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0Top Credit Financing CompaniesHi all, If you know a good credit finance solutions provider in Australia, kindly reply here with your list. I need to do a good competitor analysis in order to help my own improve its strategies. Please feel to also include other financial firms offering interest-free services, person...03 years 3 weeks ago
0Modelling Debt in 3-Statement ModelHey guys, when constructing a 3-statement model of a public company with just its 10-K, how do you guys go about forecasting its debt balances? 10-K often provides maturity date, but its hard to determine amortization schedules and interest rates for each tranche of debt the company has right? Also ...33 years 3 weeks ago
0Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 2.51.55 PM.png03 years 3 weeks ago
0Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel’s $3 Billion Rejection Letter to Facebook’s Mark ZuckerbergYo Zuckerbro, I wanted to hit you up personally to tell you how gutted I am that stuff didn’t work out between Facebook and Snapchat. It’s a bummer, but Facebook just isn’t the smexy young hookup we’re looking for, $3 billion or not. Sorry to be a buzzkill. I’m sure you get it, brose...123 years 3 weeks ago
0Learn everything on Pwc?Is there any 101 book (or books) that one can read to learn everything on Pwc?...33 years 3 weeks ago
0What are my chances to get into top MFE or Ms Finance?Hi everyone, I'm currently a junior at a non-target school with a major in Econ and a minor in Math. My plan is to apply to a top ten MFE or Ms in Finance program (haven't decided which one yet) right after graduation. Below is my profile: - GPA: 3.98 - Extracurricular Activities: VP of EN...53 years 3 weeks ago
0Deciding Major Need Help ASAP!!I am currently a sophomore enrolled in NYU's College of Arts and Science and debating wether I should pursue a joint major in Mathematics and Computer Science while also getting a "degree" in Actuarial Science. The thing is that the actuarial science degree is a stern major so I wont technically gra...33 years 3 weeks ago
0Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 2.27.31 PM.png03 years 3 weeks ago
0lho.jpeg03 years 3 weeks ago
0Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 2.12.59 PM.png03 years 3 weeks ago
0occupy wall street.jpg03 years 3 weeks ago
0Interesting Networking Situation I know this former MD at bulge bracket for S&T, but the thing is that he claims that he can't do anything to help me with regards to getting an interview for IBD. If an MD for S&T forwarded my resume to HR, would that carry significant weight toward getting an interview, even if he worked in a divis...63 years 3 weeks ago
+2Google+, WSO, and the Battle for Your IdentityIf you're a frequent YouTube user you've no doubt seen, or at least heard about, the new commenting structure imposed by Google last week. You may even be a part of the small but vocal group of YouTube users who are really pissed off about it. In a nutshell, from now on you'll have to use your real ...303 years 3 weeks ago
0"Tiger Mom" Daughter Gets Harvard, YaleI guess all the Western moms out there who thought Tiger Mom was too strict can go suck it. Amy Chua's daughter is now choosing between Harvard and Yale: years 3 weeks ago
0happymonkey.jpg03 years 3 weeks ago
+1IB Associate SuitsWhat suits do Associates wear? I'm sure there's a wide range... Indochino acceptable? Brooks brothers slim fit? I'm an MBA 1 shopping for suits and looking to buy something that i will wear 1-2 years into a full time associate role. ...273 years 3 weeks ago
0Modeling DebtWhen creating a 3-statement model from a company's 10-K, do you guys usually aggregate short-term debt and long-term debt together (instead of keeping them separate)?...43 years 3 weeks ago
+1Monday @Mentions November 18, 2013Thread of the Week: Pretty clear winner this week with Want to Boost Your Career? Be a Leader - Not a Boss by @Nefarious- . The guide to character-driven leadership picked up 12 Silver Bananas and 13 Facebook Likes in addition to generating a real quality discussion in the comments. Go check it o...03 years 3 weeks ago
0Monday Mentions.jpg03 years 3 weeks ago
0Online Reputation Management Agency ServicesLIST OF SERVICES In case you have not goggled your name or your company's name lately, it may be a good time to do so now. Part of a good marketing plan involves being aware of how you appear online to your prospective customers. You can be sure that many prospective customers will have searched ...03 years 3 weeks ago
0logo.png03 years 3 weeks ago
+3It's all about the follow up!I have learned so much from WSO, so I just wanted to pop in give my success story, to hopefully encourage some fellow students to keep on trucking and develop good habits. TL;DR: I fostered a networking relationship outside the bounds of "what can this person do for me" and it paid off in a big ...193 years 3 weeks ago
0Best affordable financial software for individuals?Hi, we know Bloomberg/cap IQ/Factset are quite expensive for individual investors or students, if your school does not provide any, then what are the best options, within affordable range? ...23 years 3 weeks ago
0Masters-rankings.jpg03 years 3 weeks ago
0Analyst, Infrastructure FundsInvestment Analyst Our client, a Global Funds Management company with headquarters in New York is seeking an Investment Analyst to support the Investment Team. This person will contribute to the investment performance of the company's infrastructure funds by analyzing investment proposals, resear...03 years 3 weeks ago
0Marketing AssociateDue to growth, a well-established private investment and advisory firm focused on structured credit strategies is seeking a Marketing Associate to join their Marketing/Investor Relations Team. This position is located in Fairfield County, CT. About the Job: Work on a team with two other Assoc...03 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Mercer03 years 3 weeks ago
0Things to ask during an interview?I have an internship interview coming up with a BB bank's HK office; one with an analyst and one with an assistant VP. What questions should I ask to really tell them I am interested and capable? For what it's worth, I lived in China for a good chunk of my life (I now permanently reside in the St...03 years 3 weeks ago
0Things to know about Hong Kong's financial market?I've always been curious about this topic. I know Hong Kong, being a former British colony, has a well regulated financial market and is one of the major cities in the country for investment banking. But it is now once again part of China, but still has its own legal system and everything, and I kno...23 years 3 weeks ago
0success ty.jpg03 years 3 weeks ago
0banking sucks.jpg03 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Wells Fargo and Company03 years 3 weeks ago
0Please help: how to do sum of the parts analysis?Hi fellow analysts, I have to do a sum of the parts analysis for a company, but my associate is not giving me any guidance at all on this (he's a first year). Can the experienced analysts out there please give me some guidance on how I should approach this analysis? (Going into a bit more deta...73 years 3 weeks ago
0JPM Investment Bank Operations or Prop trading at Trillium or Chimera.I have a question in regards to where the best place to start a career would be. I have been interested in trading, IB and M&A or equity research, all of which are different, but seem interesting to me. I have an offer from JP Morgan for their investment bank operations in oversight and controls in ...63 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: Innosight03 years 3 weeks ago
0Guide to Buying a Red Cocktail DressCan anyone give me some idea?...13 years 3 weeks ago
0Modeling A/R, Inventory and A/PHey guys, I know that when modeling working capital balances (accounts receivable, inventory and accounts payable), you usually calculate A/R days, etc. and then extrapolate using these drivers. But if a company has both current and non-current A/R and inventories, do you add them together and th...13 years 3 weeks ago
0What is Piper Jaffray's best group in San Fran office?Thanks a lot for your help!...73 years 3 weeks ago
0Giving Up IB........... for now.. Need advice in finding A JOBHi WSO, I am a recent graduate from none/semi-target (UVA,UCLA,Umich Econ Major) with a very low gpa (3.0) and currently doing unpaid internship at a very small boutique investment bank in NYC. However, predicament is that my parents are on the verge of bankruptcy, and they recently told me t...203 years 3 weeks ago
0MS Chicago first roundWondering if anyone has experience with this group, first round interview for their chicago IBD office on monday. I think they are a generalist office with a focus towards industrials. anything i should know about the people or what to expect? anyone interviewed with them before?...23 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase03 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Interview: CIBC World Markets03 years 3 weeks ago
0Affordable Housing MarketAnyone have any thoughts on the affordable housing market vs. other types of real estate? Aside from applying for the federal credits (the hard part), what type of returns do you see on Affordable Properties, specifically section 8? ...113 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Review: ING03 years 3 weeks ago
0Accounting firms M&A DivisionI am currently a finance and accounting major at a non-target. My school is known for accounting and has a very small presence on the street. How are the Big 4 and large regional firms M&A practice viewed on the street? Links: Grant Thornton years 3 weeks ago
0Snapchat Turns Down $3B Offer from FBFrom WSJ: [quote]Snapchat, a rapidly growing messaging service, recently spurned an all-cash acquisition offer from FacebookFB +4.52% for $3 billion or more, according to people briefed on the matter. The offer, and rebuff, came as Snapchat is being wooed by other investors and potential acquirer...863 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: Blackstone Group03 years 3 weeks ago
0forest.jpg03 years 3 weeks ago
0Meet The Teen Traders Trying To Take Over The Finance WorldThought you guys would get a kick out of reading this. If we're lucky we might be seeing the founder of the next Lumina Investments somewhere in here ...73 years 3 weeks ago
0Junior @ Semi-Target: Engineer to SA IBD - Please Critique!Hi guys, Currently a Junior majoring in finance at a target/semi-target looking for an IBD SA gig at a BB (hopefully) or MM bank this summer. Would really appreciate if you guys could give me your thoughts on my resume. Thanks! a scoring here would be great - considerin...93 years 3 weeks ago
0SA---->FT Resume reviewI'd really appreciate it if WSO would review this resume; I would like to know if it needs significant improvements before FT recruiting. A similar resume (slightly changed since then) was good enough to get me my upcoming SA internship (which I've included on the resume to show what the resume will...93 years 3 weeks ago
+1Show where main characters work for IBHey Monkeys, just watched this show "Ground Floor". Its based on bankers and the shenanigans that happen at the office. Its a sitcom, but its kinda funny. You can watch it here: Let me know what you think. :)...73 years 3 weeks ago
0Credit Suisse, Deutche Bank, or Goldman Sachs? Need your help! If you were a female and had summer analyst offers from Credit Suisse and Goldman for the same groups in Banking, which would you choose? and why? Please be detailed....223 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: ING03 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill Lynch03 years 3 weeks ago
0Reverse multiple expansionIs it possible that in an heavily leveraged LBO (around 15% equity only) a PE might buy the target at lets say 15 ev/ebitda multiple. then because of huge potential on reducing cost and partially increasing revenue sells it around ev/ebitda 8 in 5 years for example... could this be theoretically fea...33 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Houlihan Lokey03 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase03 years 3 weeks ago
0Snapchat-flashy-features.jpg03 years 3 weeks ago
0Big 4 Accounting Advice HELP!Sorry for being so long, Okay so heres the deal. I just interned over the summer at a big 4 accounting firm in tax. Going in i didn't know what service line i wanted to go into so i picked tax, interned, got a full time offer after my in tax and accepted. After doing some research though which i sho...183 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase03 years 3 weeks ago
+1Looking for case practice partnersHey, I'm a rising senior looking for Skype case practice partners for MBB recruiting this year. Leave a message or PM me if you're interested....23 years 3 weeks ago
0Looking for a case interview practice partnerHello all, I am looking for a case interview practice partner via skype. I have interview offers from McK and BCG and have completed a large number of paper cases, but unable to practice in real life for various reasons. Therefore, looking for online partner. If you are interested you can c...13 years 3 weeks ago
0Looking for case partnersGot MBB interview next week and looking for some new case partners to practice with. Have practiced 30-40 live cases already. Drop me a PM if interested. Cheers, 22s ...43 years 3 weeks ago
0vc.jpeg03 years 3 weeks ago
0Where is the best place to meet hot girls? From my research bars seem to be the answer. Do you agree? ...413 years 3 weeks ago
0Real Estate PE Analyst Interview I have been invited to a first round interview at Blackstone in London for the real estate analyst position, after a meet and greet with the group, and have no real, intense interviewing experience. What guides should I buy and does anyone know how the interview will be? ...03 years 3 weeks ago
0Ever Heard of Someone Getting an Offer Rescinded Because Senior yr Grades?Just curious as to how strict finance/consulting firms are about "maintainging cum/major above xxx" type language in offer letters. Thanks!...23 years 3 weeks ago
0International Assignment - Experiences/OpinionsGood morning all, I may have the opportunity to take an international assignment in 9 months or so with my current company and am looking to hear people's opinions/experiences surrounding this opportunity. Some specifics: Work for a F500 mfg company (FLDP) Will have ~ 2 yrs exp at that tim...193 years 3 weeks ago
0GS FIGI am going to be meeting with someone from GS FIG in a couple of weeks and want to learn more about it. I know they are split into 3 subgroups: banks, insurance and asset management/ fin tech/ spec fin. However, I want to learn more. Does anyone know where I could get a list of the deals that they h...103 years 3 weeks ago
0Barclays S&T Day on the JobHas anyone heard back from this? Applicants were already supposed to find out so just curious if they only notified those who were accepted. Thanks!...83 years 3 weeks ago
0Paradigm CapitalWhat have people heard about Paradigm Capital in Toronto? Also, any thoughts on quality of having a summer internship at a boutique like them? Thanks!...63 years 3 weeks ago
0Interesting article about interviews. SAHave any of you guys seen some of these or a variation of during any of your SA interviews? years 3 weeks ago
0CV problems (had in internship in commercial bank treasury)HI, I am struggling to write something about my work experience , I had an internship in a commercial bank in the treasury department. I barely did anything and was not assigned any great tasks. I don't know what to write as work experience in my CV and i'm near the deadline to apply to M&A interns...13 years 3 weeks ago
0New User IntroductionsHello , I am a new member so might as well introduce myself. I am a business student from Croatia currently doing an exchange semester in Germany , building my CV and trying to land an offer for an internship in M&A , Big 4 corporate finance or anything related to finance if I get no offers there....23 years 3 weeks ago
+1Toronto BoutiquesI mentioned that I had a list of Toronto boutiques that I had contacted or was planning on contacting in another thread and people seemed pretty interested in it. I figured I would make it available to everyone. I know it isn't every Toronto shop (or even close to every shop). Here is my list. ...53 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: Roland Berger Strategy Consultants03 years 3 weeks ago
0Financial Advisor trainee programs...good way to break in?I have been working at a boutique real estate brokerage for a few years now, but I would like to move into a finance position (I have worked in various real estate positions for the past 7 years). I have a top 25 ugrad degree, and an ivy masters (both non finance related), and live in NYC. I am thin...103 years 3 weeks ago
0MBB firms response rates - too much focus on core clients?I currently head the corporate strategy department for a major regional consumer goods company (Non Fortune 500). I recently emailed an MBB office in Korea, with a quick fact sheet about our company (to show we are a top firm within our home country) and asked them on what kind of service they can p...113 years 3 weeks ago
0GS Trading DesksWhat are the best desks at GS? Any info on trading desks at GS?...53 years 3 weeks ago
0Resume Review Need Help Immediately (sorry for the immediately part)Hi, I commute and pay out of my own pocket for Baruch College. I am unfortunately not in the Honors Program. Due to some personal circumstances such as my mother's cancer scare in my sophomore year and adjusting to commuting from Rockland County to NYC my GPA is a 3.2. However, I am working on rais...63 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: Bloomberg03 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: Deloitte03 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: Stirling Mercantile Corporation03 years 3 weeks ago
0Networking To Prop Trading Firms?what is the best way to network to a prop trading firm?...13 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Stifel Nicolaus and Company, Inc03 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Review: Stifel Nicolaus and Company, Inc03 years 3 weeks ago
0Do an SA BB internship even if full-time offer - just to improve CV?Trade off between 3 months of vacation or do a front office BB internship. Situation is that i would start in Sept at a Consulting Firm (MBB) and would just do the internship to have a BB name on my CV if I wanted to move back at some point. Prior experience at lower Tier B. in similar position. I c...93 years 3 weeks ago
0Clean tech / energy VC/PE Groups in San FranciscoWhat are some of the more well known clean tech / energy VC/PE shops (or groups within larger funds) in the San Francisco area? Silver Lake Kraftwerk and GE Ventures are in the area... are there any others? Thanks in advance!...43 years 3 weeks ago
0Sounding desperate? Got the needed information, appreciate it....183 years 3 weeks ago
0how much will a f20 finance internship help for SA recruiting junior year?I am currently a sophomore at a nontarget and will be internship at a f20 company (control and compliance role), how much will this type of experience help me for a SA recruiting junior year? ...13 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: McKinsey and Co03 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Flow Traders03 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: Moog Inc03 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Interview: PSP Investments03 years 3 weeks ago
0BAML Terms & Conditions Flexible?[quote]I understand that Bank of America does not typically hire individuals with F-1 student visas. Candidates must be presently authorized to work in the U.S. on a full-time basis, not including optional or curricular training authorizations. Under normal business practice, Bank of America does n...33 years 3 weeks ago
0PE Invite Question Hey Everyone, I got invited to the office of a large PE firm( think Apollo, Blackstone, KKR) to meet with the group I have applied for as a full time analyst (in London) in the fall. They said it will be a networking event, serving drinks and food. What should I expect? I know it's pretty self ...103 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: Oliver Wyman03 years 3 weeks ago
0Best Canadian University for Wall streetHey guys, this is my first post here :P I am a Canadian high school student that has the goal of ibanker in mind and I was wondering which Canadian business program (Ivey, Queens, Schulich) will give me the best chances for breaking in to Wall street. Also, I took my SATs (score: 2250) but ha...33 years 3 weeks ago
0Gym playlistsWhat do you guys listen to at the gym or when you're working out? I listen to a variety of stuff but of late, I'm getting a little bored with them. Any suggestions? Post!...443 years 3 weeks ago


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