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I am potentially interested in making the transition. Have any other monkeys does so? How hard is it actually? Do any of you know places that may be hiring, or have a tendency to take ex IBD guys.?

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    I asked some Canadian S&T MDs this question a while back. They looked at me like I was high on crack. While it may be a national thing for them, the rivalries in finance can start to look like the interservice rivalries in the military.

    "Dude, not trying to be a dick here, but your shop looks like a frontrunner for the cover of Better Boilerrooms & Chophouses or Bucketshop Quarterly."

    -Uncle Eddie

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    Going to S&T from IB is at the very least easier than going to IB from S&T (which is more rare)...

    It can be done, but obviously depends on if desks have a need for someone. If you're already FT at a bank, the general thing to do is to try and make some contacts with different S&T desks, get to know what they do, and come up with some convincing reasons for the switch and why you'd be good at it or better suited for S&T. If the bank is one that is generally supportive of internal moves, they should have a 'mobility team' so to speak (made up of generally senior professionals from various groups) that help guide junior/middle level staff and provide answers to general inquiries.

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    redherring wrote:
    Dr Joe wrote:
    iwasato.masao wrote:
    may I ask all the gentlemen above why do you want to make such transition?

    Because PowerPoint sucks


    also have always been interested n the markets / want to move closer to a job that relates to them. Enjoy investing and trading in my spare time.

    I see. If you don't mind, what are your academic background then. Quantitative majors might make it an easier sell.