I am at a point in my life where I am not sure what the hell to do, in fact I am very lost and am looking for some guidance. I would like to work in IB whether that be at a BB, MM or a boutique at this point, I just want in! I am fully aware I am not the only one but am honestly just looking for some good advice/guidance on what I should do. Instead of trying to explain my background I attached the content that is on my resume not the actual resume. I am ready to hear the unpleasant realities that my clouded mind won't accept I just need to hear it from people with experience rather than telling myself. I don't plan on giving up but I am 24 and see any hopes of breaking in fading away. Is an MSF the antidote, maybe an MBA or aggressive networking? Any advice or harsh truths is what I am looking for. Thanks in advance!

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A low GPA from a non-target state school undoubtably holding you back. It becomes exponentially harder to overcome those things once you graduate VS trying to hustle and break in while still in school.

But, looks like you just got a somewhat relatable job? Work hard in that new role and prepare yourself to apply to an MFin program. Successfully rebranding yourself there will help overcome your undergrad

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First things first: proofread your resume. I realize this is a modified redacted version (which is probably why it's on 2 pages - make sure it's on 1 when you send it in PDF), but there are few errors that I saw: "perusing" instead of "pursuing" and your GPA is in Calibri instead of Times New Roman.


Just from a quick glance, you don't need a "summary of qualifications." To be blunt, it doesn't convey anything about you and no one has time to read a bunch of skills that anyone can write on a resume.


I'm sorry but your resume doesn't say shit about who you are or what you did. Ask your school for a better resume template or find one yourself online.


Thank you for the resume advice. I was hoping to get more advice on what i should consider doing going forward rather than what i should fix about my resume even though that is also appreciated.

Edit: this isn't my actual resume


Please do not do an MSF, MFin, or anything of the sort. It will get you nowhere. You do not get a FT job in banking based on GPA, but on experience. Come FT recruiting, you would be competing with hordes of kids with relevant experience, and all that you will have is a degree.

You are being held back for a poorly formatted resume (use the M&I guide), a low GPA, and no transactional experience. If I were you, I would work hard at your current job, get some good letters of recommendation, do well on the GMAT, and then get into a top 20 MBA program. You do not need to get into HSW for IB. Almost any top 20 program should get you in if you network.


resume format is awful. GPA is a hurdle but won't be a dealbreaker if you network / speak to the right people. plenty of boutiques out there


i thought objective were dead... I would get rid of that.....

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