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I lied about my GPA about .6 points for a summer internship, will I get caught?

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Comments (10)

  • Sexy_Like_Enrique's picture

    holy shit, man. you mean you had like 3.0 but you put down 3.6 gpa instead? that's fucked up, man.

    is this for summer analyst position at BB? if so, you will likely to get caught. If you are doing internship at some no-name shop, you might get away with it.

  • euroazn's picture

    First post, ridiculous question, I smell troll.

  • Cardinal's picture

    Have they requested your transcripts???

  • whatwhatwhat's picture

    nbd bro, just add another .6 for your next place to keep it consistent.

  • goldman in da house's picture

    LOL this is the GPA equivalent of removing like 4 F's from your transacript.

  • guyfromct's picture

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  • eriginal's picture

    "One man with courage makes a majority." -- Andrew Jackson