Will Saudi Arabia Allow the U.S. Oil Boom? Technology, technology, and more technology—this is what has driven the American oil and gas boom starting in the Bakken and now being played out in the Gulf of Mexico revival, and new advances are coming online constantly. It’s enough to rival the Saudis, if the Kingdom allows it to happen. Alo... 11 year 9 months ago
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Fantastic Reactions to the Red WeddingWe have a lot of Game of Thrones fans on WSO (well, at least until last Sunday's episode), so I know you guys will appreciate some of the hilarious reactions to the Red Wedding that Mashable was good enough to compile. First, let's start with the angriest reactions. There is no doubt that George R.R... 701 year 9 months ago
Re-Interviewing with same PE FirmDoes anyone know if PE firms are often willing to do this? I interviewed with a fund that I really liked this past year (currently a second year analyst). All the feedback I got throughout the process was positive, but I was told it essentially came down to a coin toss and the other guy got it. I re... 81 year 9 months ago
Corp Dev Modeling Best PracticesTaking my first crack at doing a model from the inside, and I've already been tasked with coming up with the best practices for my finance department. Any general rec's from someone who has been doing this for a while (especially compared to a buy/sell-side background)? Specifically, how would yo... 121 year 9 months ago
WSO's thoughts on this internship alternativeHello, long time lurker here. I came across this program: It's basically a 4-week "bootcamp" that is advertised as being "an internship on steroids" where you learn in the classroom as well getting real world experience. Conside... 51 year 9 months ago
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Consulting Case InterviewWill be going through the full-time recruiting season in a couple months and I'm looking to prepare as much as I can during the summer. So far I have been mocking everyday with a friend but for some reason I don't necessarily feel like I'm getting any better at it. I've also read Case in Point and V... 01 year 9 months ago
Latest Offering from Dollar Shave Club Is...EwwwwGet ready to laugh your ass off. If you thought the original video for was funny, you ain't seen nothing yet. I honestly thought the concept would never take off, but it did. So now the company is venturing into another area of your bathroom -- the crapper. Are you still using to... 181 year 9 months ago
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How to be a star?Just started a F500 FLDP internship last week. I'm a rising junior and want to go into IBD next summer. After finishing up with orientation, I realize that most kids, if not all kids have 1)top GPA 2)Very good EC 3)good interpersonal/communication skills. Evereyone seems smart and capable. I ... 51 year 9 months ago
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Which one of the old banks would you have liked to work for?So, I just finished doing work and I am about to go to sleep. Before I do, I decided to post this hypothetical thread... The year is 1976 and you have offers to join many of the big tme investment banks at the time. Who would you join and why? I would work for Dillon Read. From what I have re... 331 year 9 months ago
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What level banker can help you get an internship?Searched the forums and couldn't find anything on this. If you're trying to network your way into an internship or just trying to learn more about the industry, what level banker is it good to network with? What level banker's word has enough clout to help you get an internship?... 181 year 9 months ago
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Research a Good Place to Start a Career in CREI have a possible Research Analyst position lined up in a major city for the likes of C&W, CBRE, JLL, Colliers. I was wondering whether this is a good place to start my career to potentially end up in acquisitions. Is a smaller development/investment firm a better bet even without a brand name? W... 51 year 9 months ago
PE Real Estate InterviewI have an interview coming up next week with a private equity real estate firm and I barely have any knowledge of real estate. This is a very entry level position so they might not be expecting me to know much, but nevertheless I want to be prepared because I need to get this internship. Can a... 141 year 9 months ago
been told of opening in a group - too forward to send email/linkedin to random person in the group?One of my contacts has told me that a certain group is hiring, but he does not know anyone in that group personally. I found people on linkedin who say they work in that group. Would it be too direct to send that person a linkedin message with my resume expressing my interest in the position, or atl... 11 year 9 months ago
Is fundamental analysis better than technical?Feel free to call me out if I'm misinformed, but it seems that most of the more successful investors/traders are fundamental analysis type people? which one has been proven over time to generate more money, the trader or the investor?... 151 year 9 months ago
middle office interview at fixed income fundHi guys, I'm doing a second round interview for a middle office position and I was just wondering what sort of questions to expect? The first round was all fit, but this second round will be a 2 on 1 (a portfolio manager + firm CFO will be interviewing me) what can I expect?... 11 year 9 months ago
Think it's too late for a PWM internship?I just finished my freshman year at a semi-target liberal arts college with a 3.88 gpa and decent ECs. Anyone have any advice on how I could manage to get a PWM internship this late? I haven't really networked much, and I'm assuming if I started now, I wouldn't really get anywhere in terms of gettin... 141 year 9 months ago
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Equity research careers in futureHi, since the financial sector has become less profitable due to more regulation in recent years, where do you see the future of ER? I mean, ER is not directly generating revenue. on the other hand, good ER is necessary to get in commission and underwriting fees. but do you think there will be many ... 101 year 9 months ago
Drug test not mentioned in contract UBS, still possible to have one?My friend is wondering if he will have a drug test on his start date with UBS. He already had an education and criminal background check months ago and nothing was mentioned in the offer letter or emails. Should he be worried?... 61 year 9 months ago
GPA: 3.7 with a 'W' or a 3.55 without one?Hey guys, So I'm considering dropping a class that has the potential to mess up my GPA pretty bad. [It's an advanced physics course not even required for my major btw.] Should I drop it and keep my GPA decent, i.e somewhere between. 3.65 and 3.75 or keep it, avoid the 'W', and end up with a 3.55-... 191 year 9 months ago
**Help needed** Bankers please look and advise on this. Just want to to answers to these. Once deal is announced with the certain transaction amount, I know that company still conducts due diligence before adjusting final terms with the sellers. 1) In this process, bankers sometimes keep doing valuations and change transaction purchase amount (af... 51 year 9 months ago
Attending networking events at other banks while doing a summer internshipI'm going to do a summer internship at a BB, and I'm wondering how appropriate it would be to attend networking events at other banks? Doing an internship does not guarantee an FT offer, so looking around wouldn't be wrong, would it? Or is it against the policy of banks for interns to attend events ... 31 year 9 months ago
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Operations Interview at Top PE FirmHi everyone, I just got an BO/MO internship interview at top PE firm (BX,KKR,SIlverlake). I had few IB/AM interviews before but this is my first time interviewing for MO/BO role. I would really appreciate it if you could tell me what kind of questions I should expect, and what are different factor... 01 year 9 months ago
Banking and Finance ConferencesHas anyone attended any sort of banking conference and made significant connections there? I am debating whether attending these sort of conferences is worth the typical $100-250 registration fee plus hotel/airfare. (i dont live anywhere near NYC, which is where I would like to make connections) ... 01 year 9 months ago
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Did you choose finance because you actually like it?Or did you go into the industry to pay off college debt quickly, get a fat pay check, live in NYC and think you were going to become a millionaire. And for the college students: Did your parents make you choose the finance major, or did you actually want to study it because you enjoy it. (or are... 861 year 9 months ago
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MO at BB to FOI have an Masters degree from a top IVY league college and am currently interning at a BB in a MO role. What are my chances of jumping to a FO position for full time ? ... 21 year 9 months ago
Licensing requirement questionDo I need to take any exam or have any license to trade futures (my own money) under an LLC? Basically, can I create a fund that is 100% funded by my own personal funds. No advising, no soliciting, no funds from other parties.... 41 year 9 months ago
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How to Have Coffee with Elon MuskI will be relocating to Santa Clara for grad school and was wondering how someone like myself would be able to meet Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla (founder of Paypal and Space X too). He is someone who has the ambition, vision, leadership, guts, intelligence to make a biig impact on this earth. The real To... 121 year 9 months ago
Received Verbal Offer but waiting on offcial packageLast Friday I was contacted by the HR recruiter offering me the job I had interviewed the week before. He told me the salary and that he was waiting on the Group Head to sign-off which should be done by EOD Monday. Its Wednesday now and I have not heard back from the HR rep. Should I be worried that... 31 year 9 months ago
WSO Conference 2013: Reason #24 To Join UsThere are 24 days remaining until the conference (June 29th) and each day we'll be listing off another reason for why you purchase a ticket (if you haven't already). Reason #24: The WSO Conference Afterparty (21+) - Join us at SideBAR (120 E 15th St) in their back event-room shortly after the co... 31 year 9 months ago
Interviewing at the Same CompanyChimps, Has anyone applied to different positions in the same company and contacted for an interview to both? I am really far along the process for a Corp. Finance role, and then just got an email for an interview in a similar role in a different location (headquarters). Anyone have any experienc... 01 year 9 months ago
The Perfect Watch for Birthday PresentHi guys, Looking to get some advice. I'm looking to find a watch for my birthday. Want to wear it for a long time so want something with a bit of a classic/timeless look. Preferably leather strap, 40+mm look. My budget right now is $3k but could put in a few hundred dollars more. This is quit... 151 year 9 months ago
Appropriate suits for consultants?I'm trying to decide between three different coloured suits. I currently only have a charcoal one and I'd like to expand the collection to three (over the course of a few months) but I'm wondering which one would be the next safest option to choose for the time being. Pics: Gray Navy Sharkskin... 201 year 9 months ago
Tall guys- where do you buy your pants for work?website, preferably...6'4 and athletic build, so i usually buy 34x36 (larger legs). any go-tos for you guys?... 41 year 9 months ago
Full-Time: Big 4 Advisory vs. MM IB Analyst vs. BB OperationsHi Everyone, I'm exploring several full-time opportunities at the moment. I would like to get everyone's opinion about which opportunity would provide the best experience for an entry-level employee. 1) Big 4 Advisory: Very broad exposure to valuations, finance, accounting and regulatory compl... 111 year 9 months ago
Computer Science to Investment BankingHey everyone, I'm a computer science major at a target and am going into sophomore year. I've decided I want to do investment banking, and ultimately go to a hedge fund. I was wondering what kind of internship I should go for my sophomore year. I know that IBD SA positions are mainly for juniors,... 51 year 9 months ago
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Got a job in buyside research at a 20B firm via a cold linkedin messageHi All, I often see searches from college kids/career switchers about networking and if cold emailing is worth it etc. It seems plenty of people don't know how to/think its a waste of time, but I just wanted to share my story that can show the power of cold emails/messages. While I didn't en... 101 year 9 months ago
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5th Year Summer Analyst Recruiting or Big 4 Valuations?I have an offer from a Big 4 valuation group. However I really want to do IB. I am about to complete my 5th year in a masters in accounting program and am thinking about turning down the Big 4 offer in order to recruit for a SA spot. I was never able to recruit with investment banks since I was b... 61 year 9 months ago
Is it normal to feel things will never get better in Finance?Is this a feeling at every downturn/recession, or more this time? Everyone I speak to in my network from people at HF to banks are telling me things like: dont come into this industry, go do what you love, you'll never get a good opportunity here unless ur ridiculously lucky, you can't make money ea... 141 year 9 months ago
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Research Associate at Long Only Mutual Fund?Hey Guys, Subject says it all, between these two opportunities with the hope of being a hedge fund PM one day, what are your thoughts? Thanks. ... 11 year 9 months ago
Can anyone with Mutual Fund experience/knowledge offer insight?Hey all, I know I'm posting in IB, but it's dead on the other boards. Can anyone with long-only/mutual fund experience talk a bit about the experience and long terms options of working within research for this platform? I don't like the vanilla approach, or the low pay at entry level (80k a... 21 year 9 months ago
Big 4 Recent Grad --> InvestmentsI'm new to this site so I appologize if this has been asked a million times, I graduated with an accounting degree this May and I'm currently an intern at a Big 4 doing consulting and am pretty certain I will be leaving with a nice offer at the end but I've learned this summer that it's not what ... 11 year 9 months ago
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LinkedIn SummaryHow would I go about writing my summary? Any investment banking specific examples?... 101 year 9 months ago
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What to say to an MD at a 16B hedge fund when you're from a non-target?Hey Guys, So I have a call set up with a "Managing Director" from a 16B hedge fund (think SAC variety), which I got set up through a family friend who knows the owner of the fund. The family friend forwarded my resume to the owner who forwarded to the PM, and he just emailed saying he got my resu... 391 year 9 months ago