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The WSO Elite Modeling Package will teach you the most critical skills so that you can thrive in the most competitive finance careers.

300+ detailed video lessons, 50+ modules and 30+ exercises across 6 jam-packed courses 

From the most critical foundational skills (Excel and Financial Statement Modeling) to the more advanced modeling (M&A, LBO, Valuation and DCF) using best practices in online learning.

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Want to Make the Cut?
First You Need The Skills...

High finance careers are some of the most demanding in the world. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it.

Not only does investment banking and high finance promise huge salaries and bonuses, but they also set you up for a lucrative career no matter what direction you decide to take.

But being a top-ranked analyst is hard... 

...because these industries can pick the best of the best and the skills needed to succeed don't happen overnight.

In fact, learning the foundations early in your career is often the difference between thriving and getting fired.

...Between a top-bucket bonus ($100,000) and a bottom-bucket bonus ($10,000).  

But most professionals will never tell you that... they simply don't have the time to coddle you.


The Best Way To Develop These Skills Is To
Learn From the Best.

Only then will you know all of the little tricks, secrets and shortcuts to be super productive and beat your competition: the tens of thousands of other finance "rock stars" who are your colleagues.

And once you have this knowledge, what seemed daunting will be a walk in the park.

Where others are inefficient and intimidated, you'll be calm, cool and collected.

And when others are losing hours, you'll be a productivity machine for anything your staffer throws at you.

But first, a word of warning...


Less Than 5% of Pros are TRUE Modeling Wizards...
...Only Those that Practice the Right Way Truly Get It.

That's right. Out of every 1,000 finance pros, less than 50 have full mastery to make them indispensable and super-efficient. The other 95% lose HOURS of time every week, fail to gain the full trust of their deal teams and many wash out because they can't handle the pace.

Think you're part of the top 5%? Think again. Candidates applying to these elite firms (even from the best schools) tend to overestimate their proficiency.  Even worse, many of them develop bad habits during their finance internships since there is minimal oversight.

Most don't take the time to learn to model the RIGHT way.

Instead, they are left floundering coming out of training, reaching for their mouse and taking 3x the time to do a simple analysis compared to their rock-star peers...

Dreaming of their pillows at 3am...

Wondering how Eric in M&A is on 4 live transactions and got home by 10pm… or why he keeps getting the best deals over them...

And yes, hoping they'll get a top-bucket bonus even though the writing is already on the wall....

I've seen it more times than I can count.  And it's all because they're unprepared.

  • Many had decent soft-skills but relied on the live training programs at the firms, so they didn't get up to speed fast enough in modeling to be ranked at the top of their class...

  • Others thought they had the technical skills down cold with a few relevant internships but didn't get enough reps to be super productive on real deals...

  • Some were great in Excel but never really understood valuation, DCF and M&A modeling at a deep level

The Bottom Line is This:

To Thrive In These Careers, You Must Be Ready On Day 1...
... And That Means Investing In The Best Courses Now.


The Wall Street Oasis

300+ detailed video lessons, 50+ modules, 30+ exercises across 6 jam-packed courses taught by elite practitioners  

To Help you Thrive in the Most Prestigious Jobs on Wall Street...


Excel Modeling Course (110+ video lessons)

In this course, we take you from a beginner in Excel to an absolute Excel master with over 100 lessons to help make sure you build a proper foundation for the more advanced financial modeling courses later.

Financial Statement Modeling (60 Video Lessons)

In this course, we use 60 video lessons and a case study with Nike, Inc. to walk you through how to build a fully functional 3-statement model.  This includes a robust capstone exercise to make sure you are comfortable applying what you learn to any other company.

LBO Modeling Course (115+ video lessons)

In this course, we continue with our Nike, Inc. case study and walk you through a complex LBO Model with over 115 video lessons, and cover critical concepts for private equity professionals.  Includes up to date modules on taxes, recaps, rollups and more... so that you can gain every edge and aren't learning from outdated courses.   

Valuation Modeling (170+ video lessons)

In this course, we use 170+ video lessons to help give you a strong foundation in both trading comparables analysis and precedent transaction analysis with a realistic case study using Nike Inc. that you can understand the nuances of valuation on the job and how an actual investment banker uses these analyses in the real world…

M&A Modeling (60+ Video Lessons)

In this course, we use 60+ video lessons to help give you a strong understanding of purchase accounting and modeling for M&A transactions using Nike Inc. as our case study that you can understand the nuances of M&A on the job by learning directly from an elite M&A investment banker…

DCF Modeling (50+ Video Lessons)

In this course, we use 50+ video lessons to help give you a strong understanding of DCF Modeling using Nike Inc. as our case study and unpacking this common valuation methodology so that you can truly understand both the theory and practical uses for the job…

Our students have landed and thrived at positions across all top Wall Street firms, including:

Video Preview

Excel Shortcuts
Trading Comps Analysis Output
Premiums Paid and Review
Cash Flow From Operations
Scenario Analysis
Key Drivers of Return
Financing Assumptions: Leverage Ratios
Calculating Cash Flow Available for Debt Service


The WSO Elite Modeling Package takes you way beyond anything else.  While others claim to give you everything you need, most are very outdated and don't give you specific benchmarks.  Even worse, some aren't tailored specifically for finance careers.   

And there's an even BIGGER problem:

Most are taught by one guy who's been out of investment banking for years…  

Why would you rely on someone who never worked in M&A to teach you M&A modeling?  or someone that never worked in private equity to teach you about LBO modeling?  

Finance is constantly changing and so are best practices for modeling.  Watching someone build an LBO model that never worked in PE is not an effective way to learn. Your experienced analysts, associates and VP colleagues are smart… and they're constantly judging to see if the new guy/gal is a true modeling wizard or "still on the learning curve."

And they set their expectations accordingly… for better or worse. 

This package will take you from beginner to expert in financial modeling and make sure you are getting the right context from the best experts.  This way you'll be ready for the most demanding finance careers from Day 1.

What you really need is this:

You Need The Best Instructors and Something Validated

Other modeling packages look good, but the truth is most are written by ONE guy with only ONE perspective telling what they think is "right" from their dated experience from over a decade ago… The WSO Elite Modeling Package was born straight from the source and is still updated every year: with over 100 million unique visitors and 700,000 members we cherry-picked the absolute best instructors for each course that have direct experience in the course they are teaching ... with direct ongoing guidance from top analysts, associates and finance veterans... and validated by over 57,000 finance pros just like you.

You Need to Drill, Not Just Watch

To succeed you must do more than just sit back and watch some videos and download some templates… You really need to drill with accurate benchmarks to measure your progress and repeat the exercises until you hit certain levels of productivity.   This is why every one of these courses has critical exercises to test your proficiency so that you can save hours in your internship, on the job and impress your superiors.

You Don't Need A Basic Modeling Course. You Need a Modeling Course Tailored for Finance

You don't need a modeling course teaching you the basics of formulas, financial statements and pivot tables.  You need a comprehensive modeling package that is rooted in the context of the most competitive finance careers in the world using the well-proven case-methodology to make sure you are ready to compete.  There is a major difference. Investing in the WSO Elite Modeling Package will give you that context so that you understand how to apply your skills when you interview and when you start on the job. 

You Need to Stay Awake

Other courses throw hours of boring video with a spreadsheet and voiceover with no gamification and don't use important techniques to help make the courses easier to complete.  They give you some templates and printouts, an LMS with a simple progress bar, and hope you learn.  We built these courses using well researched best practices for online learning including fun gamification with real rewards, chunking lessons into smaller bites to make sure you get credit for each small step, an animated character to help you stay alert, interactive learning to make sure you retain the information and a mobile-friendly platform that lets you download lessons and continue learning while you're on the go so that you can make the most of your investment...

How do I know this?
Because I've been down this path before...

Patrick Curtis

My name is Patrick Curtis, and I'm the founder of Wall Street Oasis. Not that long ago, I was in your position. 

In my senior year at Williams, I landed a full-time investment banking offer at Rothschild's New York office and we were in the midst of a recession.

But I had a stellar GPA from a great school, was a top athlete and held strong leadership positions. In short, I was confident and flying high.  I was ready to work long hours and be a top analyst…

Except it didn't work out that way.

During my first few weeks of training, I found out the harsh truth… I was way behind the Wharton kids. I had no idea what I was doing.

Two weeks of training wasn't going to close the massive skills gap.

I knew I was screwed… and I had nowhere to hide.  Instead, I had to stay up until 2am every night trying to understand financial modeling, and how to get faster so that I wouldn't drown once I was fed to the sharks.  

Before I was truly ready, training ended and I was toast.   What was 2am quickly became 4am...and I still felt behind.

It was easily the most challenging time of my life.

After months of fear and floundering, I gradually started getting faster and more efficient....but not after seeing my direct associate from HBS get fired and wondering if I was next.

And then it finally clicked.  The 80-90 hour weeks and countless reps FINALLY helped me get up to speed and start adding value... after 4 months of stress and pain.

The staffer and my deal teams noticed

I was soon placed with one of the top Managing Directors in the Restructuring group and working on 3 live deals.  After 2 years, I moved into private equity, doubled my salary and had finally "made it."

This package is the result of that grueling first few months in investment banking.  I know how vital mastering financial modeling is to survive the transition into these fast-paced high finance roles.  

With the help of our 700,000+ members and our incredible network, we've been able to cherry-pick the best instructors, iterate and improve the courses with top professionals at elite firms as our beta testers. 

And with the help of our members - and of the 100+ industry veterans, analysts, and associates who have contributed - it's my hope that you can avoid the pitfalls I experienced, and hit the ground running on DAY 1.



Course #1


110+ Video Lessons with 10+ Exercises with Benchmarks across 13 modules to help you master this critical foundational program for financial modeling… You WILL be using this program EVERY - SINGLE - DAY. The most comprehensive Excel Modeling Course on the market… We've got every base covered, so you'll be prepared to tackle complex financial models efficiently.

Course #2


60 Video Lessons across 9 modules and a capstone exercise to help you master 3 statement financial modeling… Taught by a finance professional with bulge bracket investment banking and private equity experience. This course is the most comprehensive financial statement modeling course on the market…  Using our case study of Nike, Inc, so you'll be ready to build 3 statement financial models and link up the financial statements on day one of your investment banking job and be able to survive the interviews.

Course #3


115+ Video Lessons across 14 modules to help you master LBO modeling… Taught by a megafund private equity professional. This course is the most comprehensive and up to date LBO Modeling Course on the market… We've got every base covered, so you'll know about all the latest tax rules, complex modeling tricks (recaps, rollups) and more.

Course #4


120+ Video Lessons across 19 modules to help you master valuation modeling… Taught by a finance professional with bulge bracket investment banking and private equity experience. This course is the most comprehensive and up to date Valuation Modeling Course on the market…  Enterprise value vs Equity value, Trading comparables, precedent transactions and every base is covered, so you'll be ready to spread comps on day one of your investment banking job and be able to survive the interviews.

Course #5


60+ Video Lessons across 10 modules to help you master M&A modeling… Taught by a finance professional with M&A experience at an elite investment bank as well as private equity experience at an elite megafund. This course is the most comprehensive and up to date M&A Modeling Course on the market…  Every base is covered, so you'll be ready to model mergers and acquisitions like a pro on day one.

Course #6



50+ Video Lessons across 7 modules to help you master DCF modeling… Taught by a finance professional with bulge bracket investment banking and private equity experience. This course is the most comprehensive and up to date DCF Modeling Course on the market…  Every base is covered, so you'll be ready to run a detailed discounted cash flow model like a pro on day one.

Get 6 Distinct Course Certifications

After completing each course, all students will be granted a WSO Modeling Certification for that specific course.   Use these certificates as a signal to employers that you have the technical skills to immediately add value to your team. 

Demonstrate that you have put in the work outside of university courses to make yourself more efficient and master the most critical modeling skills for success in finance careers.  Easily share to LinkedIn and other social media sites to strengthen your profile as a candidate.

Bonus Modules

Mock Deals, Sample Interviews
Proprietary Firm Intel and More...


Get unlimited access to 100+ videos over 60+ hours, including mock interviews, detailed finance Q&A's, sample deals and real-world scenarios for a full 12 months… all from our veteran Wall Street mentors. It is the most comprehensive video library on the maket, so you can out-prepare and outperform your competition...


  • 60+ hours of exclusive IB, PE, HF + consulting videos, with more added each month...
  • 100+ videos - including:
    • Recorded mock interviews so you can see what works and what doesn't...
    • 32 Q&A videos with experienced IB Professionals from our Mentor Team...
    • Sample Deals so you can see how veteran finance pros have handled real-world scenarios...
  • 20+ Template files: PPT and Excel files you can download and use to study...
  • Videos for the industry and position of your choice, including:
    • IB Analysts, PE Analysts, Top Management Consultants
    • IB Associates, PE Associates, HF Analysts + More
    • Group & Division Specifics
  • Highlights of just some of what you'll have access to:
    • Best Practices for Technical Interviews
    • Technical Interview Prep
    • Transitioning from IB
    • Banking Fit Interviews
    • The 3 Secrets to breaking into S&T
    • Leveraged Loan Markets
    • Mastering the S&T Interview
    • Working for a market IB
    • How to decide between IB and S&T
    • Experience as an analyst at Goldman
    • How to go from a non-target school to a Bulge Bracket IB
    • Going from Engineering to Banking
    • How a Middle Market M&A Process Works
    • IPO's: How they're sold and valued…
    • And much more...



You've done all the prep and studied all the questions, but how do you know which firms, which positions and what salaries you should target? If you're using another course package, the answer is simple: you won't. With the WSO Company Database, you'll be able to find inside intel on compensation, position, employee reviews and the most common questions asked... so you'll know which firm is right for you.

  • 24,681+ interview insights across 5,132 Investment Banks, PE Funds, Hedge Funds + Other Financial Service Firms...
  • Exclusive data on compensation by firm, division, city , position, benefits and bonus size...
  • 2,000+ employee reviews to get the real juicy details on what it's really like on the inside...


1. Salary & Bonus Detail

  • Know how much you can expect to make at thousands of firms, across dozens of positions…
  • Quickly scan hundreds of companies for the min, max and media avg base salary and cash bonus by position...


2. Proprietary Company Insight

  • Compare companies across a variety of metrics, including overall rating, interview experience, relative compensation, diversity in recruiting, percent of interns getting offers and the top schools, majors and degrees targeted by each firm…
  • View quantified, percentile rankings of each firm - by position…


3. Inside Intel On Thousands of Firms

  • Uncover what other candidates were asked in prior interviews at the same firm, so you'll be totally prepared…
  • Get insights about the most difficult questions, so that you'll past even the the toughest of tests…
  • Know what to expect before you walk in the door, so you'll be ready when that offer comes...


How Much is Your
Finance Career Worth?

What You Get


WSO Excel Modeling Course

110+ video lessons across 13 Modules taught by a top-ranked bulge bracket investment banker...


Financial Statement Modeling Course

60+ video lessons across 9 Modules taught by a top-ranked bulge bracket investment banker...


LBO Modeling Course

115+ video lessons across 14 Modules taught by a top-ranked megafund private equity associate...


Valuation Modeling Course

170+ video lessons across 19 Modules taught by a Top-ranked BB investment banker + an elite PE pro...


M&A Modeling Course

60+ video lessons across 10 Modules taught by an elite M&A investment banker...


DCF Modeling Course

50+ video lessons across 7 Modules taught by a top-bucket bulge bracket investment banker...


Bonus 1: 18 Mini Courses (Lifetime Access) + WSO Video Library (12mo Access)

Access to 100+ videos including 18 mini courses (avg 3hrs of content each!)


Bonus 2: WSO Company Database (WSO Premium) - 12 Month Access

24,681+ interview insights (IB, PE, HFs), 51,233+ exclusive salary and bonus datapoints + 20,127 company reviews...


24 Months of Unlimited Elite Support from Actual Finance Pros

Have a technical question? Easily drop a comment into any lesson and get a response from a pro within 48hrs.





Consider this your first investment
in a long career...

After all, you've likely already spent tens of thousands of dollars on college (and perhaps tens of thousands more on an MBA)... When you start your coveted finance job,

you'll be making well over $100,000...

...over $200,000 if you have an MBA...

And that's just the beginning of a long and very LUCRATIVE career that could easily net you millions...

We could easily charge thousands of dollars and your ROI would still be huge…

At a fraction of that price, the ROI is even better... When you do the math, it's a no brainer.

And that doesn't include the time you'd have to spend figuring all of this out and the hours of sleep these courses will save you. 

Even if you used the free info online, you'd still have to find it, organize it, vet it and test it to get it to work.

That would take months… and at that point, you may have missed your window.

The WSO Elite Modeling Package gives you everything you need to be super-efficient and master financial modeling… quickly and easily.

But we're not going to charge you thousands...


We won't even ask for half of that...



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WSO Elite Modeling Package For 76% Off



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Your investment is protected by our 12-Month Risk-Free Guarantee -- the most generous in the market, BY FAR.  If, for any reason, you don't think the WSO Elite Modeling Package is right for you, just send us an email, and we'll refund every penny. No questions asked. In short, you get a great return on your investment, or you get your money back. It's that simple.  Yes, we are that confident.  We know that if you put in the time, this package will dramatically improve your skills.  

Your Choice is Simple.

If you're reading this, you're here for a reason: because you want to be one of the very few who thrive on the job… and because you need help doing it.

Your opportunity really is limited… you have one good shot. If you make a bad first impression, your chances of getting on the top deals and breaking into the buyside are slim to none, because the Associates, VPs and MDs won't give you their trust. Don't believe me? Talk to my friend who is now stuck in a dead-end corporate finance gig after he failed to ramp up fast enough at his banking job.

Because the hard truth is that Wall Street is literally flooded with millions of people just like you and me: college hotshots, finance wizards, math geniuses and even IB analysts at top banks with great live deal experience… and most of them still end up wishing they were better prepared when they started.

These firms have the pick of the litter, and only those who are superbly prepared, who have mastered all the concepts and who understand the subtle nuances of modeling will thrive on the job.

Do that, and you'll gain acceptance in a world few people will ever glimpse.


What do you want to be doing? Living in a penthouse, working on multibillion-dollar deals and climbing the elite ladders of finance?

Or living with your parents, selling mortgages in the suburbs and watching your friends having a lucrative career that should have been yours.

The choice really is yours. And your opportunity really is limited.

Don't waste it. Click here to get instant access and get started on building the most critical skill.

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