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0Get a job or go straight for MBA/CFA? Alright so I am having some issues planning out my next few years and I am just looking for some advice from people who are in similar situations, or have past experience doing so... I go to the University of South Carolina (Non-Target, I know) and I will be graduating in May 2015. So I have some ti...212 years 10 months ago
0Goldman Sachs Asset Management Risk HelpHello, I am considering applying for this opportunity. I am currently working in a financial reporting capacity for the investment management division of a F500 company. I have been accepted to Kellogg and Fuqua's MBA programs for 2013, but why spend 100k if I don't need to? Can anyone tell me ...42 years 10 months ago
0MM ER vs F100 fldpIf you would choose well named MM ER vs f100 A&D fldp, which would set you up in a better position for bschool? Why?...62 years 10 months ago
0MBA/CFA..."is it worth it? let me work it."So I've talked to a lot of people and read a lot of literature regarding this question but I wanted to get your opinion on this. How effective is an MBA or a CFA designation in propelling your career in banking? Does it make sense to focus on gaining experience in the field or does an MBA/CFA really...52 years 10 months ago
0How to list my SA experience out? resume..So here is what I listed under my SA experience... Investment Banking Summer Analyst, Technology Group - Tasked with analyzing data to create pitchbooks, writing confidential information memorandum and following due diligence of client companies - Assisted creation of comparable company analy...12 years 10 months ago
0Difference between dress shirts and business casual shirts?So I sometimes hear people refer to dress shirts and then business casual shirts separately. Can't you wear dress shirts for business casual, just unbutton the top button and don't wear a tie? Also are button down collars acceptable for business casual?...572 years 10 months ago
0Recommend affordable non-iron shirtsI need to pick up a bunch of new shirts (~10+) soon. I've noticed that even slim fit shirts don't fit me quite well, so I currently have two options: 1) Buying a custom made shirt (online or in-store), or 2) Buying any shirt and getting it tailored I've browsed around and it seems like option ...282 years 10 months ago
0JD/MBA Admissions AdvantageVery sorry if this has already been discussed. I am wondering if admissions into top MBA programs is any easier if one is already a student at the law school. If so, do you know which schools give the most "boost"? I read somewhere that both Penn and UChi give somewhat significant boosts to curr...112 years 10 months ago
0Company Review: State Street Corporation02 years 10 months ago
0MSF resume reviewAnyone have any comments on the attached? Looking for tips on both content and formatting if necessary. Thanks everyone...22 years 10 months ago
0big 4 summer interndunno what i wanna do for full time.. maybe sign back with big 4. but regardless i'd like some opinions on my resume. thx...52 years 10 months ago
0FLDP to MBBCurrent senior that will be graduating from a non-target in a few weeks. Received a couple of offers for lower tier consulting firms but ultimately decided to go to an A&D FLDP so as to look better for top business school. My ultimate goal is to break into MBB. Is it possible to leverage my FLDP ...62 years 10 months ago
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0Company Interview: Goldman Sachs02 years 10 months ago
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0JD at top 6 law school -> MBB without prior finance experienceI'm a chem major going to a top 6 law school. I have 1 year WE in a biotech company (lab work) but have no finance background Is it still possible to break into MBB? I know its INCREDIBLY difficult to get recruited with a JD even with a good background but is it possible without a finance backgr...42 years 10 months ago
0Best way to secure a non traditional internshipHey guys I have some work experience under my belt but I dont have any IB experience. Im a bit older, turning 27 soon, and I am planning to go into a MSF program in Sept 2014 hopefully. I wanted to get some IB experience so when OCR comes around I have an advantage. Should I start by cold ema...32 years 10 months ago
0Referral from compliance to asset management departmentFellow monkeys, Just heard about a very distant cousin who works in the compliance department at Deutsche Bank on the street. I haven't even talked to this person and just got the contact info from another cousin of mine. My plans are to get into investment analysis and portfolio management as my...12 years 10 months ago
0Telsey Advisory GroupDoes anyone have info on this firm in regards to analyst rankings, presence on the Street, compensation, exit opps etc...22 years 10 months ago
0Wanting to desperately move out of Accounting & into FinanceHey everyone, I'm relatively new to the site as I've viewed from afar for the past few months. That being said, I'm currently a CPA in the Southeast and have zero desire to continue this career path. I've been out of grad school now for a little over 3 years and have been stuck in this line of wor...32 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Hewlett Packard02 years 10 months ago
0Would this be a very bad idea? --...22 years 10 months ago
0Ex-Wall Street Banker Suicide In Courtroom After 'Guilty' Verdict For Arson- Former Wall Street trader - Yale alumnus - Climbed the Mt-Everest ''Michael Marin, 53, had just been found guilty of arson in Maricopa County Superior Court, a crime that could have put him away for nearly 16 years, the Arizona Republic reported. About five minutes after learning his fate, a...302 years 10 months ago
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0Would it be a good idea if I...apply to full time jobs at other BBs now while still having a summer internship at a BB? I am not sure whether I will get a return offer when my internship ends so I want to start applying to full time jobs now. However, since I will be putting down my current manager's contact info on my apps, I re...42 years 10 months ago
0What to say in follow ups? Do I keep those I contacted updated on my internship offers? How often should I shoot them an email to keep in touch? ...62 years 10 months ago
0USF MSFA MS Financial AnalysisI am thinking of going to the University of San Francisco Masters in Financial Analysis MSFA program. I would be doing the one year full time program. I graduated from UG with economics in December and have had little success finding even entry level clerical type job...32 years 10 months ago
0Hooking up with a Co-WorkerAnyone ever witness it or be a part of it?...102 years 10 months ago
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0Investment Banking and Poker?I was wondering how many people here who are interested in IB are also interested/play poker? And what are your thoughts on the game...462 years 10 months ago
0Non-Elite Boutique Full Time HiringIt seems like these banks have the least structured recruiting process. I know a lot are never actively looking but do take rolling applications year round. Is it worth trying to go at these places for FT like I would a BB/MM/Elite in the summer/fall? Do most even have "analyst classes" ever sum...02 years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: Chrysler Group LLC02 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Chrysler Group LLC02 years 10 months ago
0Company Review: Chrysler Group LLC02 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: PNC Financial Services02 years 10 months ago
0When to cold email? I'm looking to start networking for investment banking recruiting. I'm a rising junior at a target school (lower level target) with a 3.6 GPA but I don't know any IB contacts personally. My question is when is the best time to start cold-emailing alumni...would it be better to wait to cold-email ...122 years 10 months ago
0Recent Grad Sues College for TuitionThis is priceless. Trina Thompson, a recent graduate of Monroe College in the Bronx, is suing the school for the $70,000 she paid in tuition because she hasn't found a job yet (she graduated in April) and "the school hasn't done enough to help." Absolutely classic: years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: Wells Fargo and Company02 years 10 months ago
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0IB Resume: Please Destroy!Ello gents, first time poster here I am a MA-Econ student at a semi-target hoping to break into IB. I have attached my resume, so please destroy it! Reaching for IB, good fit for commercial banking, will "settle" for corp fin. Please and thank you!...62 years 10 months ago
0Intimidated by attractive female co-workers/clients edit: see my comments below before commenting, i've clarified things a bit In our business I regularly meet with women clients. The more attractive they are (combined with intelligence), naturally the more nervous I get, and the harder it is for me to negotiate and work with them. Ugly Be...302 years 10 months ago
0Company Review: Microsoft02 years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: Sagent Advisors02 years 10 months ago
0Networking with LinkedIn and company applicationsI've been trying to break into investment banking or private equity and its been really stressful. I'm not from an Ivy league school but I have a 3.6 GPA (so im not too much of a bookworm) and I've got one internship with a boutique investment bank, and besides that I've been working at Apple reta...22 years 10 months ago
0The "Perfect Pre-Law " who Jumped Ship. Is it too late? I just graduated from an ivy (with a top ugrad business program..) in History (with distinction/honors). My GPA is a 3.94. The only courses I took that are in any way business related are Calc II, microeconomics and macroeconomics which I received As in. I did a significant amount of research ...102 years 10 months ago
0Question on Post-MBA Management Consulting Recruiting/HiringDo MBA students interview for a specific service within a consulting firm? That is, do they interview for a position in one of the firms services, such as human capital, energy, supply chain, etc? If so, do some services have less competition than others? If no, are candidates asked about whi...32 years 10 months ago
0T Rowe Price: private investing?I saw that T Rowe Price invested in Apptio, a private technology company. How active is T Rowe in private investing? Is it only limited to technology? Is there a dedicated group for privates? Any information would be helpful....02 years 10 months ago
0Oil Trading vs. Metal, Minerals and Bulk (Trafigura Graduate)Trafigura has started hiring for its 2013 graduate vacancies, and I am am already slightly stuck, as I am unsure whether to apply to the "Oil and Derivatives" scheme, or the "Metals, Minerals and Bulk" scheme, as I am unaware of the advantages/disadvantages diffences between the two areas. If any...62 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: National Bank Financial Group02 years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: State Street Corporation02 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: ZS Associates02 years 10 months ago
0Never even considered Business until now-senior in collegeHiya, I go to a top 25 private school majoring in Poli Sci. Until now, I wanted to join the foreign service or go to law school and have adjusted my courses to that track...however I think I would hate a career in biglaw after meeting people first hand who suffer in it. With only a poli sci ma...92 years 10 months ago
0Adderall.. how prevalent?I guess I'm asking for IBD. Are there a lot of bankers who take adderall (or similar drugs) even when they dont have ADD to get them through the workweek? ...212 years 10 months ago
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0Anyone work in healthcare high finance?I'm the administrator for the Healthcare group here on WSO and have some group members interested in breaking into healthcare focused IB, PE, VC, or asset management shops. I come from a consulting and industry background, however, so I don't have much to contribute in this regard. Anyone in hea...72 years 10 months ago
0Resume Review for FT Canadian IBI'm looking to land a full time gig at big 5 Canadian bank. Struck out for SAs, working at a pesnion fund this summer and go to a "target" Canadian school. Rough draft of my resume but please shred it. I know I need to add more under my current job, just thinking of what else I can put. Thanks in...42 years 10 months ago
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0NOTRE DAME: Are Transfers discriminated against?I was accepted to Notre Dame early action, but decided it may be worthwhile to stay a couple years at a local college, and then transfer. Are transfers discriminated against, though?...282 years 10 months ago
0Zombie University Logo by CheesyB02 years 10 months ago
0Help! Need interview advice for a global hedge fund/PE firm FT interview?I've been networking my ass off for a FT offer and leveraging contacts from my previous internships. I have an interview for OPs at a massive fund. I never had ops interviews and am not entirely sure what to expect. If you are willing to help, I will PM you more information. Due to the nature of the...22 years 10 months ago
+1HELP! I've been applying with no success. And not getting any informational interviews. I've been trying to break into investment banking or private equity and its been really stressful. I'm not from an Ivy league school but I have a 3.6 GPA (so im not too much of a bookworm) and I've got one internship with a boutique investment bank, and besides that I've been working at Apple retail...02 years 10 months ago
0sales generalistdid a search and couldnt really find any specifics on a sales generalist. curious about hours, comp, and best preparation for interview etc or point me somewhere i can find out some more information regarding the type of role?...02 years 10 months ago
0Books a Freshman/Sophomore should read to prepare for interviews/recruitingHey fellas, Just wondering if a couple of you seasoned vets could provide some examples of books on finance (anything from S&T to IBD to AM) that helped you hold a decent conversation in your undergrad interviews. Everyone's got a favorite. What's yours and why?...42 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Intel02 years 10 months ago
0confused.jpg02 years 10 months ago
0Can't get a straight answer to these questionsWith young people these days, you can't get a straight answer to very simple questions. Like these questions: 1. What happens if you remove the wall from Wall Street ? 2. What would happen if Morgan Stanley dropped the ball on GS and why ? 3. If you were a song, which song would you be ? (A...62 years 10 months ago
0Spring and Summer Internships London 2014Hey, I am a student at a french school and depending if i take a gap year or not i will graduate in 2015 or 2016. Is it allowed to apply to both spring and summer internships ? Will it look bad on my application ? Also if anybody has tips on how to make an application stand out, it would ver...02 years 10 months ago
0Please Review my Resume - 2nd year StudentCurrently a 2nd year student in Canada. Thinking about shooting for IB / S&T next summer...42 years 10 months ago
0Forex Crisis, QE, Bitcoin and a single global currency...... A history of moneyI came across an interesting infographic recently that I wanted to share here. Starting with a history of currency crises over the last two decades and ending with an analysis of a global currency future.... Here's the link to the infographic if you are not able to view the image http://dzdl6pubc...102 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Goldman Sachs02 years 10 months ago
0Investing in HealthcareI just got accepted to my school's student-run investment fund to cover healthcare stocks, everything from pharma to med tech to hospitals etc. I am actually interested in healthcare in the long term as well, and wanted to know if anyone had tips or resources for how to invest in this industry. I...62 years 10 months ago
0Caffeine Side Effects I have noticed since I started mega dosing on caffeine that red/purplish circulars have started to appear under my eyes just as when I am not sleeping well. Lately I have been sleeping about 8 hours per night. I have seen a more exaggerated form of this happen in caffeine addicts. Is there anythi...142 years 10 months ago
0Boring LivesNot that serious of a thought, but I'm curious if any of you have a fear of leading a boring life by going into investment banking / finance. Doing this type of work for 80+ hours a week isn't exactly exciting, and probably doesn't change too much in terms of excitement on the buyside. This is...512 years 10 months ago
0Got Citi, but DB gave offer todayI signed with Citi already, thinking I was done. What do I do? renege? I know the DB MDs better than the Citi ones though. Some people say Citi will come out of this as one of the stronger banks, but I'm not sure about that argument. Will Citi be around IF I get a FT offer? Should I go with DB...592 years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: Bank of America Merrill Lynch02 years 10 months ago
0Purchase price allocation/Goodwill Impairment work?Anyone have experience doing ppa and goodwill type work for financial reporting? Any insight is welcome Do you like the work? How does it compare to traditional valuation work? Since it is compliance work does it constantly get bid down? Are they difficult to learn or are they easy once you ...32 years 10 months ago
0ER Resume ReviewWith my internship getting close to an end (I have 2ish weeks left?) I thought I'd spend some time updating my resume. Literally nothing going on today at the office so I spent the morning fixing it up and ran it by my Sr. Analyst to get his ok. There's not really gonna be anything new to add betwee...162 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: UBS Pricate Wealth Management02 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: The Burgiss Group02 years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: Bank of New York Mellon02 years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: UBS AG02 years 10 months ago
0West Coast IB positions (updated)Hey guys, I am looking to work for an IB in Cali and I wanted to get input on places that you guys think would be good spots. I realize that most of the prestigious BB's are headquartered in NYC but I'm from LA and want to check out my options on this coast. And don't say Houlihan - I refuse to c...12 years 10 months ago
0Company Review: Goldman Sachs02 years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: Duff & Phelps02 years 10 months ago
0Company Review: Nielsen Company02 years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: Cowen Group02 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Deloitte02 years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: General Atlantic02 years 10 months ago
0Phila P/E Head HuntersHas anyone worked with a good head hunter for the Philadelphia area? Any help would be great Thanks!...22 years 10 months ago
0On-BofAs-Joke-and-Squares-Nifty-Software.jpg02 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Credit Suisse02 years 10 months ago
0Recent graduate looking to break into Asset ManagementHello WSOs, I recently graduated with a BA degree concentrated in Finance from semi-target school. I am looking to break into Asset Management and was hoping you guys could give me some advice. My current GPA is a 2.9 ( I know it's shit; I messed up in some of my classes, but my finance classes...42 years 10 months ago
0Job in USA for Head of asset management and CFA charterholder I am head of asset management in a firm working in Saudi Arabia, that manages funds and portfolios invested in local equities, and I am a CFA charter-holder, Arabic native speaker, fluent in English, I want to know how easy for me to find a Job in USA?...32 years 10 months ago
0Question for Asian female I-bankers?Lots of Asian girls at my U. want to go into banking (of these about 30% I would say don't really know what I-banking is so take that for what its worth). Anyways, I was just wondering if East Asian culture (i.e. Confucianism) still was not supportive of women in high paying jobs? I know None of...12 years 10 months ago
0The Future for BlackberryWhat do you guys think is going to happen to Blackberry? They just had a decent drop today in their share price, and was thinking this could be a potential buying opportunity. But then again... They are consistently looking market share each year, and I do not think the new release of the Q10 and Z1...102 years 10 months ago
0Getting out of the Public SectorHello Monkeys. I have an unusual question for this forum. I want to go from the public to the private side of the business. After undergrad, i did not start in Finance. I was doing something else until about five years ago when i started working as an alternative investments (Hedge Funds, Real ...12 years 10 months ago
0Future Careers in Financial Institutions Hi, I believe this is the correct area to post this topic. I've been really interested in the stock market and financial aspects of the trade. I heard that pedigree was a big factor in the acceptance of individuals into mutual fund careers. If so, how can I prepare myself to be a top candidate for ...12 years 10 months ago
0Called back after superday,now what?hey guys, I have a quick question. I interviewed with another group at gs (1st one felt i would be better for group 2.. and took 3+ weeks t set up in-person with 2nd group) lasted +5 hrs (earlier this morning). Was notified a few hours after that they want me back there next week.. so what does this...32 years 10 months ago
0Pacific RimIt wasn't a great film, and yet, it was fucking awesome. Following the likes of other films like Peter Jackson's King Kong or Spielberg's War of the Worlds, movies about large creatures inflicting mass destruction are not new. But whereas those other films arguably put more emphasis on various el...72 years 10 months ago


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