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0Company Compensation: Piper Jaffray03 years 4 days ago
0$T2eC16VHJGoE9nuQfepFBQs!rH7(,!~~60_35.JPG03 years 4 days ago
0Looking for SF roommateLooking for roommate to join 3BR/2BA apt in SF asap. Please message if interested...33 years 4 days ago
0Anyone up for Skype or phone case practice?Hi all - I'm currently a full time professional looking to lateral to a consulting gig and will need help and practice with cases. Anyone available to practice with me? I'm in the bay area and would be available my time 8pm until midnight or 6am until 9am on weekdays and all day weekends. Please ...43 years 4 days ago
0Company Interview: Cambridge Associates03 years 4 days ago
0Company Compensation: Credit Suisse03 years 4 days ago
0Company Compensation: Amgen03 years 4 days ago
0What to wear for a Desk VisitIn the next couple weeks I am going to be visiting a couple different equity s&t desks and was wondering what should I wear to these? I was thinking a suit with a tie in my back pocket just in-case I need it. Has anyone done this or have recommendations?...73 years 4 days ago
0How do people move from one firm to another?I'm wondering about how people in this industry move from one job to another. Most trading firms have you sign non-compete clauses. Suppose you work at the firm as a software engineer or any discipline that does not directly involve trading and you got a job opportunity at another firm. Will trading...53 years 4 days ago
0Great Interview Questions to Reveal Quality Applicants Afternoon everyone, I have been given the go ahead to hire an intern at the HF I work for. This will be my first time on the hiring side of the process so I wanted to reach out to the community and generally ask those of you who have interviewed prospective interns what tactics, questions, fo...283 years 5 days ago
0Grad school +work Hi guys. I came across an interesting program. An international business MA program. THe program is not in the US. According to the site, there are classes 3 times a week, and they are evening classes. They help you secure an internship/work arrangements. The tuition isn't much at all. Would this be...103 years 5 days ago
0Company Compensation: Rothschild03 years 5 days ago
0Does Location matter?I'm a sophomore at a non target looking to transition into IB. Does the location of a PWM internship location matter even if it is at a BB? If this has already been discussed, point me in the right direction....23 years 5 days ago
0dcec7afd74e168fffbd45c886eceda6a.jpg03 years 5 days ago
0Company Interview: Morgan Stanley03 years 5 days ago
0Company Interview: Arma Partners03 years 5 days ago
0Transmarket Group Trading Interview First RoundI have a first round phone interview with Transmarket group in Chicago. What type of questions do they usually ask on phone? Any specific Brain Teasers they ask? Thanks ...13 years 5 days ago
0Company Compensation: Societe Generale03 years 5 days ago
0Oliver Wyman vs. Accenture - Summer InternshipHi All, Looking for some insight in choosing between Oliver Wyman and Accenture for a summer role in Toronto. Which would you pick and why? Are there any major advantages to choosing either at this point?...93 years 5 days ago
0Sector-specific fundamental parameters when screening for equities?Good Morning all, Does anyone have a good resource/book/webpage that breaks down in a list sector-specific parameters to look for in terms of fundamental analysis when screening for stocks? For instance for retailers; a measure frequently cited is "Sales Per Square Foot". And for banks ROE is ...23 years 5 days ago
0Company Interview: LEK Consulting03 years 5 days ago
0Company Interview: Boston Consulting Group03 years 5 days ago
0Beats Worth Over $1 BillionWow. Remember all the hate Beats by Dre got on WSO when they first came out? Only an idiot would pay that for headphones. There's no way they're going to sell any at that price. They probably don't even sound that great. Well, guess what? We were all wrong. Dr. Dre is cashing a check for $250 mil...623 years 5 days ago
0Company Interview: Wells Fargo and Company03 years 5 days ago
014460862-doodle-style-inbox-image-with-a-huge-pile-of-documents-to-be-processed-indicating-business-work-or-s.jpg03 years 5 days ago
0T Rowe Price Investment FellowshipHello, I am having an upcoming interview with the company for this Investment Fellowship Program. Anyone has any ideas about this? And what should I prepare for the first round. I know I have to know about stock pitch and not sure how aggressive/knowledgeable I have to be? I have little experienc...73 years 5 days ago
0Investing_1011.jpg03 years 5 days ago
0Company Interview: HSBC03 years 5 days ago
+5The Single Most Important Choice You Will Ever MakeMod note: This is one of the top ranked WSO comments of all time by user initialsCG from the thread "Bankers and Bad Relationships" (5/5/13). Click here to see more top ranked comments. [ex cfo during the dot com period late nineties...] The single most important choice you will ever have to r...63 years 5 days ago
0the stocks.jpg03 years 5 days ago
0College StudentHello everybody, I just signed up for this site while searching around for more information on I-banking. This upcoming winter/spring I am hoping to interview for bulge and boutique banks. I am extremely interested in finance and I enjoy learning it on my own. I feel like I am not as prepared as...33 years 5 days ago
0JD/MBA + CPA or CFA?I am new to this and just looking for some friendly advice. I am currently a 2L and am quickly realizing that I do not have a passion to be a lawyer but I do have a passion for finance. I completed my MBA right after my BS-Econ which turned out to be not as great as advertised. I went to a state sch...33 years 5 days ago
0Calacanis.jpg03 years 5 days ago
0Anyone on here work at Blackrock?About to apply and have a few questions. Would be really appreciated (im a cert. user so not a random college kid). ...23 years 5 days ago
0Junior in college, looking for internship during school yearI go to a school that's sometimes considered a target and sometimes a semi-target. I haven't crossed out the school name. I am also a double major in computer science but I'm not sure how much that helps, as my GPA isn't exactly high. I will be using this resume to hunt for an internship during t...43 years 5 days ago
0Company Compensation: Colony Capital03 years 5 days ago
0Help needed with Cover LetterI would really appreciate some help and input on my cover letter. I attend to apply for Spring Week programs in London...13 years 5 days ago
0lolk...53 years 5 days ago
0Once at Superday, does school matter?The title is self explanatory. Once you get to a Superday at a BB, does your school matter? Does it matter if you attend a target or non-target? How can a non-target stand out during the Superday process? ...163 years 5 days ago
0Prospects for top MBAHey, Looking to gain some insights @ my chances for a top MBA. Aiming for R2 apps to HBS, Wharton, Booth, Col, LBS, and INSEAD. Background: Age: 25 4 years of work exp by next summer, about 1 year on buyside, and 3 years in banking @ a brand name shop Ugrad: 3.5x GPA (nothing special i...203 years 5 days ago
0Creating your on wealthFirst, thank you for clicking on this post. So going through infinite-prosperity website they want to teach you how to become a Forex trader and make your money. I'm not asking if this website is the key to everything, but whats is WSO's opinion on people who do this for a living and how does it...43 years 5 days ago
0Finish dual degree, or go on vacation?Summary: I already have a FT IB job lined up, and am in my 5th year finishing up a double degree. The only reason I did this double degree was so I could get a summer internship in my 4th year, as opposed to going FT recruiting (the market for FT was not good at the time). I have no interest in the ...63 years 5 days ago
0Company Review: JPMorgan Chase03 years 5 days ago
0Which MSF Programs Are the Most Generous with Scholarships??...53 years 5 days ago
0Company Compensation: Ernst & Young LLP03 years 5 days ago
0Company Interview: Canaccord Financial03 years 5 days ago
0Baird Superday Writing TestHas anybody had one of these before? Tried some searching for info but only could find stuff about a writing test for research positions. Any info would be great. Thanks...193 years 5 days ago
0January internships?Does anyone know of firms that have January internship/"winternship" programs? My school gives students this month off as J-term, so I'd like to take this opportunity to intern somewhere. Are there any established programs to apply to? Thanks! ...43 years 5 days ago
0BCG Decision Round (DC Office)Sorry for the post, but has anyone heard back from last Friday's (10/18) interviews? The waiting is just so tough. From looking at the posts, it seems like Boston/NY have given out offers but wanted to see if DC has as well. Thanks. You guys are lifesavers! ...13 years 5 days ago
0Company Compensation: AT&T03 years 5 days ago
0Company Interview: AT&T03 years 5 days ago
+4Walk-in "cold call" questionHey guys, looking for some advice. So I've been knocking on a few doors recently by making early morning drop ins which is a great experience btw. While doing my research of firms, I became more focused on understanding the strategies and culture (boutique and medium sized firms) which has helped pr...993 years 5 days ago
0Company Interview: UBS AG03 years 5 days ago
0start all over.jpg03 years 5 days ago
0Company Interview: Deloitte03 years 5 days ago
0Exit opps/ Prestige for/of Big Oil trading?Very interested in starting as a FT Trading at Big Oil. What's in it for me? What kind of exit opps that big oil junior traders typically go to after 2-3 year gig? How difficult is it to switch to IB trading? MBA? PE? Does it largely depend on whether I do physical or paper, esp when now some BB are...23 years 5 days ago
0Apollo Discusses Raising Fund Limit to $20bn Thought that was pretty cool, especially given the difficult fundraising environment with KKR only raising $6.2bn out of their $8bn target, LPs demanding that TPG return more capital before they...63 years 5 days ago
0Application DeadlinesHey Guys, I had a quick question about deadlines from anyone who is either currently applying this season or applied last year. I just started a MBA at Oxbridge and most of the consulting firms have been coming to our campus (primarily recruiting undergrads), with deadlines as early as November 1...13 years 5 days ago
0Question about commodity S&T position at bulge bracket bankI was hoping someone could provide some direction on what these terms mean? These are different functions of the S&T program at one of the banks I am applying to. These positions are typical at most banks such as GS, JPM, etc. If someone has some in depth knowledge of how these functions play a rol...23 years 5 days ago
0Currently studying abroad senior yearDecided I wanted to study abroad in Barcelona last minute in the spring of my junior year. Weighed the pro's and the con's of going, and ultimately figured the once in a lifetime experience was worth missing on-campus interviews. Now halfway through the semester, I can honestly say I'd make the same...53 years 5 days ago
0Pants for "Hockey Player Legs"Hi-I was wondering if any fellow thick legged guys out there have found a good brand of khakis/slacks that fit you well in a tapered but comfortable way. Before you point me in that direction, please know that I have searched the historic threads and while some of them do try to address a similar i...173 years 5 days ago
0Company Interview: RBC Royal Bank of Canada03 years 5 days ago
0Company Interview: Credit Suisse03 years 5 days ago
0Explaining parlaying strategy to a potential employerWould this disqualify me from the new job if my plan with the old job was to gain relevant experience?...03 years 5 days ago
0MSc Finance or Tier 3 IB/AMHypothetical situation...If you came out of undergrad with okay career prospects but not great. You're end goal is to be a PM at either a HF or AM. You got offered a job in finance but it wasn't really what you wanted to do or at a mid level firm would you take it or is it better to go to B-school f...33 years 5 days ago
0MBB still hiring Full Time?I've previously had an interview at one of the MBB type firms for a summer role, but unfortunately that did not materialize at the time. Now I'm sort of looking into full time opportunities again (already have an offer so I backed off on recruiting for a while), do you think it's too late to app...83 years 5 days ago
0Program Rotation Associate GSO @ LinkedInHello, I have a phone interview for this 14-month program in GSO - Global Sales Organization next Friday. This is my first time preparing for a sale-oriented position so I would love to hear more advice on how I should prepare/expect for this. Thank you ...73 years 5 days ago
0Boston Fed Research Assistant Hello, I am having the 1st round interview with Boston Fed next Friday. I have always been interested in this position. For the 1st round, I know I have to prepare for my research paper and the basics functions of the Fed. But is there anything else I should expect? How can I stand out from the ...13 years 5 days ago
0Company Interview: Simon Kucher Partners03 years 5 days ago
0Company Interview: KPMG03 years 5 days ago
0Anyone heard back from UBS 1st round?1st round wrapped up a few days ago. Anyone heard back yet? If yes, did you get to know you were going to superday or not right after your interview (as in you didn't have to wait more than 24 hours)? This waiting game's fucking driving me up the wall. ...123 years 5 days ago
0Need Help Naming Investment & Holdings Company!Fellow WSO Users, I need help thinking of a holdings company name. If I use your idea, I will reward you with something of intangible value. I want it to be something like "_____ Capital". I am open to anything, especially nature-related names. So far my thoughts are: BlueStone Capital ...93 years 5 days ago
0Company Compensation: Stifel Nicolaus and Company, Inc03 years 5 days ago
0Flying in Coach03 years 5 days ago
0CFA Clarification!I'm currently a senior and am looking to take the CFA level one exam. The CFA website is very unclear. It states that an individual has to have 4 years of pertinent investment experience to gain a charter, but states that college seniors can take the exam. My suspicion is that a person can take the ...93 years 5 days ago
0Enlisted military looking to pursue carrer in IB/PE/VCI am an E5, getting out of the military with a BA in intelligence studies, apx a 3.6 gpa when I will graduate. I am looking to change career paths from intelligence analysis to IB/PE/VC, but do not know the best way to make the transition. I know getting an MBA might help, but a lot of my readings...43 years 5 days ago
0Company Compensation: GE Capital03 years 5 days ago
0Company Interview: GE Capital03 years 5 days ago
0Company Review: GE Capital03 years 5 days ago
0Company Interview: KeyBank03 years 5 days ago
0Banks that consider seniors for SAHey all, My Question: Do you know of any banks that are open to hiring graduating seniors for SA positions? MM or BB It is my undersanding and experience that most do not, but I am trying to look at all my options. If you like reading, quick background on myself: I am a senior at a m...103 years 5 days ago
0Hass Group Hearing Healthcare: Hearing Protection H.A.S.S. Industrial pioneered the successful implementation of custom-made hearing protection devices and hearing conservation management programmes into the South African m...03 years 5 days ago
0sl-2.jpg03 years 5 days ago
0R W Baird IBD written assessmentHas anyone completed on of these and can give me some insight on what it entails. This is for the 2014 FT IBD class and it is the first thing I have to complete for my superday. Thanks in advance. ...63 years 5 days ago
0Any programs similar to this? 4-year rotationWhat do you think of this program? I missed the deadline, but wondering if there's anything else out there like this. Thanks...193 years 5 days ago
0Use Headhunter for Jobsearch out of UndergraduateHi, I am graduating next year from lesser known (but good) school and would like to start working at major buy-side firms. (Either PE or VC would fit my profile, HF less so, but still interested, as I love to learn new things) I have done 5 internships (2xConsulting, 1xPE, 1xVC, 1xBB IBD) and...13 years 5 days ago
0Company Interview: Grosvenor Capital Management03 years 5 days ago
0how long does it take to complete one business school app start to finish?A deadline for a school is coming up but I still haven't taken the GMAT yet (last minute type decision to try for MBA this cycle). Is it possible to complete an application in 3 weeks (starting right after GMAT if score is high enough) for round 2 or should I try to round 3? ...43 years 5 days ago
0usc_logo.jpg03 years 5 days ago
0Company Review: Signal Hill Capital Group03 years 5 days ago
0What Google's New TOS Means to You(disclosure: I'm long GOOG) If you're like most (read:all) people, then you spend about as much time reading Terms of Service agreements as you do flossing your neighbor's Rottweiler's teeth. Unfortunately, companies know this and bury all kinds of unsavory things in their TOS. The biggest TOS "s...63 years 5 days ago
0Is PWM the same thing as Private Banking?Is PWM the same things as Private Banking? Aren't they both catering to HNW individuals? Is there a difference? Thanks....33 years 5 days ago
0Lepercq LynxDid a search but didn't find anything on here. Anyone ever heard of them and have any insights?...03 years 5 days ago
0Diligencing PE offerFolks, Diligencing a PE offer - this is for a lateral associate position. Less concerned on whether comp is market or not - given how this topic's been beaten down to death on these forums, that's lesser of my concern as I'm now fairly knowledgeable on the range I can expect. My concerns are mor...73 years 5 days ago
0How to find Collar Agreement from a prior acquisitionGuys, I need some help finding where you locate the collar agreements from a prior acquisition. I assumed they would be in the proxy statement, either from the acquired company or the acquirer, but I still cannot find them. Does anyone know where to find them? And for some of us that don't kn...03 years 5 days ago
0SF PE associate looking for roommateI moved to San Francisco a few months ago and have been in a month to month lease in SoMa. Looking to find a roommate and get a 2 bedroom in either Marina, Pac Heights, Financial District, Nob Hill or North Beach. PM me if interested and we can discuss....43 years 5 days ago
0Company Compensation: Wells Fargo and Company03 years 5 days ago
0Company Interview: Wells Fargo and Company03 years 5 days ago
0BMO SAI have an interview coming up for the BMO Capital Markets summer internship program. Does anyone know what to expect? Thanks ahead of time...43 years 5 days ago
0Company Review: Wells Fargo and Company03 years 5 days ago


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