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0Are you ready for Fulltime recruiting or what?Targets, non-targets FO Interns, MO interns, BO interns MBAs, Undergrads Etc etc. Are you ready to partake in full time recruiting come september? Are you worried at all? What have you done to prepare? I'm interested to hear everyones outlook for the next few months. Good luck to everyone, i...52 years 11 months ago
0Primers anyone? Open to trade!I'm trying to get to understand a few industries outside of my own world, just for general knowledge. And I just learned that WSO used to have a huge bank of industry primers - but it was closed last year. Since I'm late to the game I guess I'll have to re-invent the wheel. Would anyone have a list ...102 years 11 months ago
0Story TellingSo to date, I have 4 summer internships under my belt -- a Global Fortune 40 (as a rising high school senior), a MBB IB (as a rising freshman in college), a non-profit (as a rising junior in college) and this summer a boutique consulting firm (as a rising senior in college). I'm in the process of f...42 years 11 months ago
0Been away from the US for a year, Did I miss anything? When this post hits Thursday morning I'll be arriving back in the states for two weeks (NYC & Chicago/Michigan, then moving to Europe). Except for 3 hectic months last summer I've been away from the states since Oct 2010, living in S.America with the majority of my time spent in Buenos Aires. ...162 years 11 months ago
0Fuld02 years 11 months ago
0tasks on AM firms: need some informationi have tried to answer this question myself without burdening the users to asnwer these trivial questions but i wanted to be sure about what i found, wheter i misunderstood something and some more insight. you are in a mutual fund/hedge fund in a junior position that will and won't lead to analys...02 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Morgan Stanley02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Morgan Stanley02 years 11 months ago
0Bond prospectus Does any one know where I can get access to bond prospectus? ...82 years 11 months ago
0Exit Op QuestionI currently received an offer to return to a real estate group at a so called "elite" firm (think Greenhill, Lazard, Evercore, etc.). The group places extremely well in top RE PE funds, however, how hard is it to get into non-RE exit ops? Would the name of the firm help make it easier to not get "pi...12 years 11 months ago
0Scandal Avatar.JPG02 years 11 months ago
0Big 4 Advisory/TAS vs Boutique IB internship in the fall as a sophomore?Which internship would be the most useful in landing a BB IBD SA position the summer before my senior year? I'm currently a rising sophomore and trying to land either a 15hr/wk internship for my fall semester at a boutique IB or in Big 4 Advisory, and would try to stay there during my winter break o...172 years 11 months ago
0School is the best place to meet your future spouseRecently, there were several articles on where people meet their future spouses. There was the controversial op-ed from a Princeton alumna who urged the female undergrads at her alma mater to snag a husband while they're in school because their pool will never be that good again. A recent NY Times...1062 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill Lynch02 years 11 months ago
0Books you're reading nowSlaughterhouse-five, Kurt Vonnegut...212 years 11 months ago
0Best use of time Hi guys. Looking for your thoughts and advice. Completed a summer internship in ER. No FT offer. Going into my senior year at Uni. I am an Econ Major and am taking bulk of the advanced classes this coming semester and the next. Applying for analyst programs at BB's and other banks. Hopefully I will ...22 years 11 months ago
0Is this a good idea? IB networking, trader relatedOk so I'm in IB product control and I have to send 12-15 traders or so every day reports on their PnL and analysis of big moves (I actually do the analysis myself, takes 3-4 hours everyday) and recently, a couple of traders contacted me directly to ask me about something concerning the reports I sen...12 years 11 months ago
0Is this Interview Process Going on Too Long?If you've been interviewing with a company for 2 months, how do you proceed?...32 years 11 months ago
0GS Executive Office - Summer AnalystHi Guys, I'm currently looking at the GS website for Summer Internships 2014 in London, and came across the Executive Office function. It looks very interesting with rotations in Investor/Media/Govt Relations and then Corporate Communications etc.. I was wondering if anyone had any further inf...02 years 11 months ago
0Company Review: UBS Pricate Wealth Management02 years 11 months ago
0Goldman Sachs HealthcareMeeting with a couple of guys from Goldman's Healthcare group in a couple of weeks. Interested in any additional info about the group. Top guys? Recent deals? Culture? NY or SF? Thanks in advance...152 years 11 months ago
0Graduating Senior - Rip My Resume! Hi, I'm a graduating senior looking for IB, AM, and Consulting FT job offers this fall. I just completed an asset management internship and here is my updated resume. I know it's not perfect so please rip it. Also, I know I have room for about 1-2 more lines. I'm thinking the best options are ad...52 years 11 months ago
01advice.png02 years 11 months ago
0u of phoenix.png02 years 11 months ago
0Major/Minor?I posted another thread with some questions a few days ago and most of them were resolved. However, I still have a few questions regarding my major/minor combination and I decided to make a separate thread. I've also used the search function, but haven't found any similar questions. Some background:...32 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Wells Fargo and Company02 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Barclays Capital02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Northern Trust02 years 11 months ago
0Internship w/ ROTC?Hey WSO, I am a rising junior at an ivy. Would like to get an ibanking internship next summer. The issue is that I am in ROTC and am planning to commission after graduation. Thus I would not be looking for a full time job afterwards; I just want the internship for the experience and a feel fo...32 years 11 months ago
0Sponsor IPO Exit Follow UpI'm trying to model a Sponsor IPO exit, but am unclear on where "fully distributed", "pre-money valuation" and the other IPO terminology fits in. I read this thread ( which was helpful, but was hoping to get some more clarity. W...22 years 11 months ago
0Is it possible to remotely work in a Wall Street firm?I bet that sounds weird but let me explain. I'm a 26 year old guy that lives in Greece and loves researching companies and investing in them. Although I'd love to come and work in the US, I can't because of family related reasons. I'm currently making a living as a Seeking Alpha contributor a...42 years 11 months ago
0mary1.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0What is the best type of beard to go with a shaved head?The most common seems to be the circle beard. Would heavy stubble or Van Dyke look good?...102 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: JPMorgan Chase02 years 11 months ago
0Please Help! Need to send out soon! I'm going into my senior year at a target canadian university, looking to break into management consulting. I posted my resume a few weeks ago (and got some good feedback), but this one has changed since then. I need to send this out next week, so please give as harsh a review as possible! A few...52 years 11 months ago
0Consulting Hours?What are the typical hours in consulting? I've read some posts here that you work 16 hour work days and I've read in the vault guide that yo work 10-12 work days. I know that the hours vary from firm to firm, but, generally, is 10-12 hrs or 16 hrs more in line with the "standard" consulting hours?...212 years 11 months ago
0Is it appropriate to include a photo with application? I light of Eddie's post entitled "Ugly Women Land More Interviews*" I would like to officially ask this question. In case your too lazy to read the post, the gist is that for men the number of interviews received is positively associated with attractiveness and for women the opposite is true. * ...72 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Goldman Sachs02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Prudential02 years 11 months ago
0Fragrance for Interview: Yes or No?Greetings, fellow monkeys. As an SA waiting to apply for jobs in Winter (note: I am a co-op student), I have worn relatively light fragrances for my interviews. Is this considered to be an extra boost to the interview (just like wearing a matching pocket square), provided that it is something mel...82 years 11 months ago
0SDC PlatinumAnyone have it or use it? Used it in B-school a little, but never fell in love with it. Trying to get some better deal data....02 years 11 months ago
0Special Servicing Analyst - Exit OpsI am currently employed as an analyst at a large Special Servicer. I completed an internship with my current employer in the Portfolio Oversight division of the company during my last semester of undergrad. Upon completion, I was offered a spot as an analyst in the Special Servicing department. I fe...52 years 11 months ago
+1Leaders in Investment Banking Workshop ReviewI wanted to do a quick writeup of the Leaders in Investment Banking ( workshop that just took place at Columbia in New York. I believe they will be presenting in UCLA and UCSF next, and recently held the workshop at Harvard, Stanford, Toronto, and several locations Asia. ...52 years 11 months ago
0The Real Impact of HFT And What You Don't KnowNNT has it right when he talks about fragility in the context of financial markets. For example, in 2010 the Flash Crash caused a near 1K point plunge in the DJIA. In 2012, a rogue algorithm executed on the NASDAQ botched the BATS IPO and caused similar problems again on April 4th. Last August, Knig...22 years 11 months ago
+3Just Got EngagedBroke the news to a few monkeys in the chat room, but I proposed to my long-time girlfriend yesterday and now we're engaged. Never been scared about much of anything in my life, and always had a good idea about how to approach new situations. A bit lost on this one. Anyone (other than Eddie, beca...842 years 11 months ago
0Excel question, please helpHi monkeys, I am trying to construct an IF formula. I have a set of data of precedent transactions, their value in one column and their industry in another. I need to find the total value of transactions per industry group, so how should I structure this formula as to reference to calculate the tot...52 years 11 months ago
0Canadian MBA for career change into FinanceHi Monkeys! I've been reading many of the posts and still have a few questions. Personal Background: Queen's undergrad in Engineering. GPA 3.0. Post-grad work experience: 3.5 years as an engineer at a nuclear facility having progressed to an engineering supervisor for the past year. GMAT sco...12 years 11 months ago
0GS healthcare vs JP Morgan M&Apros and cons of each?...122 years 11 months ago
0IBD Product/ Coverage Groups & exit opps to Hedge FundsFor IBD groups, am I correct to make these generalizations about HF placement?... M&A: can exit to the widest variety of funds- L/S equity, credit, distressed, merger arbitrage, etc. Coverage groups: will have similar opps to M&A, but likely be less preferred in the recruiting process than M&A...22 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Barclays Capital02 years 11 months ago
0Exit opportunities for BB non-industry group? (Capital markets, financing, etc.)Hi everybody - I just finished an internship with a BB (think JPM, MS, or GS) in a pretty specific group (think something along the lines of interest rate/FX/equity derivatives). A little bit of background about me - parents work in finance, though on the industry side and I go to HYPS. I'm i...52 years 11 months ago
0MBB - based out of city with no officeWhat's the MBB position on being assigned to Office X but living in city Y, which is a considerable distance from Office X? We are happy where we are living (East Coast city with a major airport), but I'm interested in lateraling to MBB. I know it's not ideal from a camaraderie and facetime pers...22 years 11 months ago
0Referred to a different job - am I dead?Had a first round phone interview today. Was scheduled to be with two guys from the team and one lady from HR. She tells me something came up, they couldn't be on the call. Does the HR portion of the interview (really generic fit questions) and talks to me about a similar and probably about as go...12 years 11 months ago
0No Finance ClassesHey guys, due to my recent decision to transfer to a better University, I will have not have completed any finance courses until after Summer Analyst recruiting is over in the winter months (I am transferring as a Junior). Is this something that will hurt me in interviews? Should I maybe bring i...12 years 11 months ago
0Mezz Fund Interview...need quick help!?Starting sophomore year in a week and received an email this morning to schedule a call for internship with mezzanine fund. I really have no idea what to expect for call. If there's technicals I will be cooked! Basically have competed two semesters of college... What can I expect?? I'd li...142 years 11 months ago
0Attention CHI and SF monkeysPlanning a trip for riot fest in Chicago (punk etc.) Sept 11-16ish then San Fran for a couple weeks til Oct 1ish visiting a friends company then Vegas 10/3-10/6. Curious if anyone wants to do a happy hour or go to the show etc....72 years 11 months ago
0I Will Run For Mayor Of NYCThis year's group of democratic candidates is a joke. I will run before the century is over. I will run as a D, but I am secretly an R, fiscally. I shall bulldoze every last housing project and sell the land to Extell and Related. We can have Hudson Yards' popping up all over the place. I w...272 years 11 months ago
0Company Review: FOCUS Bankers02 years 11 months ago
0MBA resources other than P&Q and GMATClubAre there any good blogs or websites that consistently put out interesting/relevant articles on business school applications? ...22 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Lazard02 years 11 months ago
0Company Review: Farlie Turner02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Farlie Turner02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Capital One Financial02 years 11 months ago
0Company Review: BB&T02 years 11 months ago
0I hate asking, but I need it...Advice. ......132 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: PNC Financial Services02 years 11 months ago
0punk02 years 11 months ago
0Career Advice for the young and confused?I am going into my junior year at a decent school (Northeastern in Boston) majoring in finance with a minor in economics. I have a 3.6 gpa and a decent amount of experiencing. I have worked in compliance for a small start up in New York City, as an FP&A intern at GE in their aviation department near...52 years 11 months ago
0CBRE Capital Markets BonusCurious on what the average bonus is for analysts and associates at CBRE Capital Markets....32 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Merrill Lynch Wealth Managment02 years 11 months ago
0From BB Finance to PEI'm trying to move from finance at a BB bank where I've been for 7 years (between 2 banks) as well as having my MBA. I've been exposed to a number of products and worked with trading desks (think product control + reporting/planning/analysis) and I'm trying to move to a PE shop. I find that world w...42 years 11 months ago
0GS Healthcare vs MS Tech MenloGot FT offers from both groups, which should I choose? For full clarity, I did my summer at GS. Realize the opportunities are pretty different, any external opinions would help make this decision easier. ...52 years 11 months ago
0Breakage Fees CalcHey Everyone, I'm trying to understand the calculation of breakage fees on bonds (am I correct in saying term loans generally don't have breakage fees) in the context of a buyout. If a bond is callable, you just pay whatever it is trading at + some premium? What if it's not callable? Then the...62 years 11 months ago
0Chinese Flag.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: BB&T02 years 11 months ago
0Moving around as S&T AnalystI recently started as an S&T analyst but was hired directly to a sales desk. Not sure that sales is really what i want to be doing for the long haul. How often do analysts move around to different products, across sales and trading, and how difficult would mobility be at the analyst level (moving to...92 years 11 months ago
0Company Review: Bank of America Merrill Lynch02 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Goldman Sachs02 years 11 months ago
0CREDIT CORRELATION RISK???Hi Guys, read online that M/Stanley is cutting "CREDIT CORRELATION RISK" Can you pls explain what this is?...02 years 11 months ago
0Follow Up before FT interviewsSo I have been networking extensively this summer. I've made some really strong connections and was looking to follow up. About a month ago, I had a bunch of phone interviews that went well. They all said that they would pass my resume to HR. I went for drinks with a few of them. I won't be in the c...42 years 11 months ago
0Internship: UBS Corporate Cash ManagementI will be interviewing for a corporate cash management position with UBS out of Chicago in a few weeks and am looking for some general pointers. So if you don’t mind I would like to ask some questions and any response will be greatly appreciated: 1. What is the general environment of a corpor...42 years 11 months ago
0Commodities in AsiaHi everyone: I am new to the macro world and was wondering if anyone can recommend some books on commodities in Asia? (Especially on energy and base metals). My job itself is not in commodities, but it is tangentially related; I would really appreciate your suggestions! Thanks!...02 years 11 months ago
0Correcting people incorrectly spelling your nameOne for the ethnic minorities out there or those of you with more unusual names. How do you go about correcting someone more senior than you who you only have a few clients with but keeps incorrectly spelling your name or using a shorthand form? This is the only guy i've ever come across who see...112 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Oliver Wyman02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Granite Tower Capital02 years 11 months ago
0McKinsey Leadership Essay - review? Though I'm an undergrad, I've been told that it's strongly recommended to submit the "optional" McKinsey essay with my application. Anyone here willing to review mine via pm? Also, is this just a PEI on paper, or are they looking for something else with this? Thanks!...02 years 11 months ago
0Traders Help - How to Long Bond using Short Stock ProceedsI want to go short the equity and invest the proceeds in the corporate bond of the same company. I want to hold the bond to maturity, collect my coupons and then use my principal to buy back the stock. Is there a way to do this in a personal account? What would the capital requirements be like? ...52 years 11 months ago
0holders of debtanyone know where, besides bloomberg, to find a list of holders of certain types of securities? E.g. CLOs and ABS? Looking for a good database that allows you to sort by sector, company size, etc. Thanks....12 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: MetLife, Inc.02 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: MEAG AssetManagement GmbH02 years 11 months ago
0Marathon Capital?Does anyone know anything about this shop? They are a small boutique located in Chicago that focuses on renewables and infrastructure. ...32 years 11 months ago
0Transaction Services & FDD - What do you know about it?After talking to a few Big 4 TS/TAS groups, I have came to the conclusion that the gig consists of a vast majority of time performing FDD. "Financial due diligence (FDD) mainly consists of identifying potential chances and risks within the portfolio company, including capital structure, working ...02 years 11 months ago
0New job - should I be concerned?Ok so I found a new job, which I'm pretty excited about. A consulting gig at a boutique which also involves international travel which is cool. Anyway, something the director said concerns me. He mentioned, several times by the way, that I am expected to contribute long hours in the office. That doe...62 years 11 months ago
0Do not get marriedWhy on earth would you get married? Unless the girl is loaded and you want to legally steal half of it.... I notice that there is a lot of societal pressure to get married, but honestly it has a negative expected value. There are good relationships and bad ones. The disadvantage of a marriage in ...652 years 11 months ago
0Should I apply this recruiting season?1st post here! I am trying to transition in consulting at the pre-MBA level. I have been working for the past 2 years at a brand name luxury products company in manufacturing and supply chain areas. While working I started to pursue a MS degree in manufacturing and supply chain from a top 50 ...22 years 11 months ago
0PST Prep ResourcesI will be taking the Mck PST test shortly and was wondering if some WSOers here are willing to share any prep materials not easily available on the internet... Think VC, Consulting guru, etc. Feel free to PMd me and your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ...02 years 11 months ago
0bloomberg02 years 11 months ago
0Trying to break into S and T, need some advice.Graduating from a semi target in December. Strong gpa, two BB on my resume, one in wealth management one working in credit. Really want to break into S and T. Credit was something I really wasn't to interested in. I started reaching out to HR recruiters and other people who may be helpful. Curio...32 years 11 months ago
0GS Healthcare vs. MS M&Athoughts?...342 years 11 months ago
0accreditation-due-diligence.jpg02 years 11 months ago


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