structured credit vs collateral management in prime brokerageHi all, I am a new graduate and am sincerely looking for the advice regarding these two positions. They are both in IB. Which one may be better in term of the career growth, exit option, salary etc. Is the collateral management considered as middle office or back office work? Appreciate any com... 01 year 10 months ago
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PE Masters' Thesis - Sustainable Investing - Brainstorming!Greetings All, In talks with a Cleantech FoF in regards to doing my Master's thesis with them; Collaboration dependent on agreeing upon a mutually beneficial topic [i.e. they give me access to PE data, I explore a relevant area of interest for them, get a big fact stamp of approval from a top Fo... 01 year 10 months ago
Last minute NYC housingHi Everyone, As of two days ago I took a SA position at a boutique investment bank in NY...However I have no place to live and I start on June 10th. Does anybody have any tips on where I should look last minute? I've had no luck with craigslist so far. Also if anybody is subletting, PM me.... 21 year 10 months ago
Free cabs?? Who knewI just started my i-banking internship today and the firm said they'd reimburse me for cabs home? I knew about the dinner stipend but I didn't know about this! Does every firm do this? Fuckin' sweet. ... 151 year 10 months ago
Gruen AdvisorsGruen Advisors is an independent Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Development specialist firm based in Munich, Germany and Vienna, Austria. We provide advisory services to entrepreneurs, corporations, partnerships and institutions, covering all industries, with a particular specialization in ind... 01 year 10 months ago
Gruen Advisors M&A Advisory and Corporate Development 01 year 10 months ago
Want to get into hedge-funds...Hi All, 2 part-question... I live in NYC, and I'm looking to break into an entry-level Wall Street role that will allow me to transition to a Money Management Firm or Hedge Fund as a trader/analyst (NOT as a Quant, though). I currently have a BA in business economics, and a years-worth of wor... 21 year 10 months ago
Internship 01 year 10 months ago
Avery Dennison 01 year 10 months ago
Moorgate PartnersI search here and on line and didn't find much info on them. I know they are founded by some BB TMT guys and they do m&a and advisory work. Does anyone have any experience with them or know anything about them? Any deals they've done? I appreciate any comments.... 21 year 10 months ago
Belgium 01 year 10 months ago
Broke Intern looking for Series 79 and/or 82 materialsSeries 79 (STC, Knopman, whatever really) Series 82 - Because I have to, says my VP. Will pay for shipping, Thanks!... 141 year 10 months ago
Invenstment Analyst 01 year 10 months ago
Coller Capital 01 year 10 months ago
Associate 01 year 10 months ago
I Scared Off a PE FirmA PE firm posted to my school's career site. I applied a few hours later and went to bed. The next morning, I get am e-mail from someone in the firm saying something like, "Thanks for sending us Little Engine's resume. Is the posting up already? That was fast." whatever He didn't realize that it'... 161 year 10 months ago
Coller CapitalColler Capital is the leading global investor in private equity’s secondary market – or 'secondaries' as it is usually known. Coller Capital has the world’s largest investment team dedicated to private equity secondaries. Headquartered in London, New York and Hong Kong, our team is multi-nat... 01 year 10 months ago
Investment Banking Summer Analyst 01 year 10 months ago
Investment Banking Summer Analyst 01 year 10 months ago
Summer Associate 01 year 10 months ago
BCG Test and Interview at Regional Eastern European OfficeHey, I have an upcoming test and possibly two rounds of case interviews in an Eastern European office at BCG for a visiting associate position (summer intern). I've been practicing cases like crazy, but would appreciate any other advice besides beast the cases. Does anyone know what the BCG te... 101 year 10 months ago
MBB assessment centerHello guys, I have an assessment center with MBB. The office is based in Europe. Anyone knows how can I prepare for these tests? Thanks!... 11 year 10 months ago
Fracking will destroy our waters, rising interest rates crush student loan holders, BUT MY PORTFOLIO WINS!I'm rather bullish on the market long term but I semi think things are a little 'springy' and hot for my liking right now so I just swapped a ton of equity stuff in my portfolio out for MLPs and BDCs and other equity products and funds with downside protection (income producing or just weird structu... 311 year 10 months ago
--... 21 year 10 months ago
Summer Analyst 01 year 10 months ago
Small hedge fund vs. BB PWM?I am a sophomore at a semi-target and was recently extended an offer with a small hedge fund in NYC, but I also have a interview with a BB PWM coming up. I was wondering if I should even bother with the PWM interview. I'm aiming for BB SA next summer and was wondering if the hedge fund internship w... 81 year 10 months ago
Composition of races in the workplace?Hi, monkeys. As far as I know, banks especially in the wall street are the place with people from many countries. But I wonder how much international they are. Please tell me the composition of races in your workplace! Thanks a lot :D ... 31 year 10 months ago
Looking for an internship my freshman summer..Well, summer's approaching and I have no idea where to start looking. I'm not even sure if there's an ibanking internship for someone with this minimal amount of experience. But if anyone knows where to even start or look for stuff please let me know. ... 151 year 10 months ago
Research Analyst 01 year 10 months ago
Internship at FIC Trading 01 year 10 months ago
Intern 01 year 10 months ago
Help with career decisionI graduated from a state school this past December and attempted to break into IB or ER through networking for about 5 months. While I wasn't able to land anything, I certainly gained a lot from the experience and made a lot of contacts. I recently started a position in Operations at a large i... 41 year 10 months ago
What do you order from Seamless?Spurred by another topic, what do you industry folks order from Seamless when 6-7PM hits? Typical locations are FiDi or Midtown. Suggestions/recommendations? Non-recommendations? I usually order from the Amish market (FiDi) or DigInn.... 181 year 10 months ago
Goldman Application Status Says "Review"What does this mean? Anyone had this happen to them?... 51 year 10 months ago
Business Analyst 01 year 10 months ago
Chimp 01 year 10 months ago
WSO Conference 2013: Reason #30 To Join Us There are 30 days remaining until the conference (June 29th) and each day we're we'll be listing off another reason for why you purchase a ticket (if you haven't already). Reason #30: You'll get a free Black WSO T-shirt These have been a fan fav as of late and all attendees will get a free... 21 year 10 months ago
Research Analyst 01 year 10 months ago
IT Consulting to Consulting FirmHi all, Currently I work in IT consulting for a particular software company. I have about two years of experience in IT consulting, but I am not wanting to stay in such a specialized field, as we only work with one (our own) product. What are your guys' tips for getting out of this and into... 01 year 10 months ago
What incentives do small businesses have to....So this is very random... anyway I'm doing a project (summer class) that includes asking 50 people: "What incentives do small businesses have to source products and services locally? Among other small businesses (as opposed to big businesses.)" Yes I realize there are a lot of obvious answers... 91 year 10 months ago
TechnicalsWhat type of technicals are asked in asset management interviews? Looking to move from PWM to asset management at a BB. Coming from a borderline non target/mid target with a 3.98 GPA. Any chance of getting a BB asset management FT role or MM role?... 01 year 10 months ago
question about graduationi have the opportunity to graduate either this summer or in the fall, what would be more beneficial / look better in terms of my job search? i was wondering if anyone could comment on what i should do in this situation? i realize recruiting season starts in late july at some banks, so do you thi... 01 year 10 months ago
Contribute Your Story & Wisdom to WSOTo both students and professionals, we'd love to hear your story. tl;dr version: if you're a student or professional with a good story to tell / advice to pass on / lesson to teach, we'd love to hear from you. Email me at [email protected] and i'll provide you with more info. Here ... 41 year 10 months ago
Deal alerts by bank?Anyone have a good tip for getting alerts for when a bank's deals go public? I've thought about setting up a bunch of google alerts, but a lot of news sources often neglect which banks advised a deal. Thanks!... 11 year 10 months ago
Trading Assistant 01 year 10 months ago
Director 01 year 10 months ago
Screw it why notSo I have decided that even though all I could secure on short notice post military was a PWM BB internship for my junior/senior year summer I am going to go balls to the wall for IBD. Chances are slimmer than justin beiber's biceps, but even though I am not at a target the fun will be in the chase... 91 year 10 months ago
Freshman Summer JobI just finished my freshman year at Michigan, and will soon hear about admission to Ross in a few weeks. My ultimate goal is to work in IBD. This summer, I will be working at a summer camp that I have worked at for the last three years. I am a little nervous, because many of my friends have landed a... 71 year 10 months ago
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Equity Research Associate 01 year 10 months ago
Why does everyone hate hedge funds?I just don't get the hate towards hedge funds and successful investors in general. I get that some people (i.e. Rajartnam) cheat the system and should be prosecuted but lots of it seems overblown. For example, people compare Stevie Cohen to Madoff yet Cohen's been watched like a hawk by the feds for... 351 year 10 months ago
What is it like to work in IBD at Goldman Sachs?From Quora, the OP asked the following question: [quote]What is it like to work in IBD at Goldman Sachs?[/quote] An anonymous poster provides the following answer: [quote] I can only speak to the analyst experience. There’s a partner who detailed his experience on this site as well – ... 61 year 10 months ago
Real Estate Investing CompaniesI know this question isn't really fitting in the I-banking forum, but I was wondering how one would break into the real estate investing field (i.e. firms that buy big real estate properties like office buildings etc.). ... 251 year 10 months ago
RMP Associate 01 year 10 months ago
Elevate Program 01 year 10 months ago
quitting job - can i still get my announced bonus?Hey everyone! Wondering whether anyone knows/has experience with the following: I am about to give a resignation letter to my employer (investment bank) and move to another bank. I got my bonus announced (in writing) and it is supposed to be paid within a month. If I announce my resignation this wee... 121 year 10 months ago
BU VS BC MBA???? Help.I've been accepted into both BU & BC part time MBA programs and I'm having a hard time deciding which to choose. My ultimate goal is to break into equity research. I'm currently an investment consultant for 401k plans. I know it will be an uphill battle going to a part time program, but I don... 61 year 10 months ago
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Silicon Valley vs. Wall Street: battle for talentGreat news for people with quant skills. If you're not already familiar with Quants the Alchemists of Wall Street. here it is: ... 01 year 10 months ago
Can you get me.jpg 01 year 10 months ago
Excel Spreadsheets (LBO, DCF, etc.) saw this on doostang, good stuff. 15% Off Wall St. Prep Financial Modeling Training Click Here ... 211 year 10 months ago
"Converting" a USD bond to an equivalent foreign bond?Say if I have a corporate bond XYZ denominated in USD at USD Libor + 63 bps. How do I compare it to some foreign corporate bonds issued in UAE dirham (which is pegged with USD)? Basically, how do I "translate" this XYZ bond into an equivalent bond denominated in AED? How will the process differ i... 21 year 10 months ago
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Non Traditional Ways to Get Into ER?What are the best non traditional ways to get into ER? How do you get into ER if you can't hack it right out of undergrad?... 171 year 10 months ago
Sophomore VC Internship - Secured!I don't want to talk too much about myself here, as my story here is small compared to some of the struggles others on this board went through to get not an intern position, but a FT offer. As a CS major with no finance/consulting experience whatsoever, this forum has been extremely helpful in ... 21 year 10 months ago
what is expected of an intern?Basically, what is expected out of an intern in asset management? Particularly, at a mutual fund? Think about 10-15 billion in AUM. Am I expected to generate ideas, get coffee, work on models? What happens if I mess up? I'm planning for next summer and was wondering if anyone's firms h had ... 51 year 10 months ago
New member introduction/ in need of adviceGuys, I have been a long term lurker of the website and have not posted before. I am a rising senior at a non-target private liberal arts college in the Mid Atlantic. I want to get into investment banking FT and eventually PE by any means possible(MBA/other) I know these are the goals of pretty ... 21 year 10 months ago
STC Series 40th Edition instead of 41 (most recent)?Hello, One of my friend gave me his books for the Series 7. He used the 40th Ed of STC. However, right now people are using the 41st. Does it make a lot of difference? Thanks!... 01 year 10 months ago
Associate 01 year 10 months ago