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0Hey all!Hi, newbie obviously. First day browsing this forum, I see some really great conversations going as well as all the blog-type posts. My focus is on M&A activity. I'm interested in learning about others' experiences with headhunters. The article "1ST YEAR ANALYST: Here's How I Used Head Hunters To Sc...03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: McMaster Carr Supply03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: BB&T03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Harris Williams & Co.03 years 1 month ago
0Finding Surrounding Real Estate DevelopmentsMy boss wants me to find major developments surrounding ours in Berlin. How do I go about doing this?...23 years 1 month ago
0BroThreeLong time reader, finally got dragged into registering when longer forum topics starting getting blurred out (Nice job on Eddie's part, smart move.) Graduated in 2011 from Top 15 UG with Finance and Accounting double major, currently a Marine Infantry Officer. Always wanted to go into finance, will ...13 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Ascent Partners03 years 1 month ago
0dating a coworker...taboo or go for it?...313 years 1 month ago
0Why so frugal?Pops brags about how much he makes. Begs me to come work for him after college(Still in high school). He's made 1.9 mil after taxes(We are close to wealthy compared to alll you wall street guys).He makes upwards of 1 mil a year when he isn't spending so much on his houses(instead of sports cars he...213 years 1 month ago
0HSBC ALCM in HSBC INM and HSBC Commercial BankingHi, I'm from India in a bschool, and we have 2 roles coming from HSBC. 1. Asset Liability and Capital Management role in HSBC INM 2. Commercial Banking Finance role Does anyone have any idea about these roles? They have earlier recruited for Private banking and Retail Banking....23 years 1 month ago
0Netowrking with someone within a bank not IBD - Worth it?Hey guys I have a pretty close networking contact that is a Senior VP at Bank of America in Dallas but this person doesn't work in IBD/FInance/Capital Markets etc. (this person is in the Community Impact/Non-profit/philanthrophy sector of the bank). I happened to stumble across her business ...33 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Lincoln International03 years 1 month ago
+1junk email folder gobbled up my deutsche bank noticemy junk email folder gobbled up my Deutsche Bank notice to proceed with the application... 2 weeks ago. which i just discovered. already called and emailed the recruiters to ask for leeway... voicemail. fingers crossed. just wondering if i have any company with people checking their spam folders ...53 years 1 month ago
0Did you stop getting PMs?Did anyone else stop getting Private Messages for comment replies recently without turning it off on your user profile? If so, can you tell me when the last one you got was? Thanks, Patrick...63 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: JPMorgan Chase03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: McKinsey and Co03 years 1 month ago
0My chances for getting into Consulting?Hi, I am a freshman at an Eastern European university. Although I am a freshman, I have had some work ex as well. Between school and university I had a 3 yr work stint at several major NGOs and a start-up of my own. Hence, I hopefully do not want to land a very entry-level position. I'm gre...03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Capital One Financial03 years 1 month ago
0Hotel Ownership / DevelopmentThere is a dearth of discussions on this board of opportunities in hotels so thought I'd start one. For someone who may want to one day acquire existing assets and also develop new ones what are some good firms to target to build up experience (either post undergrad or post MBA)? Would it be sma...193 years 1 month ago
0brass-balls.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0Middle-ground asset management firms?Hey guys, I'm graduating from a non-target north of Boston in May, and I want to break into Asset Management. I've had a superday with Guggenheim in Cali, but didn't get an offer. Do you guys know of any places that may be more lax on interviewing non-targets? Thanks!...03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Bain Capital03 years 1 month ago
0CorpStrategy M&A MBA InternI was hoping to PM Nefarious since he did the 2-part interview last year and works in the A&D sector, but it is likely better to have the answers on the forum for others to use. I have an interview for a corporate strategy MBA internship at a F500 A&D firm coming up and wanted to get some thought...73 years 1 month ago
0Hello allI am introducing myself in order to get banana points, lol. I have been a lurker here for a while, trying to read up on the ins and outs of wall street finance. Currently a student at a non-top tier MBA program and still having luck with job offers, although of course not at top firms. I have an ...03 years 1 month ago
0dfvfvv...243 years 1 month ago
0Is it acceptable to telecommute to work because it is too COLD?I want to work from home or atleast stay inside. Its subzero temperatures outside, the commute is brutal. Some schools have canceled classes because of the weather...143 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Susquehanna International Group03 years 1 month ago
0Someone's Gotta Bring it Up: Tiger Mom Part 2.How does WSO feel about this? I have to confess, the premise makes me wonder more than I should allow myself to. However, I feel that this new book is a tremendous embarrassment for Yale Law School, given it's wholesale lack of academic rigor. What do you all think? . ...83 years 1 month ago
0Need help - - Private company ValuationsIm valuing a private company which is 80% geared with bank debt. Suppose I use the DCF method, and using the FCFF calculations and WACC, reach to an Enterprise valuation of 100k. Since this is a private company, I wish to apply a DLOM. Should I apply the DLOM of 30% to the Enterprise value, or sh...13 years 1 month ago
0abcmooo.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0Should I stay another year?I am a fourth year econ student at a non-target UC, my GPA isn't spectacular (~3.0), and I did not have the opportunity to work an internship during my college career. I was a transfer student and didn't really know what I wanted to do when I was in community college. Recently I've taken a few finan...13 years 1 month ago
0telephone interview BB spring week London, interviewer works in equity salesHi, I have a telephone interview for a spring week in London coming up. I googled my interviewer, he works in Equity Sales. I've had interviews before, but never with someone working in sales. Is there anything I should know? Typical questions sales people like to ask that other interviewers do not ...43 years 1 month ago
0"Industry Expertise" as a Junior BankerHi Monkeys, A lot of IB applications (both student and experienced) ask you to include 'industry expertise'. I worked at a boutique investment bank focused on one industry last summer. When asked by interviewers if I want to stay in that space, even a larger organization, I always joke that one ...33 years 1 month ago
0Summer Interview ResourcesHey all, I know my question has been addressed previously on WSO, but that seems to be mainly via comments. I was wondering if someone could share a list of "must-use" resources that help with preparing for IB summer internship interviews (not just "fit" questions but also technicals). I know Vau...53 years 1 month ago
0HYP student looking for junior internships, with very specific GPA question! (low GPA, double major)I am a junior at HYP, and am double majoring in Economics and Latin American Studies, and hoping to go apply for both banking and consulting internships this summer. I have a very specific GPA question - please help! I have a 3.60 GPA Latin American Studies, 3.33 GPA in Economics and a 3.30 GPA f...73 years 1 month ago
0how do you handle a difficult boss?......413 years 1 month ago
0Goldman Sachs Internal MobilityHello, I couldn't find a proper thread on this topic so I wanted to ask those who work in GS about their internal mobility programs. I have been offered to join securities lending desk at GS, but this role is something that I am not too interested in. However, I can't completely ignore GS name...23 years 1 month ago
0Chinese investors in oil and gasWhat do Chinese investors typically look for in regards to overseas oil and gas companies? Especially regarding Alberta....03 years 1 month ago
0k-bigpic.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0keep-calm-and-love-ma-40717.png03 years 1 month ago
0q&a.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0fired.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0Noob at WSOHey guys, I am completely new to Finance and WSO. I have a job at one of the top BBs (as they are called on wikipedia - Bulge Bracket, I guess) and am expected to join after summer 2014. My work profile is that of a Credit Risk analyst. For someone who is from an engineering background, could...93 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Scott Macon03 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: 1stWEST Mergers and Acquisitions03 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: Wells Fargo and Company03 years 1 month ago
0deadline coming up!! need a good critiquing!!good evening WSO users i have been reading for a while now and this is my first post so let me get right to it. while i was putting the "finishing touches" on my unedited resume I received a school email(non-target) about a decent PWM internship that i think would be a great opportunity. however my ...13 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Deutsche Bank03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Deutsche Bank03 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: Deutsche Bank03 years 1 month ago
0Tuck03 years 1 month ago
0When can this happen?I got referrals from few senior bankers at different firms (BBs/EBs) and have a GPA 3.30, and yet wasn't able to secure first round interviews. All of them say that the applicant pool was very competitive and blah blah. Is this common? If not, what could have potentially gone wrong? I have do...143 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Houlihan Lokey03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Houlihan Lokey03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Siemens03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: BlueRiver Petcare03 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: Houlihan Lokey03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Credit Suisse03 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: Mercuria Energy Group03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Deloitte03 years 1 month ago
0Excel Graph Help Does anybody know how I can recreate this in Excel? Thanks a lot....63 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: RBC Royal Bank of Canada03 years 1 month ago
0success.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: State Street Corporation03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: JPMorgan Chase03 years 1 month ago
0cloud.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0Would I be competitive and break into investment banking with an MBA?Hi, I am an electrical engineer in Silicon Valley with 1 years experience (so far) and was thinking of switching to investment banking. I'm about to crack the books open to start studying for the GMAT and get into a top tier school for my MBA. (FYI - I have other work experience but working as a va...23 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Canaccord Financial03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: GE Capital03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: GE Capital03 years 1 month ago
0Does your firm provide office 365 subscription to you for free?I am planning to subscribe to office 365 to have MS office on all of my computers and mobile devices. I'm doing this primarily to get outlook on my personal computer and iphone. It costs $100 per year. For those of you who are working, does your firm provide a free office 365 subscription for you to...23 years 1 month ago
0Why does a 3.9 just look so much better than a 3.8?Is it just me but why does a 3.9 look so much better than a 3.8? I know there were some threads in the past saying how 3.7+ and they just tick the box for GPA, then look at your other qualities, but in my eyes as a college student, there is just something about a 3.9 that just separates itself from ...93 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Advent Capital Management03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: ABN AMRO Group03 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: Siemer & Associates03 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: KPMG03 years 1 month ago
0How good is Tulane's Masters in Energy Management for getting an Energy Trading gig?Are there better graduate degrees out there? I'm worried even if I applied to a program like this I wouldn't get a trading job, because I don't have any internship experience with big firms. A little bit about myself: I've been going for my MS in Mathematics from a non-target part time while tr...03 years 1 month ago
0Opinions on these banks?Hey everybody, Just wondering what everyone thinks of these banks. Obviously you've probably never heard of them but just check out there websites if you would and post your thoughts. Would you classify these banks as boutique, mm, or something else? http...33 years 1 month ago
0Critique of Resume with 1 year of ExperiencePlease help critique my resume in terms of formatting, job experience content, education etc. My objective is to search for management consulting job opportunities within tier 2/ tier 1 consulting firms in non financial industries....93 years 1 month ago
0IBD PF InterviewHi. My brother got a first round interview with a BB PF. I'm in AM and don't know much about PF, so just want to know if he needs to focus on any specific areas for this interview. Thanks!...23 years 1 month ago
0Got a new job, took the CFA L1, and now I need some resume help!Hey Guys, You were all a huge help with my resume critique last year, so I thought I would ask you guys again for some harsh reviews of my resume! I got a job last year that I think will give my resume a boost, but it's not in the field I'm in love with, thus the reason I'm putting myself back on...13 years 1 month ago
0JP Morgan HK IBD Superday/AC/interviewHey guys, Just wondering if there's anyone here who has done the JP Morgan superday for HK IBD? I've got one coming up in 2 days and I am crapping myself about the English-Mandarin translation tests. Does anyone know how difficult it will be, whether we can bring a dictionary in etc, and wheth...43 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Peter J Soloman03 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: Deutsche Bank03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Hall Capital Partners LLC03 years 1 month ago
0New to WSO and keen to learnI'm Bam- aka Bambie ^ I'm 18 and a 2013 matriculant. I've developed an interest in finance and hope to one day become an investment banker for a major company. I came across WSO while researching the above mentioned career and it immediately stuck out as a 'favourite me!' kind of website. I'm ...13 years 1 month ago
0Houston and Dallas 2014 SA RecruitingHas anyone heard anything so far? UPDATE: First rounds: Houston: -- RBC -- Wells Fargo -- JP Morgan -- Lazard -- Simmons -- Evercore -- Credit Suisse Dallas: -- JP Morgan Other: -- Cowen NYC and SF (NYC recruiting at SMU)...203 years 1 month ago
0A finance hopefulHey everyone, I've been a bit of a lurker on WSO for a while now and decided its time to post an intro. I am a rising senior this spring semester and am graduating Jan. 2015 with a finance degree from what I guess is a semi-target school? Anyway I am extremely worried my dreams of working on the s...03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: TD Securities03 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: TD Securities03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: TD Securities03 years 1 month ago
+1A good year ends, but what's next for stocks?As an exceptionally good year for stocks comes to an end, the talk of stock market bubbles fills the air.  Among others, Robert Shiller warns us, that based upon his market measure of value, that we are in "bubble" territory and almost  every acquaintance that I have starts off by asking m...63 years 1 month ago
0chimp3.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: New York University03 years 1 month ago
0How do you feel about the i-bank that gave you your first job?We're now enjoying life at a private equity, venture capital or hedge fund, or perhaps we're in business school or have moved on to start a company or even gone corporate. What we have in common: We did our time as analysts in bulge bracket investment banks. Now how do we feel about it? We acq...43 years 1 month ago
0What positions can this resume attractHypothetical outlook; let's assume we are where we are in 2013, with acceptance in Ms.F programs but waitlisted at MBA programs, how would this type of resume be approached if it's from one who is 29/30 years old in 2020? What are things that this resume can improve on? How can one add more leade...153 years 1 month ago
0EY CF/ValuationHi Monkeys!! I want to start with saying that I am quite new of the forum and I am European and I am in front of a very important decision. I know that this forum is mainly towards the US but I would like to receive some feedback regarding the possibility to join EY CF/Valuation (recent graduate...113 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: Barclays Capital03 years 1 month ago
0Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 5.26.02 PM.png03 years 1 month ago
0At What Level do You Start to Argue About Your Bonus? So you hear the chatter of your seniors gathering "ammo" to take into that discussion, why they should have gotten more, how they're going to move to a competitor etc.. But when does that become you? Full disclosure, I have no plans to kick up a fuss, whatever I get. ...113 years 1 month ago


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