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Here is a graphic explaining how multinational companies take advantage of international tax laws.

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Time to lower domestic corporate taxes?

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    futurectdoc wrote:
    US should have a flat 12.5% corporate rate with no exemptions and loopholes

    I am in support of lowering domestic tax rates...might be counterintuitive but it would actually likely raise corporate tax revenues. With our max corp tax the way it is we give countries way too much incentive to move operations overseas to take advantage of their systems.

    @UFO, glad you found this helpful.

    Sometimes lies are more dependable than the truth.

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    Ultima-RDK wrote:
    @UFO, glad you found this helpful.

    The amount of unpaid taxes and inequity in the system is a disgrace. Call me a liberal or whatever the hell else you want, but I stand by that. HOWEVER: I refuse to put myself at a disadvantage and will push the envelope to the letter of the law until this country stops jerking itself off about its finances....I'm actually serious.

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