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471 year 3 months ago
Please read in the WSO User Guidelines in detail before posting to WSOPlease read in the WSO User Guidelines in detail before posting to WSO. ...
03 years 4 months ago
Canadian studying in the Netherlands (for 1 year of 4) Desperately want a Summer internship in Europe PE or Consulting is idealSome info: Currently in my second year of university. Yes, it is an unknown program, but I'm genuinely interested in food & Agricultural business. My dream job would be to work with a Private Equity firm that invests in food companies. I really would love that so much. I realize the resume may ...
11 hour 52 min ago
Tear my CV apartHey guys I just wanted to get a general CV check done to see where I can improve because there's definitely a lot of areas. Since I'm studying both Engineering and Finance and my degree requires Engineering work experience before I can graduate it'd be good to get general advice however, I do want t...
115 hours 4 sec ago
College Junior looking for resume advice for 2016 recruitingHey WSO, I am a Junior at a non-target University looking for an internship for summer 2016. I know I don't really have a shot at SA IB spot for 2016, but I would like to work at a smaller firm to build experience for full-time recruiting after graduation. I have an interest in Sales & Trading b...
515 hours 5 min ago
Destroy a Canadian Seniors ResumeI'm a Canadian senior looking to get into IB or ER. Any advice would be great. Thanks guys ...
01 day 17 hours ago
My Story - I love researching stocks, no BS, I enjoy learning how businesses operate and what makes them profitable.About a year ago as a sophomore microbiology major I opened a brokerage account after a TD Ameritrade commercial caught my eye. I figured the average return of the S&P was better for my small savings than a .0004% savings interest rate. A month later I was trading commission free ETF's in betwee...
02 days 8 hours ago
Canadian senior still without an offer...what went wrong? Maybe it's the resume?All comments are appreciated. My goal is to move into equities, in Asset Management or equity research. Do I have a chance at all? What could I do? Thx in advance! ...
132 days 8 hours ago
My resume sucks. How do I 'unsuck' it?My resume is pretty weak as of now.. I don't really know how to touch up my experiences. I am really close to my boss for my competition coordinator position, so he said I can write (almost) anything and he will vouch for me Any tips would be greatly appreciated ...
62 days 20 hours ago
Certificates / AcknowledgementsHello, My resume is terrible at the moment. I decided to major in Finance the year I was supposed to graduate (undergrad), so I am taking an extra year. I don't have much relevant experience besides being an equity research associate at my school's investment club. I'm learning a lot at a fast pace....
03 days 17 hours ago
Please help improve my resume!Hello! I am a junior in college, currently applying for Summer 2016 analyst positions. I'd greatly appreciate it if you guys could review my resume and let me know how I can improve it! Thanks! ...
03 days 23 hours ago
Can I Include Upcoming WorkI recently joined my school's investment club as an equity research associate. I've performed company valuations and equity research, and will be including these on my resume. Can I include 'preparing reports and stock pitches', even though I haven't actually performed these duties yet but will be i...
64 days 12 hours ago
Undergrad Senior with Transaction Experience looking for FT IBDUndergraduate senior at a ~top 50 undergrad B school looking for FT IBD Position starting next summer/fall. Asking for solid concrete advice to make this stronger in any way possible. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! ...
24 days 19 hours ago
Destory my resume, please!Hi, guys. I am preparing for my application for grad school. Can you give me some advices on how to better my resume, please? Thanks in advance. ...
45 days 6 hours ago
How to include P&L in a CV?Morning gang. Are there any standard ways of incorporating P&L results into a CV? I currently reference the value in a bullet point whilst describing the position i.e. - Shaped strategies through outright and generation spread price analysis, stack modelling and sensitivity testing. Opportuniti...
25 days 11 hours ago
Destroy my freshman resume!I blanked out the specific names. I do not have a GPA yet, but will put it in when I get one (in Winter break) before I apply for summer/possibly spring internships. Please destroy it, thanks ...
31 week 4 days ago
Military; No Interviews; How do I fix?I've applied to hundreds of positions with BB's, boutiques, investment management firms, accounting firms, retail banks, etc. but have yet to manage a phone interview. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ...
101 week 4 days ago
Thinking of going super senior. How screwed am I?Hey guys, So I've been going back and forth between going to medical school and pursuing a career in finance. After working in a lab this summer, I realized how much I hate it and want to look for IBD positions. That being said, since I wasted the summer, it's been really hard to spin my story. I've...
31 week 5 days ago
Current internship (been 3 days) to add to resume?I am currently taking a semester off to get different internship experiences. My previous internship experiences include a boutique consulting firm and a MBB consulting. And I just started interning at a top 10 consulting firm three days ago (below MBB though), which will last until the end of Decem...
32 weeks 1 day ago


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