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Posting for a buddy.

Just post if you've heard back or not.

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  • seedy underbelly's picture

    Another shameless bump...

  • seedy underbelly's picture
  • seedy underbelly's picture

    Bumpity bump bump.

  • bigcitydreamer's picture

    Got an email confirming that the application was received and they were reviewing all the applicants. They said we should hear back by the end of the month!

  • AgnesShum's picture

    I am going to go for an interview on fri!

  • seedy underbelly's picture

    bump! i know a lot of people applied.. some have to be on wso.. join the discussion!

  • wellhellothere's picture

    I was contacted this morning. UMich Ross undergrad, 3.96 GPA, 2 leadership positions, 1 experience at a microfinance firm (although that's not really finance haha)

  • seedy underbelly's picture

    No problem. :) Let us know how it goes. Could be a great resource for next year's applicants.

  • Flake's picture

    Applied. They told me to go away.

    Under my tutelage, you will grow from boys to men. From men into gladiators. And from gladiators into SWANSONS.

  • supramonash's picture

    @ Flake: Are you talking about last year?

    @ people who got interviews: where is the interview? at NY? Anyway, Good luck!!

  • supramonash's picture

    I got invited to the interview too....do you guys know how they do their interviews? Is everyone's interview on the 24th?

  • hola's picture

    i got an interview as well! :)

    does anyone know what kind of interview it will be?
    how many people usually participate in DBAchieve?

  • ashby's picture

    I've got an interview too. I wonder how many people interview/how competitive it is? There isn't too much information about it...

  • hola's picture

    how was everyone's interview??

  • In reply to hola
    seedy underbelly's picture

    hola wrote:
    how was everyone's interview??

    how was your interview?

  • supramonash's picture

    I messed up... Was fumbling towards the end :(

  • hola's picture

    I messed up too... it was a pretty difficult interview. They asked me technical questions :(

  • supramonash's picture

    Did you have finance background? For me, I messed up on the behaviorial questions. Got too comfortable, now that I think of it. So early next week --- does that mean Monday?

  • hola's picture

    No finance background but I did get questions about accounting..

    I'm not sure when they'll be getting back to us, hopefully soon


  • YeahYeah92's picture

    Hey everyone,

    So I went to the interview yesterday and I was notified last night that my application was placed on hold. Did anyone get a response yet? If you were placed on hold, does anyone know what this means? They told me that I will be given a final response within a week. Hopefully they just want to review my application more closely....

  • ashby's picture

    Just out of curiosity: those who applied, what is your connection to diversity? What did you feel makes you appropriate in terms of diversity for a program like this?

  • In reply to YeahYeah92
    Shaonan Edwin Yu's picture

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