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I will be graduating in December and have secured a job as a financial advisor in my hometown. They are sponsoring me to get my series 7 and 66 (I have to pay the fees) and I am starting with them after I graduate but I have not officially signed with them yet. I have decided that I would like to move across country to Florida to be with my girlfriend and have found that they have an office in the city there. What do you guys think...would it be wrong to ask them if I could switch offices?

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    If you are completely agnostic about the town you build a financial advisory business in, you don't have a plan to build assets and have a 99% chance of failing. So, I don't think it matters if you ask for a transfer.

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    What would P.T. Barnum say about you?


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    I was asking more about if it is okay or not to request this from a job I have not even started at yet

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