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0Back to the Finance WorldI'm not sure where to begin, but I'll be discussing what led me to this site specifically, and how my interest and devotion to the finance world was reignited. While I was in High school, most students which many of them were my friends, never really thought what they wanted to major in or what the...03 years 3 weeks ago
0Chances of MSF or MSA or MMSI am gonna be a 3rd year at a non target, which I will graduate in the spring of 2015. I am wondering what my chances of getting into a target MSF, MSA, or MMS. -I havent taken the GRE. But I will start studying it in the winter. -My GPA is currently 3.32 ( will go up after this summer due to s...153 years 3 weeks ago
0Laser Beard Removal?Would it hurt or help a career for a man to entirely remove his facial hair for good? It would make me look younger....113 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: UBS AG03 years 3 weeks ago
0DCF Valuation QuestionIn a DCF with fixed forecasts and a fixed discount rate, what determines whether the EV will increase or decrease when you roll the valuation date forward, lets say from 9/30/13 to 12/31/13? Obviously you lose one quarter of cash flows that you were previously including in the analysis (those that ...123 years 3 weeks ago
+17A BIG thank you to WSO from a non-target!I felt that it was necessary to write this post now, as an important step in my life has transpired recently. Coming from as much of a non-target background as possible, I have managed to get the coveted SA offer from a BB, and I could not have done it without WSO. To put what I said in perspecti...303 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: PNC Financial Services03 years 3 weeks ago
0When I am applying to B-school a couple years down the road...I am graduating from one of HYPMS this year with a > 3.9 GPA. I worked at a BB in IBD last summer and am going to work at MBB after graduation. I am planning to work hard for the first couple years, find out what type of industry/job I would like to pursue in the long term, and go to b-school to ...43 years 3 weeks ago
+1Worst Summer Intern Screw-Up Ever?Mod note: Blast from the Past - "Best of Eddie." This one's hilarous This is one for the books. In what has to be an attempt at epic trolling (or a bid for a job on the Howard Stern Show), a summer intern at the NTSB is behind the imbroglio at KTVU after the station erroneously identified the Chi...293 years 3 weeks ago
0JPM to follow GS in regards to how they treat young employees Thoughts? From Kevin Roose at [quote]About six weeks ago, Goldman Sachs announced that it was giving its youngest investment bankers Saturdays off, in part to prevent burnout and quick attrition and in part to make Goldman sound to college kids like the kind of fun, easygoing workpla...123 years 3 weeks ago
0Good sign or bad signSo I had a superday for BB S&T SA yesterday and I think it went well. I knew the first guy that interviewed me very well so I emailed him on my way to ask when I could hear back. He told me I would hear back Monday and that all the feedback on me was very positive. I'm wondering if this is stil...33 years 3 weeks ago
0Market Making Skills Transferrable?--...13 years 3 weeks ago
0Picking Prop Desks (FI vs Commodities)--...23 years 3 weeks ago
0The Contacts GameI am currently in bit of a dilemma with regards to which direction I should go. I am currently in my final year of college in Asia. On one side is this desire to get into IB and then you know the flow. I have had an internship with a MM PE firm and currently interning with a boutique M&A firm. I...13 years 3 weeks ago
0Equity Analyst Intern experience abroadI worked as an intern for a small regional brokerage firm in South Asia. I was wondering if it will be any use putting it on my resume when applying here in the USA....03 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: BNP Paribas03 years 3 weeks ago
0"Well, Joe Flacco isn't too rich to buy a lottery ticket"Some people play the lottery while other play derivative markets. ...03 years 3 weeks ago
0Barclays S&T vs GSAM Third Party Distribution Summer AnalystHello! I would love to get some opinions on which of these is a better choice for the upcoming summer. It would be great to hear about the cultures of the firms, the pay difference, the exit strategies, the lifestyle/hours, and any other insight you may have. Thanks in advance!...03 years 3 weeks ago
0Best credit card for college grad soon to be analyst?I'm sure many of us are in this situation. Graduating in May, starting BB Analyst IBD in summer. I've had a BofA Debit Card since High school, looking to get a credit card. Also, should I include anticipated bonus in the annual income section of the application (can I only say this when I actual...23 years 3 weeks ago
0How would you network from another country?For example, if you're aiming for London/NY office and you're living in Germany, how would you network? Or broader, what would the steps be to get the job? It seems like people do get into London or New York office from other parts of the world, and I'm wondering, how they have done it, as networ...53 years 3 weeks ago
0Sophomore Internship: BB Finance, Credit Agency, Google?Hello Monkeys, So, I find myself at a conundrum. The goal at hand is to have a BB IB Internship in my junior year. I am fortunate enough to have a few options at my disposal, but I am having some trouble evaluating which one will translate better next year when I am looking for that crucial...43 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Credit Suisse03 years 3 weeks ago
0Open Analyst Slots- When should I expect more to be open?When should I expect there to be more open lateral analyst slots available within IBD? Is there a specific time period when people generally jump ship or there tends to be more open spots because people leave for other firms/buyside? I'm assuming around bonus time, or right after more-so? Info would...33 years 3 weeks ago
0Do campus recruiters read online applications? The title speaks for itself. Or for target schools, do senior bankers just look at resumes through the school's career portal? I just realized that there's something in my online application for a certain BB that may cause a discrepancy. ...33 years 3 weeks ago
0Offer Help-Baird Milwaukee vs CS Chicago vs Piper Jaffray Minneapolis vs HL ChicagoAny insight would be helpful...223 years 3 weeks ago
0Nice Jeans that don't look Gay/Ghetto for under $120Any suggestions? are the $90-100 jeans at JCrew/Banana Republic worth the price? I went to Nordstrom today. Everything looked gay/ghetto. Why? Also, what kind of shoes should I wear with my new jeans? I'm sick of looking like Larry David....533 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: BMO Capital Markets03 years 3 weeks ago
+1DesireSo after a reasonably strong latte and a sluggish emptyish office, I'm in a bit of a philosophical mood this morning, and I randomly stumbled upon some interesting stuff. It is the notion of "mimetic desire", first coined by René Girard, a writer of anthropological philosophy. The idea is the f...243 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: Morgan Stanley03 years 3 weeks ago
0Is it possible for traders to enter into the VC space?It seems to me that the VC space doesn't have as transparent of a hiring process compared to iBanking or Consulting, as someone that's interested in investment and the tech space in general, what's the future prospect of entering the Venture Capital business for me if I start out as a bulge bracket ...23 years 3 weeks ago
0Barclays SA Application QuestionHi guys, Back in November, I applied to Barclays in one of the regional offices (Not NYC). Since then, I have got in touch with an alumni who is a VP there and have spoken to several of the analysts in NYC. They told me to apply online to NYC, but I have already submitted an application and the s...63 years 3 weeks ago
0DeletedDeleted...13 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Magellan03 years 3 weeks ago
0Whats wrong with my resume? HELP!!!!! Been in NY for 3 month, applied countless entry-level finance jobs online but never got an interview with this resume. Whats wrong with my resume? Should I keep networking/ applying or should I just start packing and go back??? Its okay crush my dream right now, at least I can save my rent... Plea...103 years 3 weeks ago
0What division of GS is this?Received an email from Goldman Sachs yesterday inviting me to an interview: Congratulations! You have been selected for an interview with the Investment Banking/corporate finance Division at Goldman Sachs on January 14, 2014 at 30 Hudson Street, 7th Floor, Jersey City, NJ. All candidates must se...23 years 3 weeks ago
+4"How do you invest your personal assets?"Here are some of the questions Sharon (my secretary) selected this week for me to answer. [quote]Mr. Fuld, How do you invest your personal assets?[/quote]It matters much less what percentage of your assets are invested in stocks/bonds/hedge funds/private equity/real estate compared to the types ...403 years 3 weeks ago
0Taking 6 months off to travel Europe - suggestions?Hi everyone, I am starting my analyst stint in ~6 months. Graduated a semester early to travel Europe, had epiphany that this would be the last time I'd have the opportunity to do something like this. I have restricted my traveling to Europe because it seemed the most cost efficient (rather than...133 years 3 weeks ago
0"Where do you see yourself in 5 years"For a BO job, should I say that I see myself working as an associate at a BB?...23 years 3 weeks ago
0asking for raise.jpg03 years 3 weeks ago
0intern v school.jpg03 years 3 weeks ago
0Which Tablet do you use?I am looking at buying a tablet pretty soon. I have always been an apple guy but I have been looking at the Galaxy since it has a stylist pen and can run two apps at the same time. What do people have and/or recommend?...33 years 3 weeks ago
0Rank Summer InternshipsAmong these, which might have the best exit opps down the road, most prestige, best culture, etc. (I realize they are in many different fields and all of that, but as someone who is completely unsure of which I will eventually want, it would be helpful to get some feel as to how each are regarded......83 years 3 weeks ago
0help for a friend In the Management SectorHello !! This discussion is for a friend of mine. She is currently working for an HR recruitment agency. She had initially decided to move on to and HR role for a Corporate, now she isn't so sure. Hence she wants to keep her options open while choosing her masters program. Any help on choosi...03 years 3 weeks ago
+1Hey folkSo, here we are. I am a belgian graduate student def looking for joining the IB industry in the coming years. The fact is, with a college framework far from yours, I have many thoughts about many issues. I am currently thinking about how to design my career start given the issues I face, and how ...13 years 3 weeks ago
0Discretionary Equity Trading Cover Letter HelpHey guys. I am trying to make it into one of the top Discretionary Equity Trading Firms in NYC if possible like First New York or Chimera. I had previously worked at Trillium Trading and so I have had experience in the field and I really enjoyed the work there for what its worth as it was engaging, ...53 years 3 weeks ago
0Do background check companies contact CFAI?hey guys just out of curiosity, does the CFAI reveal exam details to any 3rd party background check companies like First Advantage if it asks for verification? I wrote that I passed CFA lv 1 on my resume to apply for an internship at a BB, and if I get the offer, am worried if those background ch...23 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Merrill Lynch Wealth Managment03 years 3 weeks ago
0Taking Masters Degree to Break into IBDHi all, I really wish to get some precious opinions and suggestions for my dilemma right now. I am currently in my 3rd year of college in Singapore, my university is solid in terms of academic reputation, like around top 30 globally, BUT defintely no reputation at all in IB industry either...103 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Review: Merrill Lynch Wealth Managment03 years 3 weeks ago
0ps xbox.jpg03 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: Merrill Lynch Wealth Managment03 years 3 weeks ago
0resume background check for cfahey guys just out of curiosity, does the CFAI reveal exam details to any 3rd party background check companies like First Advantage if it asks for verification? I wrote that I passed CFA lv 1 on my resume to apply for an internship at a BB, and if I get the offer, am worried if those background ch...03 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Novus Partners03 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Chrysler Group LLC03 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Review: Mirae Asset03 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Morningstar03 years 3 weeks ago
0China IBD Summer Internship 2014Hey guys, I would really appreciate advice with what to expect/prepare for interviews with IBD offices in Beijing/Shanghai. Just wanted to get an idea if they look for anything specific and different (apart from Chinese as a must) from HK/Singapore offices. Thanks! ...63 years 3 weeks ago
0BAML vs. "top tier" BB ....443 years 3 weeks ago
0Anyone else traveling for the holidays?How far are you going? Plane or car? Any foreseen issues with the weather this weekend? Funny stories? horror stories? I'll be traveling about 1300 miles. I'm driving, simply because I kind of enjoy it and my schedule is flexible. Also, in my experience flying during the holidays is absolutely aw...03 years 3 weeks ago
0How do business schools view applicants from hedge funds?It seems like fewer hedge fund analysts consider going to business school. How do admissions officers view hedge fund analysts who have also completed a two year investment banking stint?...33 years 3 weeks ago
0Successful Kids of the PrivilegedWe've all heard the stories of the rich and privileged kids who squander their money and not taking life seriously. But what about those super wealthy's offsprings who work hard and attend target schools? Does this subset of people have any advantage if they would like to pursuit a career in Banki...183 years 3 weeks ago
0PWP New Fund vs GSAM FI Strategist?Hi fellow monkeys, Fortunately, I got offers from PWP Asset Management side, and also from GS Asset Management side. Perella Weinberg Partners (PWP) offers me a position to be in the small team managing a new fund in the firm. Doing quantitative research, implementing models, proposing investmen...33 years 3 weeks ago
0Private Equity in Emerging MarketsIf you were a private equity firm looking to invest in a new/emerging market, what statistics would you be most interested in? GDP growth rate, etc..? In addition, what other information would you put a priority on knowing? ...13 years 3 weeks ago
0"Workers of the (finance) world unite – and unionize"Interesting article. years 3 weeks ago
0Company Interview: JPMorgan Chase03 years 3 weeks ago
0Why is real estate sexy?I've often heard the term 'real estate is sexy' being thrown around. I can understand how many modern buildings are visually appealing (glass towers, nifty architectural designs, etc), but what's so sexy about a derelict single family house, an old multi-family building, an industrial warehouse, or ...203 years 3 weeks ago
0Resume Review (Freshman)Hey everyone, I was wondering what I should cut out from this resume - it's currently font size 9.5, I think there's way too much on it right now especially as a freshman. Also any general advice about formatting, content, what to do this summer, etc. would be greatly appreciated, thanks! Upd...53 years 3 weeks ago
0Learning ChineseHi all, Quick background. 3 years IBD at elite boutique. 2.5 year at large global PE fund of funds. Both gigs are in Hong Kong. I really want to get a sense on non-Asia based finance folks' interest in learning Chinese, just given China's increasing influence. Could you please kindly spend 3 m...103 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: Mizuho03 years 3 weeks ago
0How to break into the Finance Industry?Hi all, I'm looking for advice on how to begin in the finance industry. As an introduction, I am currently a sophomore at a top 10 US college (target) with about a 3.45 GPA (this includes a number of honors level math and econ classes, which I feel should account for it being a tad low). I was previ...33 years 3 weeks ago
0Meeting with Managing Director Over Coffee- What to expect?Hi all, I've recently joined WSO and already have come up with some questions hoping to get some advice on... I'm meeting with a Managing Director of a BB bank on Monday over coffee. I'm recently graduated with a BA in Finance and networked my way into this one. I'm unsure of what to expect when me...23 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: Nomura Holdings03 years 3 weeks ago
0How lucrative is a career on Wall Street?I'm increasingly becoming of the view that the consensus regarding Wall Street earnings is substantially over-stated. This goes for senior level bankers and PE guys, not really HF which is much more variable, disparate and dependent on a variety of factors. It seems like consensus is that as a b...93 years 3 weeks ago
0Engineer moving to MBB -- wardrobe adviceI'll be joining an MBB firm in a northeast office, in around 6 months. I've been in academia my whole life, specifically in engineering and science. Needless to say, I have to build a wardrobe from scratch. Can I get some very basic advice on what I need, and where I should purchase it from. Spec...23 years 3 weeks ago
0New User looking to break into IBHey everyone, just joined today. I've been in consumer lending for 4 years, i'm 26, BBA in Finance, starting a MFin w/ focus in Investments and Securities 01/2014. My ultimate goal is PE or hedge fund. I was thinking my best bet is looking for IB Analyst positions. The problem I seem to see is that ...23 years 3 weeks ago
0Bonus Bananas December 20, 20131) SAC's Steinberg Convicted Of Insider Trading (FIN Alternatives) - Michael Steinberg is going down for the count. The jury was out less than two days before returning a guilty verdict on all five charges, and Steinberg now faces up to 85 years in prison. 2) Facebook, Zuckerberg Plan to Sell $3...283 years 3 weeks ago
0WCPLogo90px.png03 years 3 weeks ago
0Finance opportunities in Albania?As expected, I can't seem to find anything on the any of you have any information about the finance community/industry in Albania? if there even is one? Iv come across quite a few nonAlbanian Execs for banks in Albania on Linkedin? Anything?...23 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Bank of America Merrill Lynch03 years 3 weeks ago
0What to wear when shadowing a trader?Hey guys I have a few meetings set up to shadow some traders at different banks and was wondering what is acceptable attire for this? Should I wear a suit or just go business casual like all the other people on the floor? ...83 years 3 weeks ago
0TGIF.jpg03 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Prudential03 years 3 weeks ago
0Have not received my sign-on bonus this the norm?I'm recently accepted an offer to join a firm about 2 months ago. However, I've not gotten the sign-on bonus credited to my bank account yet (the offer letter said 45 days, which has passed). Is this the norm for others in my boat (those who have accepted offers recently)? What is the etiquette i...53 years 3 weeks ago
0Boutique AM Vancouver/CalgaryI am asking for a favor, and I am not even sure whether it is possible. I just heard it is. If anyone with CapIQ could run a search for me on small (up to 10 people office) AM firms in Vancouver/Calgary I would really appreciate it. Quick background: I am hoping that CapIQ will add on to my alre...13 years 3 weeks ago
0Industry M&A reportsUsually use CapIQ to find M&A comps, what industry equity reports usually have a great deal of m&a transactions as well? Thanks...23 years 3 weeks ago
0MBB: First round vs final roundHow do MBB final rounds differ from the first rounds, and what distinguishes those candidates who make the final cut? Any interview preparation tips?...33 years 3 weeks ago
0Shirts slimmer than CT shirts?They are slim, but certainly not as slim as I'd like. Any better/slimmer alternatives? I have some Hugo Boss, which is great. But they are a bit more expensive. ...213 years 3 weeks ago
01newyears.jpg03 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Sponsors for Educational Opportunity03 years 3 weeks ago
0shoes.png03 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Review: Anheuser Busch03 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: Macquarie Capital03 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase03 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: Tricadia Capital03 years 3 weeks ago
0Leveraging AM location for IBD networkingCurrently, I work at a BB in AM and in the same building we have a few floors which house the IBD. Would it be appropriate for me to go to the IBD floors and attempt to engage bankers in conversation to network? Or would that be seen as weird/inappropriate?...23 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Susquehanna International Group03 years 3 weeks ago
+2Wolf of Wall Street SupercutThe hype machine for The Wolf of Wall Street is firing on all cylinders now. With less than two weeks to wait for its Christmas Day release, we're hearing more and more outlandish stuff about the movie. Like the Director's Cut (which they'll no doubt release despite Scorsese's protests) will run ove...173 years 3 weeks ago
+4There's gotta be a faster way to wipe my ass - seeking capital for AI-driven ass cleaning machineSup guys. Starting a new venture. Looking for a better, more streamlined way to wipe my asshole. For the next few months, I will be researching ways one can wipe his asshole quickly on the toilet. Look, I'm sick of sitting on the toilet, letting loose some huge moist lincoln log, and then wipi...203 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Review: Morgan Stanley03 years 3 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: Morgan Stanley03 years 3 weeks ago


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