How flexible will a firm be if I am unable to make their specified superday- The specific case I am referring to is a bank in Chicago, and I would have to fly in from NYC. Do these places (larger MM firm) usually have multiple or just 1 superday for all candidates? If so, would they ever be willing to let another candidate interview separately?

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Why not just ask them if it's possible. Are you 100% unable to make their super day or is it a matter of preference?


I've known some BB's to be flexible with people who couldn't make the specified superday however keep in mind that you'll be at a serious disadvantage. If a firm brings 20 people to a superday looking to hire 5 kids and they have 8 strong candidates then you're kind of screwed. Some firms will simply cancel your superday, others will still interview you (to keep their word) but since they already have their guys/girls (from the 1st superday) they're looking for reasons to ding you so you'll have to really really impress.


Alright, thanks guys. I will just email them after the holidays and say that I am unable to make it and ask if there is any way to do it on another date. In response to the first poster- yes, 100% unable to make it, unfortunately. I'm (not trying to be arrogant) a pretty top candidate for this bank (they've been trying to recruit me since last January), so I am hopeful they will be understanding, but I will let you guys know.


If you're a top candidate, then I'm sure they'll be able to figure something out - and if you 100% can't make it then I guess you have no choice but to ask them about it haha. Good luck and I hope it works out.


Just wondering, if your an out-of-towner do they pay your fare ?

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In reply to BatMasterson

Just wondering, if your an out-of-towner do they pay your fare ?

Yes, they'll pay your airfare and hotel room cost if you have to stay the night.


Not sure on paying fares- all they sent me was a very generic email inviting me to come and giving me the day (didn't even tell me the time it started). They asked for an RSVP, so I am assuming they will tell me details when I say I am coming. I know some other banks have paid for transportation, but this firm is a bit smaller, so they might not.


Most banks, especially in larger/HQ offices, have more than one superday, but it may be tiered by schools (i.e. they go to schools A, B, C, and D at the end of 2012 and hold a superday for those schools, and then they go to schools E, F, G, and H in January 2013 and then hold a superday for those schools).


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