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I was wondering whether anyone on this forum knows anything about the MSC Management program at Imperial College and what my chances would be of gaining admission.

GPA: 3.4 from McGill (Honors Political Science and Economics)
I speak Mandarin, German (Swiss and High), English and French, with Singaporean Citizenship and Swiss Residency

Internships: I actually planned on pursuing law, but decided that it wasn't for me. So my internships aren't business related at all. Instead, I interned for two reputable law firms in Singapore over the last two summers.

I write for a national magazine, I've had a paper published in the Uni law journal and my Poli Sci research has been nominated for undergrad awards.

I know that the Msc Management is meant for students that have no experience in Business, but I'm still worried that all my internships/extracurriculars etc are completely unrelated to business.

Thoughts? It would be MUCH appreciated.


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    Your background sounds great to me. Apply

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    Very good. Apply.

    "I do not think there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcom

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    Thanks guys

    Has anyone applied/been accepted to the program (or similar programs)? What GPA do they usually accept on?

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    why would you want to do Management at Imperial? From what I have heard, Msc Management at the LSE is a much better choice. Or HEC for that matter.

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    Well, I didn't think I would be eligible for LSE. Is it comparable in terms of admission standards to Imperial? What schools would you recommend actually?

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    With a 3.4 LSE might be tough, but with other impressive/unique items in your profile you may still have a shot. Better choice than management at Imperial.

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    So Imperial would be more likely to accept the 3.4 than LSE? What tends to be the average GPAs for both of those schools?

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    I don't know about management programs, but for Finance programs I know that top schools in UK require a minimum 3.5 GPA. Basically they use it as the primary way to refine their pool of candidates and they seem to be quite methodical about it with no exceptions. If you had a 3.5, I would say you'd have a good shot at some of these schools bc you have a good profile. But with 3.4 you might not even make it to a point where adcom start looking at specific candidate profiles.

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    Imperial is well known for engineering, not for management.
    As a long shot, try LBS Master in Management... your grades won't be great, but you have a very interesting profile. LBS is the elite business school in Europe.
    Then give LSE a try too. If it wasn't because you are applying late, I would bet they would take you.

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    Well, I would be applying for the semester starting in 2011, so I have some time actually. I graduate in December. I will definitely take a look at LSE, HEC and LBS then. So would you say imperial is not a good school for business then?

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