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471 year 5 months ago
Current Coursework vs. Relevant Coursework (Just Started Grad School)I just started grad school at an MSRE program (finance focus) and was a finance major for undergrad. Should I list my current coursework (more relevant but don't have grades yet) or my undergrad coursework? ...
Pokemon Master
055 min 40 sec ago
Equity Research, Toronto - Please Critique My ResumeHello everyone, I just finished writing my resume. I am trying to break into Equity Research (particularly in mining) in Toronto. I created this thread to ask if you could look over my resume and give me feedback. I understand most of you have busy schedules, so any type of criticism would be great...
172 hours 36 min ago
A bad fib to start off networking, Low GPASo I'll start at the beginning. I messed up and I messed up big. My first 3 years in college I was slacking...short and simple. It was my fault. I missed classes, was disorganized and even failed a few courses I had no business failing. I had no end goal in sight and was just going through the motio...
35 hours 24 min ago
Community college senior/ rising junior internship prospects.Hi everyone, I am a senior at a community college transferring to a four year college in the fall. Graduating in May with an associates in business administration. My major at the four year school will be finance. What do you think are my chances of getting an internship this summer. I applied to JP...
31 day 14 hours ago
Target with IB ExperienceI'm a junior at a target school looking to get an ib internship this summer. Please let me know if you have any recommendations that could improve my resume. Any and all criticism will be greatly appreciated! Thanks. ...
Henry Kissinger
42 days 3 hours ago
Ivy League Resume with IB experienceI'm a junior at an Ivy League and even though I already have a decent internship lined up for this coming summer, I'm planning on applying to other banks just to see if I can get a better offer. I'm an Economics major and want to work in IB. Please review my resume and let me know if you have any cr...
Henry Kissinger
04 days 44 min ago
RIP MY RESUME APART ! Literally!Exploring career opportunities other than Investment Banking. Any advice on where I should focus my efforts? Currently looking into: Consulting (Would be quite awesome but might be difficult... idk) Financial Analyst for F500 Sales & Trading Capital Markets (Follow them, very interested and trad...
56 days 19 hours ago
Seeking advice regarding an entry level co-op positionHi everyone! First of all, I'd like to apologize if this post isn't in the right thread, and I would like to ask the people with authority to please place it accordingly or tell me how to go about this issue. That being said, my name is Hamza and I'm currently studying Accounting and Financial Man...
31 week 19 hours ago
Will a Poor Grade on My Transcripts Keep Me Out of a Job?Hi All: I am currently a business student at a tier-2 University in the Midwest. Due to circumstances that I won't elaborate on, I received a "C" in a higher level accounting class this past semester. What are the chances that this impedes me from landing a job in Asset Management with a MM? Could a...
11 week 1 day ago
01 week 3 days ago
Career advice for investment banking, or similarI've been working at a bulge bracket firm for around 5 years in the back office in a temporary job, in a sort of marketing related role. I graduated with a BA (2.1) in Philosophy in 2012, from a little known university in London. I wanted to get a front office analyst job, so I did a Postgraduate Di...
01 week 4 days ago
Is it worth putting personal trading on my resume?So I have no structured finance experience besides what I'm learning at school. My resume has nothing finance related on it, except a little portion just stating that my objective is to obtain an internship with a financial services company. I've not received any call backs on internship application...
11 week 4 days ago
Do employers do background checks on one-day unpaid externship/job shadowing opportunities?So, I was selected for a one-day unpaid job shadowing opportunity. I couldn't make it, but on my resume I want to put being selected as an honor and make it seem I had attended the externship. Will future employers do thorough background checks on these opportunities since they're not actual jobs? ...
01 week 5 days ago
Not really resume advice - rather career adviceHello community, I am not sure if this is the appropriate sub forum (if there is any) for what I am looking for. So feel free to move this post, if I am in the wrong place here. In essence, I am looking for career advice. My Background: I am about to graduate from a good research focused econ scho...
02 weeks 7 hours ago
Burn it All to Hell Pt. 2I have put some work into this resume, acknowledging most if not all of the critique from the previous discussion ( Is this a better direction than the previous? Anything else I should elaborate or expand on? Any sort of criticism is great to me...
12 weeks 19 hours ago
MBA CandidateI am rewriting my resume, and I wish to include that I will be completing my MBA and Masters in Finance in 2017. How should I word this on my resume, and where should I place it on the resume (top or bottom)? ...
42 weeks 1 day ago
Cover letter text box applicationHi chimps, Going to apply for a role that requires the applicant to fill out a "cover letter" text box with current salary and career aspirations, should this be treated as a normal cover letter? Alternatively, there is an option to upload multiple documents, would it be wiser to upload in a word do...
12 weeks 2 days ago
Need help with an Executive Level ResumeThis is my first time posting, so forgive me if I post something incorrectly. Let me know, and I will quickly change anything that is wrong. My father has been working at one of the major multinational Fortune 500 Banks (Morgan Stanley, Goldman, Citi...) for the last 26+ years now. Because of reason...
12 weeks 3 days ago
Looking for advice to switch from my current bankNeed your help, this is my first draft, and I really want to start to push starting in January 2016. SBs for any helpful advice. ...
12 weeks 3 days ago
HELP! Review unconventional Resume German Born Chinese!Hi folks, Your expertise is requested! Kindly can you review and give me feedback to my review. Target is IB M&A (BB or Boutique) in London. At the moment I am in Shanghai, does it impact my chances to land an interview? Many thanks in advance! ...
Germn Born Chinese
02 weeks 4 days ago
02 weeks 5 days ago
Summer Analyst vs. Investment Banking Summer Analyst?Hey guys, I'm currently a non-target freshman who just landed a "summer analyst" position at a small boutique investment bank in my city for post freshman summer. I'm curious as whether to list this position on my resume as solely a summer analyst because of the firm's reputation (rather small, not ...
33 weeks 22 hours ago
Please, help make my resume flawless!I have been reading this forum for a while now, but barely posted anything. I am about to blast out emails to boutique IB banks all around USA for a summer analyst position and wanted to make sure my resume looks perfect before I start sending out emails. Thanks a lot and appreciate any comments. B...
43 weeks 3 days ago


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