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Dear all,

Sorry if this has been discussed before, i tried to search for this but could find a comprehensive list of good headhunters for hedge fund/buyside opportunity.

I am looking for opportunities in the U.S and would really want to work there one day.

Would be very grateful if you could let me know some very good headhunters for hedge fund in New York or any other places in the U.S.

Thank you.

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    don't headhunters find you and not the other way around?

    First person that comes out this fucking door gets a... gets a *lead salad*, you understand?

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    everyman wrote:
    don't headhunters find you and not the other way around?

    Not true at all! You have to reach out to them - the only way they'd find you otherwise is through a connection...who would be doing the same thing you'd be doing, i.e. sending over a resume, introducing yourself, explaining what kind of job you'd be interested in, etc. The headhunters work for the companies, not for you...but they still need talented people in their database.

    As for a list, your best bet is getting a friend to send you a list of recruiters they've worked with before, since that will make the introduction easier. But for cold calls, you can Google recruiters in your area. There are also several well-known larger firms that tend to focus on placing consulting and banking analysts on the buyside, e.g. SG Partners, Amity Search, CPI, Oxbridge, Dynamics, Search1. That should be enough to get you started!