Hey guys, I have a question about whether or not its good to do an internship in WM AFTER already having interned at a boutique. I have done internships at a small PWM firm, small hedge fund and boutique and am trying to add something to my resume hopefully by the time interview season starts. The reason why I'm doing this is because it's MSWM, and from what I've seen they have multiple advisers ranked top 100 on WSJ for AUM... Would this hurt my banking resume to work in MSWM to get exp at a good WM shop / do something finance related before the summer other than banking? Don't see any spring banking internships currently.

Thanks for your help.

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If you have 3 finance related internships already I REALLY don't see any further internship experience helping your app much. If you do decide to do the WM gig then think of a reason why you want to do banking after 2 stints in WM because you will surely get asked that. As you know the roles are very very different and attract usually different types of people.

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Thanks Black Jack. You make a good point on the types of people they attract. I'm doing it for the money and because it's MS, so I figure working in a quality organization as opposed to only having worked at non-brand places, otherwise they may think I'm on that track on not BB worthy.

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