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If you could choose one...

Which one's worth the money?

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    I've always liked street account. Fly on the wall is the fastest but they don't vet anything and have burned me before. Street Account is both timely and accurate, has nice customization features, portfolio monitoring tools, email alerts, etc. Some people in my office used briefing and street account, or even all 3.

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    I use both Briefing and TradeTheNews. I usually have the text version of Briefing open on a monitor and listen to the audio version of TradeTheNews. The TTN audio guys are usually pretty fast and accurate. Briefing is nice in that they have a few different people sharing their viewpoints and ideas about some of the news items. I've never used Fly on the Wall or Street Account.

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    good thread, let's keep the dialogue about trading tools and research going, please!

    1.Street Acct (tied)
    2.Trade the News (tied)
    4 Briefing

    Use all except Briefing (used to use it though).. Definitely Street Acct and Trade The News, Trade is a must have for earnings season of course, sooooo much faster than the others. Audio is expensive, but can be quite worth it. Street Acct gets things no one else has, and seems thoroughly checked before released. Briefing is whatever.. but if you have it, use it, i just find them minutes behind.. Fly is fast, but very limited in info.

    **What about actual research notes, Who do you guys use?

    Also, anyone ever use ZacksPro for research notes?