I found a website called Trading Economics that's probably the next best thing to Bloomberg and Capital IQ with real-time financial market data movements and economic indicators. It has information on stock markets, exchange rates, fixed income, and commodities that you can export to Excel.... FOR FREE

Here's the link: http://tradingeconomics.com/

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just went on the link.. its only a free trial. am i missing something?

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lol nvm you gotta pay for the trial as well.


lol nvm you gotta pay for the trial as well.

You don't need to make an account. That will just give you more indicators, but you can still use the ones they provide for free, which is a hell of a lot better than nothing.

  • Anonymous Monkey
  •  11/9/15

I would advise not to sign up for the 99 USD 1-week trial. I signed up for this trial but I did not received access to their website nor did I received confirmation of purchase. In the meanwhile the trial fee of USD 99 and the monthly fees are charged from the credit card.


how do i pull up that screenshot lol?

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