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Received this from Louis Dreyfus about a commodity trader internship:

There are a few select schools where we draw our interns from. Unfortunately, Wake Forest is not one of them. We wish you success in your job search and career endeavors.

First, is anyone familiar with what schools they do draw from?
Second, how have you responded to a similar rejection in the past? Or what would anyone suggest?

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    I renege on my last comment.....if you really want to keep the relationship with the company and/or certain people (which would likely be prudent of you), you may want to send a very short note saying thank you for the reply.

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    I read somewhere something that went like this to HR:

    "Thank you for your recent correspondence. As you may understand, I have received multiple rejections but unfortunately I am only able to accept one. Therefore, I will start with your firm on Monday."

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    You should reject their rejection. That will show 'em

    Either you sling crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot