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I've had this question in my mind for a while and decided to ask wallstreet oasis for some help. It's simple, what is the best choice to break in IBD? Going to a decent undergrad business school (rank 50) or going to a top tier university (rank in top 20s and econ program is ranked top 10) econ program???

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    No brainer. Top 20 university, with econ. Consider that most Ivy's don't have a business major (only econ). An undergrad business program that is ranked 50 is probably going to be an even lower-ranked overall university.

    A top 10 econ program university with an overall rank near 20s is a school like UC Berkeley and Northwestern, while a top 50 undergrad business school is like Tulane, William and Mary, etc... Big difference...

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    Can't believe this is even a question, as these two options are leagues apart.

    Is there something you are not telling us, such as a large difference in total cost, which is causing you to actually consider this a serious choice?

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    How about the location? UC Berkeley Econ vs. Fordham Gabelli? I figured being located in New York would be something to consider, since when you're at UCB most people head off to SF.

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