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Which would everybody take in this market if given the choice?

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Comments (14)

  • corruptbargain's picture
  • gamenumbers's picture

    yeah i'd go top bb or top boutique. do you honestly have offers? how could you turn down Goldman for some MM firm??

  • 1styearBanker's picture

    You must have been kicked in the head repeatedly as a kid. jeferies and other MM banks are probably the most disgusting toilets of crap in investment banking. A great cancer on the Wall Street BB's.

  • milkman84's picture

    1styear's shit is really getting old and predictable. It was funny at first but he's beat the joke into the ground.

  • fritos's picture

    He's a big enough douchebag that I don't think he's joking, he may actually look down on anything not BAML or not a BB.

  • slammaster's picture

    braveheart and 1styear banker are complete wastes of life and everyone on WSO knows it

    you two boys ought to get a room and do each other

    Better watch your ass

  • CompBanker's picture

    They are all very different roles that teach different skillsets and present different opportunities. I'd say market conditions shouldn't have anything to do with your decision.


  • TheHungryOne's picture
  • boutiquebank4life's picture

    A MM can be either boutique or not. MM just states the size of deals done. A boutique is a small shop usually focused on M&A/restructuring or both, without all the debt/equity/capital markets or trading that goes along with it. Size of bankers usually determines boutique and size of deals determines MM.

  • craigmcdermott's picture

    I am going to start FT at a MM bank but if I got an offer at a BB would have taken that.

  • jhoratio's picture

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