co-workers pretty frequently.

  • Mis Ind's picture

    I see. Very, uh... interesting statement. You sound like a pretty miserable dude, to be honest.

  • lbomonkey's picture

    Hahahaha. I still say he's fucking around, though that was an excessively long post.

  • RogueBanker's picture

    I thought it was logical, goddamn I write out something that took some real soul and this is what I get. Thanks.

  • HokieAnalyst's picture

    suprised no anonymous comments have shown up here yet

  • Mis Ind's picture
  • BananaMan's picture

    disabled...anonymous posters can't contribute anymore. sick of spam and stupid / racist comments.

  • zala rules's picture

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