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Hello, this is my very first post here on WSO.
So I'm very interested in applying for a summer internship in business and finance fields, but I don't know if I'm qualified for one, and I would like to ask you how to build a good resume and if I have a chance of getting an internship this summer.
Here's a little background about me.. I'm 19 years old, sophomore year at community college. I had to go to a community college because I've done high school overseas. My major is Management Information Systems (MIS).
The only good thing on my resume is that I've worked as an interpreter. (This is the one and only job that I've had in my life)
I would love to work at a place like GS, E&Y, PWC, KPMG.. So how can I build a resume for one?
Thank you all in advance!

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    I'm aiming for a top 5 MBA program: Howard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Wharton

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