Ok, so here is a crazy idea that i have been thinking about, it doesnt directly deal with ibanking but i think its pretty interesting. Do you think that in this day and age, it is possible to create your own country. now for me this nation would be an artificial island since allt he land in the world is taken up. You would have to get permission to use a nations waters, but it would most likely be a small yet functional tax haven. all comments are welcome

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well, if you were to use a nation's waters, then that nation would probably force you to pay taxes and abide by its laws, so you wouldnt be your own sovereign nation. now, if you were to swim to the middle of the pacific and Lord knows how, form an island, then that'd be interesting. what would you name the country out of curiosity?

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i was thinking about illyria


problem is you need other countries to recognise your sovereignty first - could pay them off i


Look into the idea of a Volkstaat.


thanks for all of the posts


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