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0Company Review: IDG Capital Partners03 years 6 days ago
0Asking for your job back?This is a throw away account as i post somewhat often. i turned down an offer post-internship at a decent asset management group (~5bn AUM) because i wanted to pursue a more research driven job and because the pay seemed to be low (30k prorated as an intern). Left on good terms (eating with boss...33 years 6 days ago
0badass.jpg03 years 6 days ago
0Oct 2: NY Strategy SocialThere's a New York social/mixer event on Oct 2 for the Strategic Management Society and would like to make sure you have an invitation as well: years 6 days ago
0McK Office SelectionHi Guys, I'm getting my MBA at a target school and I recruited for consulting internships last winter. I made it to the final round with McKinsey but did not get an offer. I did get an offer from another consulting company (not MBB) and I'll be interning with them this summer. However, I've ...113 years 6 days ago
0Company Compensation: Cole Taylor Bank03 years 6 days ago
0Community Development CorporationsWhat sort of experience can I get volunteering with these projects? Could this work further a career in REITs, REPE, or REIB? ...53 years 6 days ago
0Company Compensation: Investment Technology Group03 years 6 days ago
0Blackberry joining Dell in the private land.Blackberry announced a tender offer for 9$/share with Fairfax Financial, a Canadian holding company. The Verge article. The deal values the buyout at 4.7 billion dollars. This is particularly sad when you realize that Apple made 5 billion dollars in revenue this weekend alone. Blackberry is...13 years 6 days ago
0icahn.jpg03 years 6 days ago
0blackberry.png03 years 6 days ago
0blackberry-broken.jpg03 years 6 days ago
0Paulson buys Puerto Rican resortI think the resort got hit pretty hard in the downturn. Haven't seen Paulson in hotels before.,+Puerto+Rico/8711189.html ...33 years 6 days ago
0REPE funds & carry compThere has been plenty of discussion on carry in traditional vanilla PE jobs...however I haven't seen much on carry within REPE funds. Among the largest top 20 funds or so - at what level does carry start to kick in? Are associates getting carry - or does this not really happen until the VP lev...53 years 6 days ago
0ResumeClipArt03 years 6 days ago
0Fastrack to banking or MBA...What Should I Do?Ok , so I am at Northeastern in the business school right now for my freshman year and unsure if this is the school I should be at. I want to do banking or have a career in Finance but I do not know if the co-ops look good for banking?? Also I was thinking about transferring to UMICH , BC , or Vand...13 years 6 days ago
0Company Compensation: General Electric03 years 6 days ago
0Company Interview: Scotiabank03 years 6 days ago
0Help with some jargonHi All, I am a newbie FX trader and just learning the jargon. I saw the following notes from a trader and am not sure I follow this entirely: Note 1 - "EURCHF vols have collapsed, for those who want to bottom pick some gamma, i can sell 25sept 1.24 eur call at 4.85 vol, and/or 1w 1.2290 eur ...63 years 6 days ago
0Retail Bank ValuationI have an interview coming up for a private equity group that makes significant minority investments in regional retail banks. Does anyone know how you would go about valuing a regional retail bank?...133 years 6 days ago
0Company Compensation: PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers03 years 6 days ago
0NY Strategy SocialRSVP: ...03 years 6 days ago
0Company Compensation: Wellington Management03 years 6 days ago
0Stroh in NYCAfter reading the post a couple weeks ago with drink reviews and hearing/seeing a lot more discussion on Stroh I am very interested in trying it, looks like it could be the new drink. Anyone in NYC know where there's a bar or liquor store that sells this drink? I have had a very difficult time fi...03 years 6 days ago
0What is the best experience/degree for a Corp. Finance job at GM?Would a MSF degree be better than MAcc? ...133 years 6 days ago
0Company Compensation: Monitor03 years 6 days ago
0APD candidates in McK, Bain, BCG?Anyone know anyone with an advance professional degree (MD, JD, PhD, etc) at MBB? It seems like those 3 are the only firms that actively hire APD candidates, and start them out at most-MBA associate level. How many of these APD people are hired, usually? Once they are hired, are they exclusively...103 years 6 days ago
0lumberjack.jpg03 years 6 days ago
+1Bonus Bananas September 20, 2013Any monkeys in Paris who want to get tore up from the floor up tonight, hit me up by PM. @AndyLouis and I are getting Mouffetarded tonight. Let's get it on: 1) JPMorgan Fined For Losing Money (Bloomberg) - By now you've no doubt heard about the almost billion-dollar fine JPMorgan was levied in th...213 years 6 days ago
0New user at hereHi, This is lucillewing. I am a new user of wallstreetoasis Forum, I am going to start using wallstreetoasis,I hope all of guys help me out, give me some advice and support me... Thanks...03 years 6 days ago
0ACG professional SocietyHey there Monekys, I was wondering if any of you ever heard of/ had experiences with a professional society for M&A professionals called the Association for Corporate Growth. They have chapters across the World and they host a plethora of networking events. Have any of you guys had experiences at ne...83 years 6 days ago
0bblogo.jpg03 years 6 days ago
0Company Compensation: BNP Paribas03 years 6 days ago
0AustraliaI was wondering if anyone knows how easy (or difficult) it is to get positions at firms in other countries such as the US or the UK?...03 years 6 days ago
07 Reasons First Time Investors Should Consider Index FundsAn Index fund is a statistical measure of the changes in a portfolio of stocks representing a portion of the overall market. These relatively nonaggressive investment opportunities are comprised of many indices like the DJIA, S&P 500, Wilshire 5000, and Russell 3000. Each index is created to track ...33 years 6 days ago
0Manufacturing to Consulting without MBA ! Possible ?I currently work as an Engineer in manufacturing plant for one of the countries largest Automobile Companies. I am extremely fond on Finance too. I am currently Preparing to get my CFA Level 2 June next year. I got my bachelors from a school in India and Majored in Electrical Engineering. I have aro...103 years 6 days ago
0Personal Finance Book / Course (for US)Most books on personal finance seem to emphasize 401ks and "regular guy" working life. Most of us here want to get rich really early, and want to leverage our funds towards entrepeneurship or towards furthering career objectives, but of course not go broke in the process. Is there any resource, ...03 years 6 days ago
0houlihan lokey los angeles FT interviewsAnyone invited to HL LA for full-time analyst interviews? I heard that they started recruiting but was wondering if anyone heard/invited to their office for an interview....33 years 6 days ago
0interview2.jpg03 years 6 days ago
0lines at apple stores: resellers vs super fans what % of the people that wait in line resell the phone(s) that they purchase and what % are just super fans that HAVE to be the first to have it? ...63 years 6 days ago
0Company Interview: Citigroup03 years 6 days ago
0Company Compensation: Financo03 years 6 days ago
0Company Interview: Standard Chartered Bank03 years 6 days ago
0Company Compensation: Zurich Insurance Group03 years 6 days ago
0NYC September Happy Hour: Thur., 9/26 7pm"Yo Flesh," AndyLouis writes to me the other day. "People want to party; when's the next WSO Happy Hour?" Indeed, it's been a bit of time since the last event! Join us at our old standby pub, the Galway Hooker, located on 36th Street between 5th and Madison, to meet your fellow simians and down s...03 years 6 days ago
0private equity.jpg03 years 6 days ago
0Convention for butterfly tradesHi All, A newbie question: what is the market convention while qouting and trading butterfly spreads? This link mentions 4 calls: and this mentions a strangle + straddle combination: I...43 years 6 days ago
0Private Banking business analystHi guys, I have an interview with JPM's private banking division in Geneva. The job specs are the following: The Role Business & Product Development Analysts are an integral part of the team and are responsible for executing key deliverables within the strategic business agenda of Wealth M...03 years 6 days ago
0Best S&T GS DeskThoughts? across equities and ficc...13 years 6 days ago
0Best GS groupsI am an incoming SA at GS through one of the accelerated processes since I summered at another bank and had an exploding offer. So from research and hearsay I know TMT is the top group. How about the other groups? Half of the search results are prior to 2011 and so they aren't really relevant to the...53 years 6 days ago
0Masters in Management vs. Business Minor (Rebranding)What is better for financial roles i.e ( Hedge funds,IB & S&T)? The masters in management would be from a top 10 MBA program and the business minor would be from a top 5 BBA program. The difference in cost would be 40k for MM & 12K for the Business Minor. The Minor would be one extra semester to my ...03 years 6 days ago
0Company Interview: Goldman Sachs03 years 6 days ago
0Ozona, TX Oil and Gas Exhibition I saw an ad for this on Facebook and was wondering if anyone here in Texas is going? Does anyone know if any trading type firms would be there? It seems like its mostly an industrial type convention....03 years 6 days ago
0Banking vs. Consulting -- Post-MBAI see a lot of threads comparing banking and consulting at the undergrad level, however I haven't seen too many of them comparing these two at the post-MBA level, so I wanted to start one. I will be starting at a top 10 MBA program this Fall. My work experience has been in corporate finance and g...273 years 6 days ago
0Company Compensation: Scotiabank03 years 6 days ago
0Company Compensation: Robert W. Baird & Co.03 years 6 days ago
0Would a Msc in Finance and Private Equity be useful for someone trying to get into PWM in an investment bankOr would a Msc in Finance and Investment be a better option? or would a Msc in Banking and Finance be the safest option Thanks x Any better suggestions would be really appreciated. ...13 years 6 days ago
0Comp Sci MinorI'm currently a rising junior economics major at a target school hoping to get into BB IBD by next summer. In the event that I want to go into technology after college, does having a comp sci minor significantly increase my job prospects? Would simply knowing the programming and taking basic program...93 years 6 days ago
0How to go about leaving current job?Hi everyone, I graduated college last year and have been working at an independent wealth management firm in a small city in VERY rural Pennsylvania. I'm in a 3 year training program that will sponsor me for the series 7, 66, Insurance, CFP and other certs such as the CIMA. But, after a few mont...53 years 6 days ago
0Company Interview: Morgan Stanley03 years 6 days ago
0Company Compensation: Citigroup03 years 6 days ago
0Company Compensation: Goldman Sachs03 years 6 days ago
0geography/urban planning university degree in Real EstateHow far would a geography/urban planning university degree take you in this industry? Can one become an "analyst"? I saw one of the comments in other threads saying you don't even need college for residential real estate? I really have no idea about this industry ....yet...literally just googling...63 years 6 days ago
0Valuation03 years 6 days ago
0Accept Fordham Transfer or test my luck elsewhere? ---...183 years 6 days ago
0BAML HGDCMHey guys I was just invited for a first round with Bank of America in their High Grade Debt Capital Markets Group. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this group in terms of culture, hours, pay and exit opps as well as the overall strength of the group. Also if anyone know what an inte...33 years 6 days ago
0Resume Critique for LateralI am looking to lateral to a Chicago MM bank sometime early next year. I would have a year of experience at that point. Wanted advice on my resume and whether it is strong enough to place me into quality MM companies. Few notes: - I don't like having my GMAT of 690 on there, as it is below 700...13 years 6 days ago
0Company Compensation: Deloitte03 years 6 days ago
0Soph - Aim for boutique IB, BB Risk, or other to best position myself for BB SA junior summer?Hey everyone, I'm currently a sophomore at a Non-target/Semi-target just outside of Manhattan with a fairly strong presence in BB IBD positions. I'm really hoping to get an SA position my junior summer and don't know what to aim for in order to best position myself. I can try and network asap w...43 years 6 days ago
0PE/VC spring internship prior to top BB full-time?Although I'm joining a solid IBD group full-time (BS/MS), I'm interning at a pretty good PE/VC firm during this school year. As the internship is temporary and the firm doesn't hire out of undergrad, would this still be risky? I'm dead-set on joining the BB, but am worried that they might get ups...23 years 6 days ago
0Anyone know of a good 401K strategy article/book/etc? Basically what the title said. I'm wondering if anyone has read any good research on long term 401k strategy-maybe a broker report, a book, a website, etc? Please share. ...23 years 6 days ago
0Due diligence in PE fundraising for fund employeesHas anyone ever gone through the fundraising process as an employee of a fund? What type of diligence do they do on individual employees? Track record? Background check? Reference check? Also, who conducts the DD process on behalf on LPs?...93 years 6 days ago
0Company Compensation: Deutsche Bank03 years 6 days ago
+5How I Work - peyo212 EditionHere's my contribution to the "How I Work" posts since I can't think of anything else interesting this week. And no, I don't care if you don't care. Current gig: Algorithmic trader at proprietary trading firm Location: Chicago, IL Current mobile device: HTC One Current computer: HP [email protected]..223 years 6 days ago
0Boutiques in Houston list!Anybody have a list of IB boutiques to make available for those who are interested in breaking into IBD in the houston area? Thanks in advance....63 years 6 days ago
0Company Compensation: Jefferies & Company03 years 6 days ago
03 Years in Back Office, now looking for path to the FrontI've been in back office ops for the past 3 years for a portfolio administrator/reporting company. I'd rather not stay to long and get sucked into the black hole. It was a good "in" to the industry but I think I've run my course there. I've been exposed to numerous products: equities, FI, option...333 years 6 days ago
0Company Interview: Blackstone Group03 years 6 days ago
0Company Review: Caterpillar Financial03 years 6 days ago
0Greetings! I seek wisdom. Hello all, my name is Vlad. I am a confident accounting student with a few beaten questions that I still wonder about. Now I know top tier MBA's are better than anything. It provides a good network with a nice brand to go with it. But for the sake of knowledge, is a Master's in Finance worth it?...03 years 6 days ago
0Goldman Early Recruiting / Diversity Recruiting SAHas anyone heard from GS's early SA recruiting? They had some webinars and a "candidate interest update" on August 19th. Any superdays / accelerated processes?...23 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Oaktree Capital Management03 years 1 week ago
0Putting together a "quick note" Earlier today I had an informational interview with an analyst at a top MM for ER, and long story short he told me that he liked my past experience/what I had told him and said that if I send him my resume and a quick note on a company of my choice he could make things happen for the summer. So ...13 years 1 week ago
0Fidelity Consulting AnalystDoes anyone know how the interview process for this position is? Is is case-based like consulting interviews with a financial twist? Or is it market-sizing focused? Any help would be much appreciated....03 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: Pacific Investment Management Company PIMCO03 years 1 week ago
+2MBA Class of 2015 Roll CallFellow monkeys, With the release of R2 decisions this week for the majority of schools, I thought we'd start a thread for everyone that'll be matriculating somewhere this fall. Where'd you apply? Where are you in at? Where are you headed?...913 years 1 week ago
0No break pantsI recently bought a new suit and got the pants with no break. I wanted to get other people's opinion on no break, especially when interviewing for finance internships (I'm currently in undergrad). They seemed fine at the store, but now I am wondering if they are too short and not conservative enough...63 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: JPMorgan Chase03 years 1 week ago
0Chicago BB IBD Exit OppsHow good / bad are exit opps for BB offices in Chicago? More specifically, for GS, MS, and Citi. Also, which BB has the strongest Chicago presence? Thanks in advance. ...123 years 1 week ago
0Review Classes for the CFA Level II'm taking my second shot at the CFA Level I in December (failed in June 2013) and wanted to see if any of you could recommend a review course that either covers all of the topics or is specific to Financial Reporting and Analysis (the section where I really shit the bed) Right now I am looking i...33 years 1 week ago
07-tips.jpeg03 years 1 week ago
0Company Review: Montgomery Coscia Greilich03 years 1 week ago
0What differentiate Deutsche Bank from its competitors?I am doing my application at Deutsche Bank for a summer internship in London, and I have to answer this question in the online form. I found loads of information about the company but I really need something particular that could make my application stand out. I am applying for a corporate banking...83 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: Rutberg and Company03 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase03 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Citigroup03 years 1 week ago
0Company Review: JPMorgan Chase03 years 1 week ago
0Looking for someone with access to CapIQ/BloombergAnyone willing to help me out with a school project? Need comp data for a few companies and it would save me a couple hours if someone wouldn't mind pulling a data set for me Thanks!...03 years 1 week ago
0Company Review: Harvey & Company03 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: BMO Capital Markets03 years 1 week ago


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