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A bit of background: I'm in my final semester of classes in my MSc and will be finished by January, at which time I'm free while I write my thesis until graduation in Sept 2013.

Have I missed the deadlines for 2013 starting dates for MBB, Booz, ATK and other big firms? (I'm assuming I'm ineligible for Summer positions now since I'm graduating in Sept 2013)

If I've interpreted their recruiting pages properly, it seems that MBB and Booz closed in October already so it might be too late now. However Booz for example says Graduate intake for 2013 will open again in January - is this for the same FT Consultant positions, just a 2nd round intake? Also I've read some people saying there is also Spring Recruiting - is this for positions starting in 2013 as well?

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    This is what I'm not really sure about. The Booz graduate site states, for example:

    "Applications are now closed for the Class of 2013. Applications will re-open in January 2013 for our next Graduate intake."

    Does this mean applications in January will be for Fall 2013 positions, or for 2014? I can't see how it would be the latter, as that would be a ludicrous amount of time to submit an application in advance.