Hi, I am currently a junior at a non-target. I was a pre-health chemistry major till this year until I finally switched my major to economics after I realized my interests were not in the health field and I couldn't stand another chemistry class. I had around a 2.0 gpa in the major but after the switch I got a 4.0 last semester in 16 credit hours of econ coursework. Should I include my science gpa even though chem is not my major anymore applying for internships?

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You must put your entire GPA, but you could put only your ECON major GPA if you like to make note that it's higher.

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Why would you include a major GPA that isn't your major? Does that make sense to you?

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I usually only include the classes I get A's in to show the interviewer what they want to see. Sure, I throw an A- or two in there, so it looks legit.

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