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I'm trying to intern at PIMCO, and one of the things I am doing to prepare is reading the Fabozzi book. Does anyone have any experience with PIMCO/fixed income in general who can tell me what more I need to know/do for general knowledge?

What is the next step to gain knowledge of fixed income? Or will finishing this book help me out completely (I'm on Part 3: Securities if that helps someone answer my question)

BAsically reading this book and getting through it will take all of my time for the rest of winter break probably (through January 23), and I do not want to do that if there are more productive/helpful ways I can go about learning fixed income.

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    The debt part of level I of the CFA is written by Fabozzi himself and might be a little more palatable than the full book, if you can find an old copy from someone. Mine unfortunately made its way to a dumpster somehow.

    For fixed income investing, get your hands on a pdf of Margin of Safety (it's available on the internet). Also, read Distress Investing by Marty Whitman.

    Also, download a credit document and read it front to back.

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    Eurodollar futures and options handbook, from Burghardt, is a very good one too. Try to get it.

    I can vouch for him on this, Great book. Just got it a few days ago

    Do you have it on pdf?

    Eurodollar one? Nope sorry, I bought it on kindle. The margin of safety one can be downloaded though

    Yes, Eurodollar...I have it on "paper" but it's much more useful to have it on epub format right now. I don't find it anywhere.

    I haven't read Margin of safety, just downloaded from your url, thanks a lot.