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0Why I joined WSO and good readsHello everyone, My name is Adrian and I am a fourth year student. I have been reading WSO for a while, but I never became a member seeing as I had no questions and I was going on the site purely for my personal enjoyment. But times change, and I am on the fringe of finishing my Bachelor of Commer...61 year 11 months ago
+5How I Broke into the Buyside - The Interview Process The season for internships is upon us. Those fortunate few who have their summers charted are looking forward to smooth seas and clear sailing until the start of the summer. Others meanwhile are scrambling for sight of land, for that one phone call which will clear away the clouds of uncertainty and...61 year 11 months ago
0watch.jpg01 year 11 months ago
0What happens to a company's bonds when they either merge or are acquired?I have a fixed income analyst super day tomorrow and this will most definitely be asked. Can you guys help a college student out?...11 year 11 months ago
0Company Review: JPMorgan Chase01 year 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: BNP Paribas01 year 11 months ago
0News Source with Chrome Addin I like how RT's Chrome app works (top right of pic) and they report on a variety of cool shit. But I'm convinced that there's like 3 dudes whose job it is to post Kremlin-biased shit all day in the comments and I'm spending far too much time talking shit to them. ...41 year 11 months ago
0Blackstone PE 1st roundFirst round at BX PE (phone interview) tomorrow. What questions should I expect? Interned at a BB in IBD. How long does the 1st round phone interview usually last? When do they inform us about the result of the 1st round? Any other tips on how to prepare? Websites? Guides?...421 year 11 months ago
+1GS or BAML?I'm in the process of trying to decide between IBD SA offers from GS and BAML. On the surface, Goldman carries more "prestige" and generally better exit opps, but I'm concerned about their summer to FT conversion rate (rumored to be pretty low), especially its tendency to increase the cutthroat dyna...261 year 11 months ago
0PNC Corporate Banking vs Capital One BA internshipHey everyone, newbie here. Anyways, I got summer internship offers from PNC corporate banking division and Capital One's business analyst program. I honestly like both companies and the people that I talked to, so I wanted to get objective opinions from others about things like exit ops, MBA opportu...01 year 11 months ago
0there and back.jpeg01 year 11 months ago
0Start Date AdviceHi all, I'm starting at an MBB this summer and wanted to get some perspective on start dates. I have the option of July, September, and October. Obviously, there is an opportunity cost of missed salary to take into the equation, but what about other factors? For example, will you be "behind" your cl...41 year 11 months ago
0Declining an offer that I previously acceptedHello Everyone, I'm very thankful for all the advice I have gotten from this community, and after a long recruiting season finished with multiple job offers. I accepted my first offer with the intention of withdrawing if I got a better one, and this is exactly what has happened. What do I say ...31 year 11 months ago
0A portfolio manager with no CFA?Will any fund house accept a portfolio manager with no CFA?...81 year 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Bank of America Merrill Lynch01 year 11 months ago
0How many years of work experience do MBA's typically looks at?I'm curious... I just started my analyst "contract" that lasts 2 1/2 years in the credit risk department of a BB. I'm wondering if that will be enough work experience to get myself into a top 10 MBA program? (assuming I slay the GMAT) From everyone's experience with Grad school, do you have an idea...31 year 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Sun Life Financial01 year 11 months ago
0Lower Lower Middle Market M&A and exit opps; how small is too small for a deal??All, I'd really appreciate your insight and career advice. I know there are several posts relating to "how small is too small for a boutique IB," but I haven't seen any threads that discuss how small is too small as far as individual deal size. I'm interviewing with a lower (emphasis on lowe...81 year 11 months ago
0Company Review: T. Rowe Price01 year 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Bank of America Merrill Lynch01 year 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Sagent Advisors01 year 11 months ago
0Debate: Best way to break into hedge fund business, IB or S&T?I know that there are different types of hedge funds with different strategies (global macro, long/short, quant, etc.), but generally speaking, between starting your career with more of a corporate finance background (IB & other relevant fields) or trading/markets background, which one is better in ...31 year 11 months ago
0~$350m Fund I - VP Carry?I'm entering into carry negotiations. Thoughts from the community on where I should set my expectation/what I should push for? I'm a first year VP at a new $350m fund. There are 2 partners, 1 principal, 1 VP (me), and 2 associates. Also, does $150/$150+ cash sound right? Gut says it is. Thanks...151 year 11 months ago
0Company Review: ReMax Midtown01 year 11 months ago
0remax.jpg01 year 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: NERA Economic Consulting01 year 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: NERA Economic Consulting01 year 11 months ago
0CBS early decision or not?Hi monkeys, I'm looking to apply to b-school this fall, but am contemplating CBS early decision. For some background, currently at a tier 2 (non-big 4) consulting firm with a promotion under my belt. Post mba looking to get into equity research and/or investment management. Schools I would apply...51 year 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Lazard01 year 11 months ago
0BAML Debt Advisory ServicesCan anyone offer information about this group? They are housed within Debt Capital Markets...11 year 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Gilder Gagnon Howe01 year 11 months ago
0Company Interview: The JM Smucker Company01 year 11 months ago
0Company Interview: The JM Smucker Company01 year 11 months ago
0Hesitating between Commodities and Stock MarketsI'll soon start my gap-year and I wonder which of the following I should aim BB-MM-Propshop-Commodity house-Hedge Fund as I come from a semi/non target school but I've a good GPA and relevant experience in commodity trading. My dream job is salesman in S&T (equity, FX, derivatives, options) in BB...311 year 11 months ago
0Carried Interest Taxation for Employee of General Partner who received carried interest paymentI recently left a private equity real estate firm. We had unrealized gain on our assets. My compensation package included 5% of the 20 points of carried interest which came out to 1.15 points. I received a buyout of my carried interest percentage when I left. As an employee of the general partner do...21 year 11 months ago
0Lawyer needs educating!Good evening all, I'm a law student based in London joining an international law firm this Autumn. I've been using WSO for several years now to boost my knowledge of the city, and all things financial before getting thrown in at the deep end! However, as an arts graduate turned lawyer, I've fo...01 year 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Accenture01 year 11 months ago
0Renting a 2 bedroom for 1 person?I'm looking at a specific apartment complex's website and several of the 2 bedrooms listed online are the same price or cheaper than 1 bedrooms. The "2nd bedroom" for a lot of these are simply alcoves, but the apartments as a whole are still bigger than the 1 bedrooms. Is there a reason for this? Is...61 year 11 months ago
0Student Investment FundsHey guys, Rising junior at a non-target and I'm looking to get an internship in IB next summer. I've been doing some research and looking into student investment funds at other universities. Does anyone have any experience, stories, advice on student investment funds? I'm looking to try and start...201 year 11 months ago
0BB Corporate Banking Super dayI've got a super day for corporate banking coming up and I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction in terms of what I should be reviewing and what kinds of technical questions I could be asked...51 year 11 months ago
0PDF data to ExcelI'm trying to input a table of number data from a PDF file into excel. 3 columns and over 400 rows. I don't want to manually have to input each and every one. Copy/paste will paste the data, but only into 1 cell. Does anyone know an easier way to do this? Thanks...71 year 11 months ago
0Need input on summer internshipsI have two main offers that I am looking at. One is corporate restructuring at FTI Consulting...and the other is S&T at KCG. Originally I started off just wanting to do S&T but I really loved the culture/ people at FTI. The work also seems like it has better exit ops if I choose to leave later on...51 year 11 months ago
0Funny JokeHere's a good joke I just heard. The last line came out of nowhere and probably isn't true, but still funny. A city boy moved to the country and bought a donkey from an old farmer for $100. The farmer agreed to deliver the mule the next day. The next day, the farmer drove up and said, "Sorry, b...61 year 11 months ago
0Big 4 Professional League Front OfficeCurious if anyone has personally or has seen someone make the jump from banking/consulting to the front office of an MLB/NFL/NBA/NHL team or with the actual league office. I've done some research on backgrounds within the industry but aside from the notable stories (i.e. Moneyball/Andrew Friedman of...01 year 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Citigroup01 year 11 months ago
0Internship AdviceDoes anyone know how any internship at McLagan consulting would look on a resume? Or an internship in wealth management at BB? I am hesitant with the BB internship because it involves primarily cold calling potential clients and seems more sales/ marketing related. BTW, I am currently a sophomore ...11 year 11 months ago
0Cushman & Wakefield RE IBCan anyone comment on CW's REIB group? Would like to learn more about the people, hours, deal flow and exit opps in particular. ...121 year 11 months ago
0Why corporate banking instead of investment banking?So just to give you guys a little bit of background, I had a couple of super days for IB about a week ago and for one reason or another, I didn't get any offers. So I'm cutting my losses and applying to anything I can get to fill up my junior summer. So with that said, I have an interview with Citi ...211 year 11 months ago
0Oil and Gas reserve informationI am currently looking at an O&G clients reserve report and FAS 69 disclosure information and trying to determine the key facts contained within. Does anyone have a good bit of experience in this area and have a routine for deciphering all of the information contained within these reports? I know ...11 year 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Russell Investments01 year 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Oaktree Capital Management01 year 11 months ago
0test posttdsfds...01 year 11 months ago
0Company Interview: TPG Capital01 year 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Onex01 year 11 months ago
0Standing out in Big 4 Audit?Hey everyone, Current senior, and looking to start Big 4 Audit in the fall. I'm pretty sure I don't want to be there too long, but I want to kill it and make a good impression. I figure if I'm top rated and don't get into another role somewhere else, I'd be able to transfer into TS. Does anyone h...41 year 11 months ago
0Certifications for Entry Level CandidatesHello everyone, I am new to WSO and as a student I just wanted to get the opinion of people with more experience and wisdom than myself. As an entry level candidate looking for a position in real estate finance, are there any certification I should pursue to increase my marketability to employers...31 year 11 months ago
0PWM: Informal Internship at BB?Hey all, Background: I'm a first-year student wondering what I'm supposed to do this summer. Although I never realized this for a while, one of my parent's friends is an employee in the PWM Division of a BB. I don't know her exact rank in the hierarchy (I have no idea what the chain of comman...51 year 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: BlackRock01 year 11 months ago
0Networking events in the NYC?anybody knows of any upcoming Networking events in NYC???...11 year 11 months ago
0Need Help Choosing Between GS and JPM Offers Hey everybody, I'm not too familiar with the industry but I'd like some help with pros/cons, potential future options, opinions, hours, etc. of these two offers I have: Goldman Sachs IBD Strats and JP Morgan IB Risk (prbly within Credit Risk). I'd appreciate any feedback asap. Thanks. ...121 year 11 months ago
0Do I need extracurricular activities to get a Summer Analyst internship.I go to a non-target school, mid 3 GPA and haven't done anything since I've been in college (commute and my dad picks me up from school). By the time I send my applications in Fall 2014, I would just have volunteer experience from high school. It probably doesn't matter but I'm joining a fratern...21 year 11 months ago
0Series 63 and 79 STC Study Materials for SaleHave both books in good conditions. No highlighting or notes. Message me offer. Will ship or can meet locally in in LA area. Books are good; passed both on my first try....01 year 11 months ago
0Company Interview: PNC Financial Services01 year 11 months ago
0BTC - for whom the bell tollsSo this happened: "as Bitcoin is inevitably banned in other countries, Americans will be left holding the bag on a valueless currency" Well this is harsh. As expected, the non taxability of BTC transfers is rais...31 year 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Deloitte01 year 11 months ago
0What is the best way to break into AM from the Big 4??Hello all! I was just curious as the best way to break into AM (possibly hedge funds) down the road from the Big4. Would working at the big 4 for a few years and trying to network work? I do not want to get stuck being an "accountant" which I have read on multiple threads, if one is to stay too l...241 year 11 months ago
+1hi my name is SinghJust wanted to introduce myself and earn some banana points!...61 year 11 months ago
0Live in NYC or commute from NJ for SA?I got a great internship in the city for the summer. I'll be working about 60 hours a week (no weekends), and I would much rather live in the city, but it's really expensive. I think I'll net about 9k after taxes, and living in the NYU dorms would be a little over 3k. The train ride to Penn Station ...91 year 11 months ago
0Newport International Group Corporate Travel: E-checks are handy, but are they a safe way to pay for travel?As she paged through Viking River Cruises’ glossy brochure one recent afternoon, Diane Moskal noticed a new way to save money: If she booked the Waterways of the Tsars itinerary sailing from Moscow to St. Petersburg with something called an e-check, the cruise line promised to knock $100 off the f...11 year 11 months ago
0Adjusting for Pension ExpensesHi All Was hoping I could get some help regarding adjusting EBITDA for pension expense. I have look everywhere for a clear and accurate answer, and have yet to find a decent answer. I am wondering on what the best way is to calculate EBITDAP, stating from EBIT. The Company I am dealing...71 year 11 months ago


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