Does anyone know the type of pre-employment drug screen that GE administers? Is ts a hair or a urine analysis? When during the recruiting process is this test administered? Thank you your input is appreciated!

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Someone's worried...

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new account just to answer you - its always piss bro. You have to think from a cost perspective. They have thousands of new employees every year, each one gets administered a test. Hair follicle tests are like 5X the cost of urine. That shit adds up.
Get yourself a "Urinator"

works like a charm.

Because seriously no one should be "genetically profiled" ha hahaha


It's the pee.


Thanks guys - I definitely want to be safe than sorry, since I am in my last year of college! I appreciate your help. No urinator necessary haha....I just heard that companies are starting to hair test like P&G for example so I wanted to check to see if anyone has updated information about GE


Did you ever get first hand knowledge of an answer to this question? Is it urine or hair and when is it administered?


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