I am a senior in high school and I want to go into I-banking. I got accepted to NYU Stern, Carnegie Mellon Tepper Business School and the Baruch Honors College. NYU and CMU are targets for I-Banking but Baruch is mostly for back office operations. However, the honors program at Baruch is highly regarded and the deal is amazing. Every honors student gets full tuition scholarship, a $7500 study grant for unpaid interships and study abroad etc., a free apple iBook laptop and a culture passport for free admission to plays, museums etc. I am confused since Baruch Honors is not a specific "target" for i-banks but Stern and Tepper are. I don't get any financial aid for NYU or CMU b/c I'm an international student. Which school should I choose? Thank you very much. Your response will mean a lot to me, thanks again.

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I go to NYU...Stern definitely get heavy recruitment. If your biggest concern is getting into IBanking, definitely choose Stern. It's a great school and there are so many firms that recruit here (BB, MM, everything).

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I wouldn't call Tepper a target. They mainly go into operations. Out of those, Stern is the best.


Should I go to Baruch Honors my first year and then transfer out of Baruch honors to Stern since 90% of Baruch Honors students who apply to Stern get accepted? Money is a big concern for me, I would have to pay the full 40k tuition for Stern which would not be easy for me at all. So is it better off to save a year's tuition or not risk it at all?


Currently go to Stern and it is definitely HEAVILY recruited. If Banking is what you want I can't see a better choice.

FYI...NYU is stingy as hell with Financial Aid but I'd bite the bullet and live with the loans. Penny in the bucket in the long run.




have a friend who went through the same situation
he transfered to Stern last semester from Baruch
he is an international student too.
I'm in Stern myself and in my opinion, junior year internships are most important, save yourself the money and go to Baruch for the first 2 years, then just transfer. you still get a Stern degree, at half the price

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