hey, i'm a sophomore at a non-target. i'm looking for a summer internship (IBD) and am just wondering if my chances are higher at eventually getting an internship by contacting alumni at small boutiques or BBs? on one hand, alumni may have more clout in the smaller firms, but on the other hand, im worried that such firms will be too small and wont have the time to spare someone to train interns. i've looked at sophomore rotational programs but they seem like a long-shot since im from a non-target and my grades are average...

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Just politely email them. If you have common ground they should be receptive to helping. It might take some persistence, but it will pay off. Email them at work, I have an alumni email address, but it is never checked. I am willing to assume that is standard for more alumni email addresses.


My advice is to e-mail anyone and everyone you can; you never know who can, and is willing to, help you out.

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