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0CBRE Capital Markets BonusCurious on what the average bonus is for analysts and associates at CBRE Capital Markets....32 years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: Merrill Lynch Wealth Managment02 years 10 months ago
0From BB Finance to PEI'm trying to move from finance at a BB bank where I've been for 7 years (between 2 banks) as well as having my MBA. I've been exposed to a number of products and worked with trading desks (think product control + reporting/planning/analysis) and I'm trying to move to a PE shop. I find that world w...42 years 10 months ago
0GS Healthcare vs MS Tech MenloGot FT offers from both groups, which should I choose? For full clarity, I did my summer at GS. Realize the opportunities are pretty different, any external opinions would help make this decision easier. ...52 years 10 months ago
0Breakage Fees CalcHey Everyone, I'm trying to understand the calculation of breakage fees on bonds (am I correct in saying term loans generally don't have breakage fees) in the context of a buyout. If a bond is callable, you just pay whatever it is trading at + some premium? What if it's not callable? Then the...62 years 10 months ago
0Chinese Flag.jpg02 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: BB&T02 years 10 months ago
0Moving around as S&T AnalystI recently started as an S&T analyst but was hired directly to a sales desk. Not sure that sales is really what i want to be doing for the long haul. How often do analysts move around to different products, across sales and trading, and how difficult would mobility be at the analyst level (moving to...92 years 10 months ago
0Company Review: Bank of America Merrill Lynch02 years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: Goldman Sachs02 years 10 months ago
0CREDIT CORRELATION RISK???Hi Guys, read online that M/Stanley is cutting "CREDIT CORRELATION RISK" Can you pls explain what this is?...02 years 10 months ago
0Follow Up before FT interviewsSo I have been networking extensively this summer. I've made some really strong connections and was looking to follow up. About a month ago, I had a bunch of phone interviews that went well. They all said that they would pass my resume to HR. I went for drinks with a few of them. I won't be in the c...42 years 10 months ago
0Internship: UBS Corporate Cash ManagementI will be interviewing for a corporate cash management position with UBS out of Chicago in a few weeks and am looking for some general pointers. So if you don’t mind I would like to ask some questions and any response will be greatly appreciated: 1. What is the general environment of a corpor...42 years 10 months ago
0Commodities in AsiaHi everyone: I am new to the macro world and was wondering if anyone can recommend some books on commodities in Asia? (Especially on energy and base metals). My job itself is not in commodities, but it is tangentially related; I would really appreciate your suggestions! Thanks!...02 years 10 months ago
0Correcting people incorrectly spelling your nameOne for the ethnic minorities out there or those of you with more unusual names. How do you go about correcting someone more senior than you who you only have a few clients with but keeps incorrectly spelling your name or using a shorthand form? This is the only guy i've ever come across who see...112 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Oliver Wyman02 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Granite Tower Capital02 years 10 months ago
0McKinsey Leadership Essay - review? Though I'm an undergrad, I've been told that it's strongly recommended to submit the "optional" McKinsey essay with my application. Anyone here willing to review mine via pm? Also, is this just a PEI on paper, or are they looking for something else with this? Thanks!...02 years 10 months ago
0Traders Help - How to Long Bond using Short Stock ProceedsI want to go short the equity and invest the proceeds in the corporate bond of the same company. I want to hold the bond to maturity, collect my coupons and then use my principal to buy back the stock. Is there a way to do this in a personal account? What would the capital requirements be like? ...52 years 10 months ago
0holders of debtanyone know where, besides bloomberg, to find a list of holders of certain types of securities? E.g. CLOs and ABS? Looking for a good database that allows you to sort by sector, company size, etc. Thanks....12 years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: MetLife, Inc.02 years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: MEAG AssetManagement GmbH02 years 10 months ago
0Marathon Capital?Does anyone know anything about this shop? They are a small boutique located in Chicago that focuses on renewables and infrastructure. ...32 years 10 months ago
0Transaction Services & FDD - What do you know about it?After talking to a few Big 4 TS/TAS groups, I have came to the conclusion that the gig consists of a vast majority of time performing FDD. "Financial due diligence (FDD) mainly consists of identifying potential chances and risks within the portfolio company, including capital structure, working ...02 years 10 months ago
0New job - should I be concerned?Ok so I found a new job, which I'm pretty excited about. A consulting gig at a boutique which also involves international travel which is cool. Anyway, something the director said concerns me. He mentioned, several times by the way, that I am expected to contribute long hours in the office. That doe...62 years 10 months ago
0Do not get marriedWhy on earth would you get married? Unless the girl is loaded and you want to legally steal half of it.... I notice that there is a lot of societal pressure to get married, but honestly it has a negative expected value. There are good relationships and bad ones. The disadvantage of a marriage in ...652 years 10 months ago
0Should I apply this recruiting season?1st post here! I am trying to transition in consulting at the pre-MBA level. I have been working for the past 2 years at a brand name luxury products company in manufacturing and supply chain areas. While working I started to pursue a MS degree in manufacturing and supply chain from a top 50 ...22 years 10 months ago
0PST Prep ResourcesI will be taking the Mck PST test shortly and was wondering if some WSOers here are willing to share any prep materials not easily available on the internet... Think VC, Consulting guru, etc. Feel free to PMd me and your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ...02 years 10 months ago
0bloomberg02 years 10 months ago
0Trying to break into S and T, need some advice.Graduating from a semi target in December. Strong gpa, two BB on my resume, one in wealth management one working in credit. Really want to break into S and T. Credit was something I really wasn't to interested in. I started reaching out to HR recruiters and other people who may be helpful. Curio...32 years 10 months ago
0GS Healthcare vs. MS M&Athoughts?...342 years 10 months ago
0accreditation-due-diligence.jpg02 years 10 months ago
+1The Age of the Main Street Quant Is Upon UsMod note: Best of Eddie, this was originally posted on 2/11/13. I suppose it was only a matter of time before regular guys with a head for algorithms found a place to try their luck on Wall Street. Internet start-up Quantopian exited beta last month and promises to democratize algorithmic tradin...542 years 10 months ago
0enders-game-ben-kingsley.jpg02 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Amazon02 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Guggenheim Partners02 years 10 months ago
0allenedmonds_shoes_fifth-Street_black_l.jpg02 years 10 months ago
+1Top MBA Chances - Professional Musician to FinanceHi Monkeys! I will be applying to MBA programs this fall and welcome any feedback on my chances for acceptance. I have been a long time reader on the site, and I look forward to participating in the community! Here’s my profile: Nontraditional background: professional musician Undergrad i...352 years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: RBC Royal Bank of Canada02 years 10 months ago
0wso weekly wrap up_3.preview_7.jpg02 years 10 months ago
0Why I Am DepressedI am heading into a profession in which I will earn around 300K per annum post-tax. I will invest nearly all of it into the stock market, and within 10 years, I should have built a portfolio of around $3 million. I will be able to purchase nearly everything I want. 1. Baldi malachite bath tub...842 years 10 months ago
0bosses.jpg02 years 10 months ago
0Questions about Junior Year GPAI'm a rising junior at an ivy league school and I have a 3.59 GPA. I'm so painfully close to a 3.6 that i am dying to improve it by even just a hundredth of a point. I know some internships applications open up as early as September with most closing around mid January. My first semester grades will...42 years 10 months ago
0Round 1 Phone interview, what to expect? I have a phone interview coming up with a fairly respectable firm (not BB though). This is going to be the first of two interviews, with second being a superday. What should I expect for the first interview? Technical/behavioral? How can I best prepare for this? Thank you...32 years 10 months ago
0China Changing It's One Child Policy?China’s new leaders, President Xi and Premier Li, are rumored to be removing the one child policy by as early as the end of this year according to BoA economist, Ting Lu. If one parent comes from a one child family, that parent will be able to have two children. By as soon as 2015, it might be p...182 years 10 months ago
0Company Review: Noble Group02 years 10 months ago
0Any chance of getting into Princeton MFin?Background: a rising senior majoring in econ & math at a top 50 liberal arts college. No work experience in finance. GPA: 3.9 GMAT: 750 I am also interested in other MFin programs at schools like MIT or WUSTL. Any chance to get into Princeton though?...112 years 10 months ago
0Princeton MFinI hate to do this but I'm curious knowledgeable group thinks my chances are at Princeton MFin. I realize I am probably a much better MBA candidate. I know the program is intensely competitive and few people have "good chances" and the ones that do have high GPAs and extensive experience in finance...102 years 10 months ago
0Company Review: Bank of America Merrill Lynch02 years 10 months ago
0Need non-target help!I am a rising senior at a non-target school. I have a mediocre GPA (3.1) and no investment banking experience to speak of. I have worked/interned at Merrill Lynch for a financial advisor for the past year and have a contact at an investment bank that is helping me get an interview for a winter inter...132 years 10 months ago
0Any updates on BAML IBD SA interviewing for LA office?-...92 years 10 months ago
0BAML SA question Has anyone else who got the survey monkey thing not heard back at all? I've tried emailing a few people in HR and haven't heard anything (shocker). I just don't get why the email said you'd hear back with your status by mid February, but clearly the interviewing process has already started. ...92 years 10 months ago
0Transferring CitiesI have used the search function on this but haven't found anything really pertaining to my question. How easy/difficult is it to transfer offices within the same group and bank? Suppose you start as an analyst in healthcare/tech in SF at a bulge that has large teams in both the SF and NY offices for...22 years 10 months ago
0Stevens Capital Managementhey, I have a first round telephonic interview with stevens capital management. I have been trying to find information on the SCM...but there's nothing on web or bloomberg except for Matthew Tewksbury and few other employees. Any help would be greatly appreciated.. thanks, z0z...12 years 10 months ago
0Webinar - Mastering the Banking Fit InterviewThis Monday night, August 19th, @ 8:30pm ET, Wall Street Mentors will be hosting a webinar fully focused on fit interviews for investment banking. Justin, a featured mentor with a background in investment banking and private equity, will cover what it takes to master the Fit Interview. CLICK H...02 years 10 months ago
0WSO Mentors Logo02 years 10 months ago
0WSO Mentors Logo02 years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: Deloitte02 years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: Barclays Capital02 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: IMA Consulting02 years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: JPMorgan Chase02 years 10 months ago
0Company Review: JPMorgan Chase02 years 10 months ago
0SwissChocolate trying to break into FinanceHi WSO, glad that I found you. I recently finished swiss high School (top 10% of my region) and now I am beginning a Bachelor in Banking&Finance (expecting to graduate in 2016). I speak German (native), English, Spanish and French (all of these fluently). My target is to break into S&T or ER...32 years 10 months ago
0Sell-Side Research?I have been reading a ton of research this summer and was wondering who/what firm you guys like for sell-side research? Whether it be general market strategy or industry specific. I really like the HY stuff Barclays puts out (general market reports for the most part. I don't read name specific un...32 years 10 months ago
0What's your craziest excel model?I know analysts spend most of their time crunching numbers, building models, and doing research. But what do you guys do when you have time to kill in the office? A colleague of mine said she built a game of battleship in excel. And then I found this great model. Have you made anything like this?...92 years 10 months ago
0Highland Capital ManagementAnyone know anything about Highland Capital Management's NY office? Size, culture, how desks are structured? Comp would be great but I know that's asking a lot. I know Highland's got a wide range of credit strategies and is pretty big in the CLO/leveraged loan space, but that they also have som...62 years 10 months ago
0MD's response to my cold emailHi everyone, I'm currently in the process of networking my way into investment banking. I got this email from an MD that I cold emailed 4 months ago. "you certainly have an impressive resume – unfortunately, we have already filled a summer intern position for this year – I wish you the bes...222 years 10 months ago
0bond.jpg02 years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: JPMorgan Chase02 years 10 months ago
0Unpaid Boutique PWM Internship for FallCurrently interning at a Boutique PWM firm in San Francisco. It's my first internship and it's been sorta fun except the work I have done there has been a bit redundant. All I have done there is go on websites like CrunchBase and looked for leads and input them into their database. I'm trying to dec...12 years 10 months ago
0Bananas make me poop.Hi all. Long time lurker, first time monkey. Rising senior @ a top 40 non target. Double majoring in Financial Eng. & Business, easily amused & highly excitable. ...22 years 10 months ago
0Breaking into consultingI'm interested in consulting, but I have an untraditional background and thought someone could give me advice about my chances. I graduated from a T10 liberal arts college in 2007 with a 3.53 GPA. I'm now 28. After graduation, I went straight into a MA in history and did well. I worked as a research...62 years 10 months ago
+1Caryle group email formatFellow Mokeys, I am attempting to send a cold email out to an alumi who works at the Caryle group. Is anyone aware of the email format there?...12 years 10 months ago
0MAcc vs MFin for Investment BankingComing from a non-target with a 3.8 GPA and 710 GMAT and degree in finance. If I am interested in doing IB but have no IB internship experience, what is my best route? Thanks. I'm currently a junior so I still have some time....42 years 10 months ago
0Is it ok to quietly chew gum at work?Why is it mostly sales people who chew gum?...162 years 10 months ago
0Looking for some specific TMT sub-sector infoI anticipate an interview in the near future for an Analyst position within TMT of a well known firm. The position will cover clients in the following industries: data services, staffing services, HR services, IT services, BPO, KPO, tech-enabled processing services. I have done some research on ...22 years 10 months ago
0SSNIGreat stock? Or Greatest stock? Am I the only one super excited about how far up this thing's gonna gap tomorrow? so much gap...02 years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: General Electric02 years 10 months ago
0Houston IBD and MBB SA; rip it apartFor junior SA positions in Dallas/Houston, both at MBB/BB's and boutiques...152 years 10 months ago
0capital raising for motorcoach companyHi, A family member of mine has a motorcoach company, and the company is actually growing significantly and is in need of capital for expansion. Are there banks that focus in this sector? ...02 years 10 months ago
0The Hindenburg Is Back - Play The VIX?We might see some slop in the market today, because our old pal The Hindenburg Omen made another appearance before the close on Friday, sending the Dow down a healthy 208 points. It's the second time this year the Omen has been logged, but so far there hasn't been any lasting damage. In fact, for al...52 years 10 months ago
01usa.png02 years 10 months ago
0Corporate ResearchThis might be the wrong place to post this, but I'm not sur where else to post it. I'm looking for buy or sell side published research on Investment Grade, High Yield, and Distressed companies. Where would be the best place to find published research for those types of companies? Websites? Blo...12 years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: Citadel Investment Group02 years 10 months ago
0WSO MENTORS.png02 years 10 months ago
0what's the reason for pre-MBA positions?those fixed term positions (outside of banking) where you are kicked out after 2-3 years. what's the rationale of the firms that have those instead of retaining employees for the long-term? I'm asking so I can understand what type of candidate they're looking for ...62 years 10 months ago
0What does this job description sound like?This is a Fortune 500 company in the retail sector... What do you guys think of this? Does this read like a Family Office Analyst position or a Middle Office Administrator? Job Title: Portfolio Analyst Department Description: Charitable XXXXXX Investments provides investment, accounting an...22 years 10 months ago
0Fx Traders Hello Monkeys, Some background - I recently got an interview with a boutique prop firm and they enquired over the my FX trading experience. Basically I was spinning my trading story over the top, and they asked for a list of trades for my performance over the years in school. I obviously have ...82 years 10 months ago
0Pretty cool!02 years 10 months ago
0Antitrust Regulators Say American-US Airways Deal Would Hurt ConsumersAlong with the Heinz takeover, the American Airlines/US Air deal was heralded earlier this year as a sign the M&A scene was back. Now, it looks like the government isn't too happy about it. What do you think? [quote=WSJ]The Justice Department unexpectedly moved to block the merger of American...32 years 10 months ago
0Air02 years 10 months ago
+1Breaking Non-Shocking News - BBRY Open to SaleThoughts? Forgot to link! years 10 months ago
0Energy BankingAny energy bankers on the board? Just looking to get some basic insight into what it's like to work in the energy group. Feel free to shoot me a PM as well....42 years 10 months ago
0Finished my SA...have offer in hand...want to do something completely differentSo, I just finished my SA at a relatively large PE shop but have come to realize I cannot stand financial modeling, working super long hours and in general dealing with finance tools. I want to do something that is satisfying and fulfilling while working reasonable hours ~50-55ish and earning decent...62 years 10 months ago
0Needed exp for buy-side move?Hi all - I'll be joining a sell-side team in the next few months and am wondering how much experience I'll need to make the move to the buy-side. The reason I'm asking isn't because I don't like the sell-side, but more for my own knowledge and interest in putting together my '5-year plan.' I...02 years 10 months ago
0Looking for a fulltime job after 1st yrI'm a recent grad and just started my first job with a MM a month ago. If I'm interested in finding another job with a more competitive MM or even BB next year, should I start applying to the jobs in September with all the seniors, or wait a little and actually get some deal experience on my resume ...22 years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: UBS AG02 years 10 months ago
0Not valid anymoreout of date...72 years 10 months ago
0AM, HF --> Chief Financial Officer?CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER... A totally different kind of career path from what us WSO monkeys normally dream about... but certainly a VERY attractive job, especially if this is possible when you're only in your early or mid 30's. There are many skillsets an investment banker or a private equity pro...132 years 10 months ago
0Differences Between UK and US Universities and Their SignificanceI hear constantly people saying that the universities in UK and US are very much different. Can someone provide more details of the differences, how Wall Street recruiters see these differences, and how the differences impact a student to land a job in IB or HF business. Thanks. ...52 years 10 months ago


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