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I am a senior in high school and I want to go into I-banking. I got accepted to NYU Stern, Carnegie Mellon Tepper Business School and the Baruch Honors College. NYU and CMU are targets for I-Banking but Baruch is mostly for back office operations. However, the honors program at Baruch is highly regarded and the deal is amazing. Every honors student gets full tuition scholarship, a $7500 study grant for unpaid interships and study abroad etc., a free apple iBook laptop and a culture passport for free admission to plays, museums etc. I am confused since Baruch Honors is not a specific "target" for i-banks but Stern and Tepper are. I don't get any financial aid for NYU or CMU b/c I'm an international student. Which school should I choose? Thank you very much. Your response will mean a lot to me, thanks again.

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    I go to NYU...Stern definitely get heavy recruitment. If your biggest concern is getting into IBanking, definitely choose Stern. It's a great school and there are so many firms that recruit here (BB, MM, everything).

  • slik vik's picture

    Should I go to Baruch Honors my first year and then transfer out of Baruch honors to Stern since 90% of Baruch Honors students who apply to Stern get accepted? Money is a big concern for me, I would have to pay the full 40k tuition for Stern which would not be easy for me at all. So is it better off to save a year's tuition or not risk it at all?

  • killjoy's picture

    Currently go to Stern and it is definitely HEAVILY recruited. If Banking is what you want I can't see a better choice.

    FYI...NYU is stingy as hell with Financial Aid but I'd bite the bullet and live with the loans. Penny in the bucket in the long run.

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