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I came across to this article today and they mentioned this company University of Dreams (http://www.summerinternships.com/). This company claims that we are guaranteed an internship by paying couple thousand bucks. What I found interesting is that I saw big names like UBS, JP Morgan, and Deutsche Bank. I initially thought it's a scam, but it looks pretty legit to me after I dug into couple more websites. I know this idea doesn't sound good. However, I haven't gotten anything back from any of my internship applications. I AM DESPERATE. I am just curious anybody knows what these "paid internship people" end up doing in their internship?

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    i had a friend who did this and like you guys said he was put into ML PWM but this was really his only option with an average gpa from a non target state school. the internship was a joke though - it wasnt even fulltime. he worked maybe 3-6 hours a day 4-5 days a week.

    at the end of the day though, it was still something to put on his resume