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0I Think it's Time WSO went mobileIt makes things alot easier these guys need to get with the times an app maybe ? Think of how sleek and easier the site would be for the guy or girl on the go ...132 years 10 months ago
0Lev Fin? How to PrepHey guys I am really interested in Leveraged Finance as a separate area as well as the traditional banking route. In terms of interviews, are technical questions/material to be aware of any different than the typical banking material? I am just trying to get an idea of how I should prepare for a Lev...92 years 10 months ago
0Georgetown CAS vs McDonough I am going to be transferring to Georgetown as a junior transfer. I was wondering if I should apply to Mcdonough school of business or the College of arts and sciences. I am currently a history major, and would like to major in history at Gtown. However, placement at banks is enormously importa...302 years 10 months ago
0CFTC fines and bans trading firm for spoofingThis is interesting. Wonder if we'll see more: years 10 months ago
0LBO model assumptionsHas anyone done LBO model during an interview? Target co is private - how do you come up with EBITDA entry multiple? There clearly isnt enough time to do DCF and comps may not be available (dont know what they are). Would you just use an explanation such as e.g. enter=exit at 5x (company can sustain...22 years 10 months ago
0Stupidest Shit you've Done/DoPretty bored at work right now so figured I'd seek entertainment from the WSO community to help this Friday speed up. Feel free to post literally anything. 1.) Attending a Non-target......772 years 10 months ago
0Internships in Freshman YearI know this topic is discussed frequently. But the questions I'm about to pose were never answered when I did my research. A bit of background: I'm about to start college at a semi target school and I would like to work at an investment banking firm in a FO role. In order to be competitive fo...432 years 10 months ago
0jack3dmicro02 years 10 months ago
0HBS Histogram.png02 years 10 months ago
0HBS Class of 2015, Years Out of Undergrrad02 years 10 months ago
0Monkey Drunk Funny Pic.jpg02 years 10 months ago
0Lateral from Baml to Laz/GS/MS/BX Hi everyone, Currently a 1st year analyst and absolutely hate my group. I dislike the industry I am in and the people in the group are so self-centered, introverted, and uninteresting. None of the analysts talk and the morale is pretty low. The deal flow is solid but I still would like to be in e...62 years 10 months ago
0Are credit risk salaries as high as IBD??My brother just told me his friend got offered a CR analyst position at Barclays. He told my brother the pay is going to be $80k+ and they get bonuses as well. I don't fully understand how the salary can be this high, isn't credit risk a back office function? I was just very surprised to hear this. ...242 years 10 months ago
0High Yield 02 years 10 months ago
0Should I be concerned about my GMAT quant score?Just took it today(rising senior, economics and math) and scored a 61st percentile in quant and a 98th in verbal(710, 44Q, 44V). Will business schools reject me based on the quant score alone? I've done well in courses like real analysis and econometrics. I'm generally not good at testing and got th...72 years 10 months ago
0Big No-No?Hey guys I've been asked to become the advisor to the chairmen of 2 large family businesses. I've proven myself from a very young age (I started reading deeply about finance and business in general since I was 13, got my first paid IB internship when I was 17), and even earned these chairmen a co...92 years 10 months ago
0What style of architecture do you guys prefer?I prefer modern/contemporary although I am also into the "country" house style with high wooden ceilings. Discuss....152 years 10 months ago
0Lampert's Folly?Edward Lampert's credentials are impeccable - Yale Skull & Bones, Goldman Sachs risk arbitrage under Robert Rubin (Secretary of the Treasury under Clinton), and of course the billion dollar hedge fund ESL Investments that he founded. Billionaire at 41, he even talked his way out of a kidnapping ...52 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: A.T. Kearney02 years 10 months ago
0PayPal Accidentally Credits $92 QUADRILLIONWe know sometimes a bank can slip-up and add a few hundred thousand out of the blue, but what about a 3rd party service? Paypal recently accidentally credited a Pennsylvania man $92,233,720,368,547,800, according to a report by CNN. For those of us who aren't used to counting that high, that c...92 years 10 months ago
0tier2 consulting to PECurrently, I'm at a tier2 consulting firm (one of few decent firms below MBB). Is there a best strategy to break into a good PE shop? Not sure how much MBA would help if I do not get any good buy-side experience before it. ...52 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Schlumberger02 years 10 months ago
0Which is the value of the FMP program if your goal it's not make a career in GE?Is GE's FMP network valuable outside GE? Which kind of job you can aspire once you finish the FMP? Would be possible to make an MBA at Harvard, Stanford, Columbia? thank you guys! One day we will be able to train monkeys to work with Excel and we will be free! I have a dream......92 years 10 months ago
0E&Y - Financial Services Advisory (Performance Improvement)Hey guys, I searched for the information on this but couldn't find anything except this - - and a couple of videos on YouTube (Deloitte, E&Y) where employees talk only about culture and a bit about forensics aspect of the work). ...02 years 10 months ago
0Success Monkey02 years 10 months ago
0Lansing Trade GroupHey guys, interested in physical commodity trading. Came across Lansing Trade Group LLC. Been doing my own research, but am wondering if anybody here knows anything about this firm, how it operates, etc? I know its not that big of a company, would getting an internship her...62 years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: Kerburn Rose02 years 10 months ago
0lateral phone interview with GS Real Estate IBDI have a lateral phone interview with GS real estate IBD as an analyst (I am currently a first-year elsewhere). Any tips on what I can expect?...32 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Financial Technology Partners02 years 10 months ago
0Full-Time Recruiting from IBD Internship;No Transactions, Only PitchesI'm currently interning at a smaller investment bank with a small US platform and although I feel like I've learned quite a bit, all I've been able to work on so far are a few pitches. How do I position this in my resume and in an interview for full-time recruiting this coming Fall? Relevant pitchbo...12 years 10 months ago
0Superday at Goldman - IMD Corporate Controller Group (Analyst)Hey all - first time posting. Was looking for info on google and stumbled across this website. Seems to have a very knowledgeable group of people. Was wondering if anyone had any experience with these Goldman "Superdays" where they bring you in for 4-6 interviews at once and turn around a decisio...02 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Intel02 years 10 months ago
0hedge fund ama.png02 years 10 months ago
0do hedge funds day trade?i know "day trade" has amateur-like connotation, but i mean opening and closing the trades within the same day, and for strategies that are more like speculation rather than arbitrage or market making. Thanks!...42 years 10 months ago
0Venture FinanceAny insight on the sector would be greatly appreciated: - Exit opportunities? - Compensation? - Big shops? ...22 years 10 months ago
0How do you know you're a "fit" for IBHey all, still new to this site so don't shoot me I'm an undergrad at a target school, GPA ~3.7 with hard dual-major, and I'll hopefully have decent experience later on. I'm currently working a UBS pwm job, and I'm a rising sophomore so I'm hoping to get more experience later on (boutiques) befo...72 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: FactSet Research Systems Inc02 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: BlackRock02 years 10 months ago
0global banking02 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Wells Fargo and Company02 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: FactSet Research Systems Inc02 years 10 months ago
0254428_180301155358477_176890359032890_424977_5880198_n.jpg02 years 10 months ago
0Why do we have to calc fully dil shares in comps instead of just pulling them off of the 10-k p&l?I see dil shares at the bottom of 10-ks' income statements so why do we have to go thru the work of calculating fully dil shares by finding convertibles, etc? ...162 years 10 months ago
0The Sad TruthI have noticed some changes in my life since I have pursued a Wall Street career, and most of which are pretty sad and disturbing to me. I am still in undergrad, but I spend almost all of my time away from friends, and anyone else for that matter, because I am doing internships, networking and teach...692 years 10 months ago
0flotation.png02 years 10 months ago
0Possible Interview Questions for IB Analyst InternshipHi guys, I am looking into interning for an IB firm as an analyst intern and I know this is a competitive position so I want to prepare in advance. I was just wondering what kind of questions would they ask me during the interview process. Also, what kind of hypothetical situation questions would th...52 years 10 months ago
0Tax Question for FSM ModelHey guys I am currently building an FSM model and have a few questions regarding the Reported Taxes line and the Pro-forma Taxes line. Under the income statement, for 2010 taxes there is a footnote that says: *Includes $11,501 or $0.20 per diluted share income tax benefit recorded in connection ...12 years 10 months ago
0Would you date her?I have this friend that is considering dating this girl who is not very attractive (five, maybe four and a half) but highly connected. Her father is the chief executive of a not-small defense contractor. He is thinking of dating her for the long term in order to help accelerate his career ambitions ...322 years 10 months ago
0pb.jpg02 years 10 months ago
0Put GRE general test score on resume or not?Hi All: I just finished my second year of bachelor, wanna apply for a FO summer analyst internship hopefully in any of the BBs in APAC. I am preparing GRE general test recently. If fortunately I get a good result in GRE, should I put it on my resume for the application of next year's internship or ...22 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Quayle Munro02 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Deloitte02 years 10 months ago
0Non-target graduate, please critique resumeI graduated 2012 from a non-target with a degree not normally seen in consulting. I want to get into business consulting or IT consulting. Could you please critique my resume and let me know what I should change? Also, should I include an "interest" area? My interest to apply for that specific po...72 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Deloitte02 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Northern Trust02 years 10 months ago
0WSO.PNG02 years 10 months ago
0Company Review: Northern Trust02 years 10 months ago
0Company Review: Canaccord Financial02 years 10 months ago
0can you wear red suspenders to black tie?i'm 18 and just thinking about wearing my red suspenders to my cousin's wedding...52 years 10 months ago
0Calcing dil shares: strike price vs grant price vs exercise priceWhat's the difference? I'm trying to understand the difference so that I can properly calc fully dil shares....32 years 10 months ago
0Would any of you consider working internationally?I feel like working internationally is something everyone should experience, but that is just me. Pre-MBA I worked in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, and Bulgaria. I am considering going international again, working in Kansas city is great and all, the lifestyle is awesome, but I want to work i...162 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Ernst & Young LLP02 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Allegiance Capital Corporation02 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Boston Consulting Group02 years 10 months ago
0Marriage anyone?...62 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Credit Suisse02 years 10 months ago
0negotiation-3.jpg02 years 10 months ago
0Networking at Target SchoolsI always see posts that say things like "If you go to a non-target, then you need to network to have a chance," but I never see mention to networking at target schools. Whenever I talk to someone from a non-target, they just dismiss my concerns because they just "know I'll make it." But I don't. ...22 years 10 months ago
0[QUESTIONS] Looking for advice - How to change for new career?Not sure where to begin, nor sure if this is the right place to ask. I'll keep it as short and sweet as I possibly can. My situation: 1) I've been in residential finance for 7+ years up until the housing market crash. I could not recover from it, and wanted to do something new. 2) Having a...02 years 10 months ago
0O'Reilly Factor Logo02 years 10 months ago
0Gmail Tricks.jpeg02 years 10 months ago
0GE FMP Drug ScreensHello, Does anyone know the type of pre-employment drug screen that GE administers? Is ts a hair or a urine analysis? When during the recruiting process is this test administered? Thank you your input is appreciated!...62 years 10 months ago
0Basic QuestionI know this is something I should know but I’m a freshman so please bear with me. I am not a HF expert by any means but I’m trying to learn and I didn’t find my answers in my searches. This is a question about a Skybridge Capital type of firm. From what I understand they are a seeding and ...22 years 10 months ago
0No offer from 2 MBB internship interviews, how to recover?Hey WSO, I'm a rising senior at a non-target school majoring in Finance. I interviewed with Bain and BCG (Bain was 1 round and BCG was 2, didn't make it past the 1st for BCG) and wasn't extended an offer for their summer internship programs. Thankfully, I still have full-time recruitment coming...82 years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: Blackstone Group02 years 10 months ago
0ER vs FICCI'm an incoming junior at a non-target state school. I am an Econ and Stats major, and I would like to do research for a BB after I graduate. I know ER and FICC are different fields, but with respect to personalities are they really that different? Is there any kind of person who would qualify for ...62 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Credit Suisse02 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Deloitte02 years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: Deloitte02 years 10 months ago
+1Ayn, Airplanes, and the Profit MotiveI promise that those of you who love Ayn Rand are going to like this one. Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand’s magnum opus, was published at the height of the American Soviet conflict- a conflict stemming from the two country’s vastly different outlooks: one characterized by strict regulation of the e...332 years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: Jane Street Capital02 years 10 months ago
0result02 years 10 months ago
0target school.png02 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: UBS AG02 years 10 months ago
0Company Review: RBC Wealth Management02 years 10 months ago
0Company Review: Alvarez & Marsal02 years 10 months ago
+1Work Towards Your Vision Hey so I just got out of a meeting to catch up with my mentor from my previous internship who basically got me my current "unpaid" IBD internship in NYC. He has a strong background and was very insightful with his advice. I thought this can pertain to a number of users on WSO just like myself who is...12 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Limited Brands02 years 10 months ago
0[deleted][deleted]...12 years 10 months ago
0Need Help for an Internship!Hey guys, I was cold emailing an alum at a boutique to ask for an internship. He replied back and said they are not hiring. I want to email him back and said I want to work for free if that make any differences. Do you guys think this is a good idea? And if yes, how can I position the em...62 years 10 months ago
0Blue Fire CapitalAnyone know about blue fire capital? They're a fairly new prop trading firm in Chicago. Not much info about them online, although they do have a website. If you guys want to pm me instead, that's fine as well. Thanks. ...72 years 10 months ago
0Advice - Interviewing while holding offerJust need a bit of advice about the situation i'm currently in. I've signed an offer for a BO fund accounting/asset pricing role at a BB in a second city location. Going through background checks at the moment and have a start date etc. Although not exactly what i wanted to do, i really believ...102 years 10 months ago
+1SEC Files to Ban Cohen for LifeAmidst the brouhaha of the insider trading investigation, the SEC filed an action on Friday seeking a lifetime ban against SAC Capital founder Steve Cohen. If successful, Cohen would never be allowed to touch investor funds again. In a somewhat ironic twist, the basis of the SEC action is Cohen's "f...132 years 10 months ago
0Need advice on credit risk analyst internship interview.Hi guys. After applying to a few positions. I finally managed a reply from Newedge group about a credit risk analyst internship. I think I will just be speaking to recruitment first. Does anyone know roughly what sort of questions they will ask? To be honest my knowledge on credit risk is very littl...02 years 10 months ago
0need urgent advice on making transitionHi all, This is very personal post which I have to think about and make decision within 24 hours (asap). I am a recent graduate and started full-time in finance division at one of bulge brackets (GS/JPM/MS). It's a rotational program for two years. Although I wanted to break into IBD, prefer...62 years 10 months ago
0Global sports industry investment bankingHi guys, I am currently trying to assemble an investment overview which describes a professional sport club. Is there someone who has some template or old work that can pass me via PM? I am currently relying on a recent job from a major boutique but I'd like to have a view on something else. Bt...32 years 10 months ago
0CFA.png02 years 10 months ago
+1Characters from 'The Wire'... On Wall Street Gentlemen, like many of you, I am a big fan of the HBO program 'The Wire.' It is an entertaining, thought-provoking, and engaging show. Overall amazing; if you don't like 'The Wire' please feel free to go f*ck yourselves and go back to watching "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo," this post isn't for you. I...112 years 10 months ago
0Wells Fargo IBD interview questionsHello everyone, I am new to this blog but am wondering if anybody has experience interviewing for an analyst position at Wells Fargo's IBD. Also if anybody could give any info on the culture/hours/people there that would also be great in comparison to a bulge bracket bank like GS/JPM. Thanks...42 years 10 months ago
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