Happy belated Thanksgiving, everyone. If you're suffering from a brutal food hangover like I am, then your Thanksgiving was assuredly a success.

I never quite understood why banks insisted on being open the day after Thanksgiving. This should ve a universal holiday, as far as I'm concerned. Besides, even if you're in the office today, you're going to be mailing it in. And you won't be alone in doing so.

So, I figured I'd deliver a small dose of Bonus Bananas to help those of you who have to work get through the day. For those not stuck in an office, you can enjoy them as well.

Without further ado, here are the links...

Were you stuck in the city for Thanksgiving? You had some decent restaurant options (Business Insider) - Frankly, I don't think anything beats home cooking for the holidays, but I'm sure Del Frisco's or The Little Owl in the West Village wouldn't be so bad.

Autonomy Founder to HP CEO - your claims don't add up (Bloomberg) - HP accuses Autonomy of improperly recording $200 million in revenue leading to a $5 billion writedown, the Founder doesn't think so. Shouldn't something that big come out in due diligence? Something's off here.

SAC inside trading case could lead straight to Steven A. Cohen (Bloomberg) - Rumblings of an imminent case against the SAC boss are nothing new. That said, it sounds like the Feds are really working to build a strong case. Anyone think he'll actually end up getting busted?

Facebook stock up 28% in past month, time to buy? (TechCrunch) - With all the lockup provisions finished, short sellers appear to be moving out of the stock and on to other conquests. Is it finally time for Facebook true believers to buy?

15,000 lose jobs as Hostess liquidates (Chicago Tribune) - Though Hostess may be down, we can rest easy knowing that someone will scoop up its iconic brands. Now, I know everyone is freaking out over a potential shortage of Twinkies, but I'm personally worried about a dip in the supply of Drake's Cakes. Devil Dogs are my all time favorite snack cake, so much so that when I was a kid, I assumed that its where Marines got their nickname.

That's it for today, folks. Hope you all had a fantastic holiday.

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This is a false thread. Everyone knows that

Twinkies > Devil Dog > Drakes Cake

Happy Holidays.


I hate devil dogs. They are so dry and the frosting inside does little to help my jaws from becoming unstuck. Twinkies and CupCakes are definitely the way to go.

In reply to markhobbus

I hate devil dogs. They are so dry and the frosting inside does little to help my jaws from becoming unstuck. Twinkies and CupCakes are definitely the way to go.

They used to be, but a few years ago they changed the recipe, making the dog less dry and the cream more moist. It's much better now. Twinkies and Yodels beat Devil Dogs though.


FB is horseshit. plus

Twinkies > everything.

This could be it, sweetheart.


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