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Good morning, all. Today I have something special for you guys. For those of you who don't know him, monty09 is one of our best known and respected members here at WSO. He has provided countless hours of insight into the energy business and helped many aspiring monkeys along their jungle safari.

In early 2011, he (along with our friend, Anthony) will be hosting The Energy Rodeo in Houston, Texas. An event which we hope will be a great success and a recurring event for aspiring energy professionals going forward.

Monty was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to sit down with me and answer a few questions. I am posting this short interview, in hopes of bringing a more in-depth, informative and personal element to the site. Hopefully in time, other senior board members will take the opportunity to answer some questions and provide guidance for newer members looking to learn more about various aspects of the financial services industry.

The interview will be posted through the weekend, feel free and encouraged to ask Monty as many questions as you'd like. Early next week, Monty will sit down and answer the most relevant questions, posted over the next few days, during a video interview.

This is a great opportunity to ask detailed questions about the industry and learn more from one of the most helpful people around. I hope you enjoy.

So without further ado, ladies and gents Mr. Monty09...

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Comments (23)

  • Midas Mulligan Magoo's picture

    MMM: How did you get your WSO handle? Does it stand for anything?

    Monty09: Monty09 was a nickname given to me by my roommate in college. 09 was simply my baseball jersey number. My real name is Gene and I live in Houston. Anthony's is well... Anthony.

    MMM: Please give us a quick bio of what you do? Where? How you got to where you are today?

    Monty09: I work for an energy trading firm in Houston. I am on a power trading desk focusing in both physical and financial markets. I do a number of things on the desk from short term trading, scheduling, accounting, asset management and sometimes even ordering lunch for the desk. I also am the clown of the group so provide laughs on demand. I am surrounded by a great group of traders and asset managers so the days are long but go by quickly. We create a market almost daily on what time someone will mention what's for lunch. So far the record is 6:54 am.

    MMM: How you got to where you are today?

    Monty09: I started in an analyst program in Chicago focusing on investment management and made the move to energy through an analyst program at Bear Energy offered focusing on back/mid office, I then left to Lehman Brothers and wanted to trade. I meet the manager of the desk I wanted to work on and basically just started to come in on my off time to work nights and weekends for four months. I did this all for free outside of my normal job and just kept coming back. When a job opened up I was hired. I think I may only person in nation to work at both shops in same year they went down. Funny I turned down Goldman Sachs for Lehman Brothers but turned out to be best move I have made in my career thus far.

    MMM: Tell us a little bit about energy markets today...how have they changed since you got started?

    Monty09: I feel the market has changed a ton due to the credit risk associated with trading as it is a very capital intensive business. Every few years it seems a new group of firms are the key players in this space so change is a big part of the business. The one thing in my view that is the biggest part of this industry is human capital. The assets walk out the door daily.

    MMM: What is this Energy Rodeo I've been hearing so much about?

    Monty09: It is a forum for students in undergraduate, master's of finance or mba programs that are serious about a career in the energy industry. It is a one day event that will cover resumes, networking, grad school options as well as panels with direct feedback from traders, investment bankers, equity resource associates, investment management and structuring professionals all involved in the energy industry in Houston, Texas. Networking has been the biggest help to my career so I decided to invite all my friends from the energy industry to attend, as well as, human resource professionals from several firms in town. I am simply bringing a buyer(student) and a seller(firm) together.

    MMM: How did you come up with the idea? Any expansion plans?

    Monty09: I was talking to Anthony about a month ago about how many pm's I get asking the same questions about applying to energy focused jobs post graduation. He said something along the lines of "getting them in front of current professionals and resume help". I said, " Lets do it". I wrote the template for the energy rodeo on the back of my cell phone bill and emailed to Anthony. 30 minutes later, The Energy Rodeo was born.

    I would like to expand to the level of interest that students show. I am open to what the market demands.

    MMM: Where can i go to learn more about the Energy Rodeo? What if I want to contribute, perhaps as a volunteer or even a sponsor?

    Monty09: www.energyrodeo.com

    Email us any ideas and we will do our best to make it happen. WSO is a sponsor and hope Patrick can make it. Without WSO this event truly would not be happening.

  • shorttheworld's picture

    monty i think you should change it to say 'energy professionals' unless you mean all current working people :P

  • monty09's picture

    most people that fall into that area I already know so no biggie. mainly it is for HR, friends of mine and a few other folks

  • happypantsmcgee's picture

    Anthony, where is your interview dude? Quit slacking, I thought you were part of this conference too

    If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses - Henry Ford

  • TNA's picture

    My interview is interlaced with Monty's.

    To be honest, Monty and I were talking one night and this idea came about. Since then I have been much more of a helper to him than anything else. Very proud to be a part of this event and looking forward to seeing it in action, but I think the props needs to be directed to Monty more than anything.

    With that said, anyone is free to ask me whatever they want.

  • MarkyMarkWahlbergWasAwesome's picture

    so, if you're making on a market when someone mentions what is for lunch, aren't you inherently mentioning what is for lunch?

    "I just want to be a monkey of average intelligence who wears a suit. I'll go to business school!"

  • monty09's picture

    market is made by me and one other person on when real time trader will mention it... people will then buy/sell me and other persons market.. so really two markets going

  • monty09's picture

    which fun is that now the real time traders knows.. so will try to game us when in fact we have gamed them... most times at least

  • MarkyMarkWahlbergWasAwesome's picture

    but then what if he games you gaming his gaming? then you're totally gamed, dude.

    "I just want to be a monkey of average intelligence who wears a suit. I'll go to business school!"

  • trade4size's picture

    This is impressive Monty I hope the energy rodeo goes well and you get a nice sized group. The reaching out to help others on this site has certainly been admirable.

    "Oh the ladies ever tell you that you look like a fucking optical illusion" - Frank Slaughtery 25th Hour.

  • GetRichorDieTryin's picture

    Monty09 - curious to hear why turning down GS for Lehman was the best career decision you could have ever made?

  • In reply to GetRichorDieTryin
    monty09's picture

    Monty09 - curious to hear why turning down GS for Lehman was the best career decision you could have ever made?

    I sent you a pm

  • happypantsmcgee's picture

    Also curious monty, if you don't mind shooting it my way as well. Thanks

    If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses - Henry Ford

  • In reply to monty09
    Argonaut's picture

    Did not know more people asked. Send sb's and I will post

    I'd like to know too :) +SB

    More is good, all is better

  • In reply to monty09
    guerrillagrrl's picture

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