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0Company Compensation: Provident Funding03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Investcorp Investment Advisers03 years 1 month ago
0Research platform selectionI've been asked to screen the available research platforms and make a recommendation. FactSet Capital IQ Thomson ONE Bloomberg I'm lining up presentations from each in a week or so, but I was hoping to get some impressions of each from the community here. The use is primarily research from ...03 years 1 month ago
0if-you-cant-afford-a-bloomberg-terminal-then-build-one-yourself.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0ShockBlast_Tokyo-subway-at-rush-hour-0101.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: KPMG03 years 1 month ago
0Private Market Funds Valuations group/ Private Markets Fund Financial Reporting group-PE internshipSo before I get blasted, let me start off by saying I am currently pursuing my MBA in fianace and I have been given the opportunity to intern at a PE firm within the private markets valuations group and private markets fund financial reporting group. I am currently serving in the US Navy and have...03 years 1 month ago
0BARCLAYS VS. GS INTERNSHIP...HELP!!Hi, I recently accepted an internship offer to work at Goldman as a spring analyst in Financial Controllers. The spring program is a feeder into the Summer program which obviously could lead to a full time. However Barclays just offered me a position in Operations for the summer. The pay is be...83 years 1 month ago
0Saying you work on Wall Street?Weird question I know, but do those who don't work in NYC still say they work on Wall Street? i.e do Chicago bankers say they work on wall street? Wall street in my mind just represents the investment banking industry more than it does a location....83 years 1 month ago
+1I-Banking deals in the US 2013Hello all, There was a total of 13 ibanking US deals last year in real estate. Here's the list in case some of you don't have access. If you want a true ibanking experience, this list of firms is a good start. If you want to get the actual deals, PM me. It's giving me a hard time to copy/pa...03 years 1 month ago
0What podcast/radio do you get your news from?I am trying to get something on my iphone or laptop to listen during lunch. Any recommendations?...43 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Charles Schwab03 years 1 month ago
0What does being "on hold" mean?Had a second round interview yesterday and got a call this morning saying "they are really interested in you and want to keep you on hold as they meet with others." Does that mean that I'm waitlisted or was that an informal offer?...73 years 1 month ago
0commuting_indian-commuter-train.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase03 years 1 month ago
023 and ready to learnHey everyone, Been going around forums trying to learn the ropes of the financial industry. Went through a few topics and saw some interesting conversations going on that I thought I could benefit from and potentially input some of my own thoughts and ideas. Just wanted to introduce myself an...23 years 1 month ago
0Wells Fargo Energy IBD HoustonConsidering moving from a BB to Wells Fargo's Energy team. Can anyone comment on the group, where they stand in the Houston pecking order and future prospects? ...123 years 1 month ago
0Corporate Finance B-School Placement?Calling all corporate finance peeps. Now that I am thinking about business school, I wanted to see what realistic chances are corporate finance dudes really have at a top b-school. Here's a quick profile: - 27 years old time of matriculating (2015) - 5 years experience (startup, corp finance (t...93 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Credit Suisse03 years 1 month ago
0F500 Stock OptionsDoes anyone who works in F500 get stock options (or work for a company that provides stock options but you're not at a high enough level to receive them yet)? If so, can you answer the following... 1. At what level (e.g. Sr. Analyst, Manager, Director, etc.) do you start to get options? 2. Di...73 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Towers Watson03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: JPMorgan Chase03 years 1 month ago
0How much power would a VP have in pushing an off-season internship? (BB)Obviously for S&T. I have a friend at the VP level that's willing to help push my resume through for a internship (I'm still in school). Just curious about my chances of getting a interview on an off-season term. Also want to note that I do have prior internship experiences in related positions. ...23 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: JPMorgan Chase03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: KPMG03 years 1 month ago
0PWP London Summer 2014Hi All, I was wondering if anyone had heard back yet from Perella Weinberg for their summer '14? Or is anyone familiar with their timeframe, i.e. when do they usually start sending interview offers? I am focusing on the London office but any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. ...43 years 1 month ago
0Podcast Recommendations?Hey Guys- What finance-related podcasts do listen to? I've searched the forums, and found some recommendations here: and here: ...but I would like to learn what other people besides thos...53 years 1 month ago
0Good IB podcasts?Can anyone recommend a good IB podcast? I tried the one from WSJ but 90% of the times they talk about BS. Like yesterday they talked about organic grass treatment??? WtF?? I don't think Dealbook or FT Alphaville have one. Or am I wrong? I couldn't find one... I'm just looking for something that woul...33 years 1 month ago
0Is it Time to Short America?I've got two midterms on Monday that I've waited until the last minute to study for, so that obviously means I need to go off on a tangent. The more time I spend going to school and/or reading about current events, the more I get the impression that America and Wall Street is never going to retur...213 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: FMV Capital Markets03 years 1 month ago
0NYC banking salary --- where does it all go?A reasonable breakdown for a thrifty analyst during a good year: $125,000 All-in compensation -46,033 Taxes (29.7% federal/state/city, 6.2% social security, 1.45% Medicare) -19,800 Rent ($1,500 per month) and utilities ($150 per month) -6,000 Food ($500 per month) -6,000 Entertainment ($500...373 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: McColl Partners03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: KPMG03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Deutsche Bank03 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: KPMG03 years 1 month ago
0Bloomberg's Top HF RankingsInteresting to see Paulson's Opportunity fund performing so well. Link to the rankings: Here is a link to the story: years 1 month ago
0/solved/solved...53 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Palantir Technologies03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Palantir Technologies03 years 1 month ago
0Best Groups at MSI know MS M&A is obviously the best one. But in terms of prestige, deal flow, and exit opps, which groups at MS are killing it (Tech,CRG,etc)? What is the street saying now-a-days?...103 years 1 month ago
0sell side 15.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0Copa Beach_1.png03 years 1 month ago
0redhead goth chick whoa03 years 1 month ago
0Do BB's keep track of those who have done floor visits for superdays?Was just wondering if BB's kept internal records for recruiting of those who have done desk visits. I visited the floor of one of the BB's and got to sit with 7-8 people for 20-30 minutes each as an unofficial first round. Now I have a superday coming up and was wondering if this would have any eff...23 years 1 month ago
0Need opinions on dropping second major!Hi all, Wanted to get everyone's opinion on this. I have two business majors; one of them has a few classes remaining this semester. I have an offer from a great consulting firm already. I'm debating dropping the second business major as the classes will not be related to the work, the classes ar...33 years 1 month ago
0cfa test.jpeg03 years 1 month ago
015.jpeg03 years 1 month ago
0Internal Sales Associate - CAInternal Sales Associate - CA The Internal Sales Associate is responsible for promoting investment Management Strategies to financial advisors, institutional clients and consultants. He/she will be assisting the sales directors in territory management and will also be qualifying prospects. We anti...03 years 1 month ago
0Is Modeling necessary for PE job?Hi, I am currently working as a Credit Risk Analyst for a financial firm but willing to switch career towards PE. Don't have an MBA but working on getting one as well. Now I wanted to know is Financial Modeling absolutely necessary to get a job in PE? I mean consider it a post MBA PE job, maybe an a...73 years 1 month ago
0Do you apply these 48 laws of power listed in your life, if yes, which ones? Has it really been useful ...153 years 1 month ago
0PE Follow UpHey, I had received an interview with a PE firm back around Dec. 18th that I thought went pretty well. I spoke with 3 people for about an hour and a half. They told me it was really early in the interview process and that they haven't really interviewed anyone else yet. They were not even sure wh...13 years 1 month ago
0Institutional Equity Trade ProcessWhat is the trade process on equities desk at a large institution from start to finish? I come from the buyside and I know its not the same...23 years 1 month ago
0Industry SpecialisationHey all. Imminently starting a job as a strategy analyst. I'm interested in hearing about what industry specialisations you're all keen to pursue and why. There are just so many, and being from a humanities background, I'm a little overwhelmed! I imagine I'll be exposed to at least a few differen...33 years 1 month ago
0Compare/Contrast: GS and JPM Fixed Income TradingI'm interested in trading/structuring within fixed income, my top choice would probably be credit derivatives from what I've learned so far. I recently received an offer from JP Morgan Sales and Trading, and am waiting to hear back from Goldman Sachs Securities. How would you compare the reputation/...23 years 1 month ago
0The Elusive Hawaiian MonkeyFor this week's blog post, I'd like to see if there are any other monkeys out here in the Hawaiian islands. If there's enough response, I'll be putting together a meet up sometime in the following weeks. I expect this post will bring a lot of hate along the lines of "You work in Hawaii, you suck"...263 years 1 month ago
0How to attract depositors from foreign countries?Hi guys, I work in a bank in Mongolia and one of my responsibilities is to attract deposits. I want to attract clients from outside of Mongolia but dont know how to do it. Are there any tips where or how I can contact potential clients? Or where I should look for? etc.. One of the advantages of Mong...43 years 1 month ago
0Any good books/ articles for basics of institutional equity trading at a broker-dealer?I work in Operations at a small broker-dealer and asked one of the traders if I could sit with him in my free time to learn the desk. Luckily he said yes. Are there any good books or articles on the basics of institutional equity trading at a broker-dealer? Learning the basics of the order/ executio...03 years 1 month ago
0BB Offer Help!Hey I have a couple of offers that I need help deciding be between. They are all NY SA positions that will be in coverage groups. I have offers from Citi, Barclays, DB, and CS. I have an upcoming superday with BAML too. So if you guys could chime in a little that be great! Thanks!...23 years 1 month ago
0Creating your own brainteasers.Several months ago, I was browsing through Barnes and Noble (cause really, who buys things from there?), and I noticed "Are you Smart Enough to Work at Google". I'm sure you guys have probably heard of the different brain teasers/interview questions, but it was fun to thumb through and read some of...33 years 1 month ago
01 Month Intern Positions?Hi guys, I've been reading on the site for a while, and this is my first post. Im currently a sophmore, and have secured an internship this summer for July and August. I am hoping to find something for 1 month in June, and I have a few questions for you guys out there who have been through the...43 years 1 month ago
0Swartz.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Deloitte03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Aubay03 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: L'Equipe03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: L'Equipe03 years 1 month ago
085477732_o.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Banque Populaire Caisses d'Epargne03 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: Nomura Holdings03 years 1 month ago
+1Tell me about Yale SOM I'm very intrigued by Yale SOM and would like to hear people's thoughts on this. From what I've gathered, the following are the pros and cons of yale som. Please no trolling-serious responses only. Pros 1. Dean Snyder has done an amazing job of reviving the school. 2. The new building opening...483 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Imperial Capital03 years 1 month ago
0Should Pension Funds invest in Private Equity?Quick excerpt from an article I found: "US job growth is a meager 74000 in December" We all know the fed will continue to taper and keep interest rates low until unemployment reaches below 6.5% or so they say. I believe if the U.S. government and pension funds as a whole fixed a few loopholes, we c...53 years 1 month ago
0Entry Level Hedge funds sales salaryHow much does an Entry Level Hedge Funds Sales individual make on a yearly basis? Sorry I'm a noob. Salary in NYC VS Dallas? Thanks! ...43 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: UBS AG03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: UBS Pricate Wealth Management03 years 1 month ago
0deposit.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0Capital IQ reportHi! I am a student at the University of Padua, I was wondering if any of you have access to capital IQ I am doing a case analysis on EGPW and I would really need some report from Capital IQ. Can someone help me? thanks in advance Antonio PS my mail is antonymoro at years 1 month ago
0monkey buisness03 years 1 month ago
0First New York - Any Updates?Anyone have an updates on First New York? Are they hiring? ...13 years 1 month ago
0Where to start reading about Value investing?I have seen a few videos about value investing but not read a textbook or anything formal and wanted to know where to start....83 years 1 month ago
0New CEO From Different IndustryDoing work on a company that recently brought in a CEO from a completely different industry to lead it through a restructuring. Granted, the new CEO has led successful turnarounds, but only of companies in the industry he/she has had decades of experience in. I'm trying to get a read on if this i...13 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Morgan Stanley03 years 1 month ago
0wealth mgt.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0Two Sigma interviewHaving a upcoming interview with two sigma quant research position, first round. Has anyone interviewed with two sigma recently? Any suggestions of how to prepare would be greatly appreciated, thanks!...13 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: UBS Pricate Wealth Management03 years 1 month ago
0gs.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0Where do the post-MBA PE associates end up eventually?After the IB -> PE -> -> B-School -> PE path, most post-MBA associates do not make it to the VP. So, where do the post-MBA PE associates end up eventually? Does anyone have the estimates in terms of the percentage breakdown?...93 years 1 month ago
0Networking With a IB JobCurious how any of you fellow monkeys managed to expanded the network will working in IB. I find it very difficult to step away from the desk to grab coffee or step out around 6 pm for a beer without getting looks and comments from other analysts and associates. Should I just let it go and focus on...13 years 1 month ago
0bakery.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0westhill.JPG03 years 1 month ago
0Westhill & Elrick ConsultingWesthill and Elrick Community Welcome to the new Westhill and Elrick Community website. This site has been established by Westhill & Elrick Community Council (W&ECC) to bring together and promote the diverse range of community groups active in the area. It is hoped that as the website progress...03 years 1 month ago
0Best SA Recruiting start date for boutique IBs?Now before people start telling me "start ASAP", based on personal experience many of the boutiques right now (January) seem to be looking for part-time interns and not SAs. Remember, these are boutiques without structured recruiting schedules. Usually when is the best time to start reaching out...13 years 1 month ago
0which offer would you guys takeLincoln International vs Citi vs Guggenheim vs UBS vs PWP vs Moelis-all are in NYC except Moelis which is in london...183 years 1 month ago
0What is the most important issue that needs to be dealt with in America? Discuss. I think that the most important issue facing America is the lack of identity. Because of the lack of identity America has gone down the tubes with our government going in all different directions. We try to be the world police and help all the poor while still trying to have an open and...313 years 1 month ago
+2Personal Investing: 4 Reasons Why 3 Funds Are All You NeedI’d guess that many of the monkeys here were attracted to finance initially because of an interest in stock investing. Maybe you received some shares as a gift when you were young, or you wanted to become the next Warren Buffet, or you just enjoyed the challenge and potential rewards that come wit...143 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Deutsche Bank03 years 1 month ago
0If you had 50 million to invest....right now, what would you invest it in?...303 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: Stifel Nicolaus and Company, Inc03 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: Lenox Advisors03 years 1 month ago
0Book travel immediately, cancel if necessary?When you find out about superdays a few weeks out, do you book the flights immediately and not feel bad if you cancel later? For example, say you have superday with top choice one week, and then last choice 2 weeks later. Do you book the last choice travel now or wait and see if you get offer at fir...73 years 1 month ago


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