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I'll be taking my level 1 CFA exam this December and I would really like to express that on my resume for my job searches/apps this fall (I will be graduating from UG next May).

From what I've gathered, I would be able to put "CFA Level 1 Candidate" on my resume and still adhere to rules.

Would this also usually go under the Education section of my resume? Either that or activities would make the most sense to me.

Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


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    It is definitely something I think could improve my resume. I don't want to say I have any "gaps" but I do have one or two points on there that could be replaced.

    I plan on going into trading and eventually HF and I have heard putting this on a resume can show that a person is passionate about their career/finance and doing what they can to get ahead, as most UG's don't start taking/prepping for CFA exams while still in their UG program.

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    while you're working for it, I'd put it near the top, phrased something like "Completed CFA Level ###." In your first few years, putting it near the top would probably mean in the 'Education' section, but after a while, experience should come before education.

    Once you actually get it, it should be displayed very prominently, because a lot of places won't ever consider candidates who don't have it. It's probably more of a credential for research, but in tough jobs markets (ie - now), firms have their pick of the litter, and being a CFA really sets you apart in any field. I would even consider putting it at the top, next to your name, eg - John Doe, CFA

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    since anyone can be a level 1 candidate, putting it on your resume doesn't mean anything. once you actually pass, then throw it on.

    as for how to present it on your resume - read book 1, it'll tell you exactly what you can and can't do in the first 100 pages.

    as for now, you may want to mention that you're a candidate in the interview (if that's actually true). if they care, they may ask you why you're entering into the program, so have something prepared for that.

    good luck in december