I'm in Canada and I just got into the networking sessions for BMO Capital Markets, RBC Capital Markets and TD Bank Financial Group. Lucky I got in because all the sessions filled up within 2 hours of them being offered.

Now that I'm in I have no clue what to do... I've never been to a networking session before! How do I approach these guys? What do I talk about? How do I make them remember me when their reading 5,000,000 resumes/cover letters?

I'm getting business cards made up right now from CRA (Canadian equivalent of IRS) for the sessions so I can hand them out. Also, I got a nice suit from my cousin for the sessions, is this overdoing it? Should I just wear a dress shirt and pants, no tie or yes tie?

Any tips would be appreciated thanks!

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Please don't give business cards out. You'll look like a real tool handing them out to senior Bankers. Be confident, not cocky and relaxed. Don't try too hard to impress and stand out by your enthusiasm and knowledge.

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Business cards are a bad idea if you are a student, unless you want to win some free lunches. Don't go into these sessions trying to do too much. You just need to be likable and get business cards from some of the people you get along well with. Follow up with the people you talk to and they will remember you, assuming you don't ask the same lame questions as everyone else. Don't think people are going to remember you based off one information session, get their info so you can make multiple contacts with them. Not a lot of people do this so that will make you stand out to a degree.


definitely wear a suit and no business cards.
chat about anything
you'd be surprised how many dweebs go to these things, and how easy it is to stand out


Don't think business cards would be a good idea.... just start building a relationship now and definitely follow-up with who ever you meet. It's also probably a good idea to try and talk to as many people as you can... worst thing you could do is over-think this


Thanks for the advice guys. I think i'm just over thinking this for no reason, I'll just head out there and be myself. Talk about everything from Sports, Music to Equity Markets, the usual stuff I talk about. Apparently my school is not letting anyone in unless they have business cards... so i'll take em but I won't use them unless someone specifically asks me for one, good ideas?

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