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Transferring to target from state school, need feedbackI'm a rising junior transferring to a target for access to recruiting, and would appreciate any insight you guys can give. I rewrote this today and know it has a ways to go, so please don't hesitate to be brutal. I intend to target both ibanking and consulting, and would appreciate advice on how ... 11 year 10 months ago
"What do you like least about your current job?"What is the best way to answer this? Should I say that I do not like the city in which I work?... 51 year 10 months ago
From Private Equity to Investment BankingI'd like to get some input from some of the more experienced guys out there - especially if anyone has made the move from PE "back" to IB. I've been at a fully-invested PE firm for the last couple years out of an MFin and after 3 years in asset management, primarily working on fundraising and w... 11 year 10 months ago
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OCR start date?I'm a rising senior at a target and while we have MBB recruit on campus, some firms like Deloitte, Booz, and ATK don't. My school is also on the quarter system so on campus recruiting starts mid-October, which I know is later than most. When does OCR start for semester schools? Late September? I... 11 year 10 months ago
First-Loss Managed AccountsHey all I'm doing some research on first-loss managed accounts as a source of capital for hedge funds. I'd like to hear the opinions of those who work in the industry on what they like and don't about the model. Thanks... 61 year 10 months ago
More Prop Shops in ChicagoStumbled upon this: I'm wondering anyone happens to know who are these shops? ... 91 year 10 months ago
FT Interview AdviceLong-time lurker, first time-poster. I've done my best to use the search function, but I didn't have a lot of success. Apologies if there is a thread on this already. Essentially, I just finished my junior year internship at a strong regional office, but I'm looking to transfer to a different/str... 31 year 10 months ago
inquiring about FT offerI'm almost done interning at this MM investment bank in a major southeastern city. I feel like the workers there like me and that they would be willing to take the time to write me a strong letter of recommendation some time in the future for whatever reason. How would I approach inquiring about a f... 21 year 10 months ago
Career moves to make while still in school?I'm currently a Financial Services Representative for a major commercial bank, but I'm heading back to school for accounting/finance in a month. I would like to get into investment banking, private equity, or financial advising. Unfortunately, I have too many financial obligations to stop working fu... 11 year 10 months ago
glad to meet everyone here in WSOI am a new user to WSO here and also a final year graduate student majoring in financial engineering from U of M. I'm looking for full time job in quantitative trading, risk management or strategy field. Thanks!... 21 year 10 months ago
Company Interview: Northwestern Mutual 01 year 10 months ago
Company Compensation: Google 01 year 10 months ago
NetworkingHi everyone, just would like to mention that recently one of the boutiques (Lazard/Rothschild) posted an off-cycle internship at my school career portal. However, the minimum GPA to apply through the career portal is actually a 3.6. I just would like to ask whether there are any other ways to get ar... 61 year 10 months ago
Company Review: Newbury Capital Partners 01 year 10 months ago
Company Interview: Google 01 year 10 months ago
Company Review: Google 01 year 10 months ago
Anyone regret quitting?About 5 years ago I discovered finance and started learning about i-banking, ultimately diverging from the other paths I was on to start gunning for the money and prestige that came with with a career on wall street. After a lot of legwork, interviews, disappointments, all-nighters and more stress t... 141 year 10 months ago
Company Compensation: BP 01 year 10 months ago
Cardinal HealthCardinal Health is a Fortune 19 company that improves the cost-effectiveness of healthcare. As the business behind healthcare, Cardinal Health helps pharmacies, hospitals and ambulatory care sites focus on patient care while reducing costs, improving efficiency and quality, and increasing profitabil... 01 year 10 months ago
Company Review: Allison-Williams 01 year 10 months ago
Do I just show up after getting a job?I got an offer from a boutique, accepted it and called hr to confirm accepting it, all went well. A couple of months passed, and I am about to start my job in 3 days. Should I email Hr to let them know that everything is going according to plan? or do I just show up on the first day? Thank... 111 year 10 months ago
Dealership FinanceAre there any of you out there that have worked in a Dealer Finance group of commercial/ corporate banking? A friend of mine threw my name in the ring for an analyst position with the dealership finance group of a BB commercial bank. I am hoping to get some information from the forum regardi... 21 year 10 months ago
ER entry levelHi, I am looking for opinions. I would like to get an ER position but not sure where to start. I have been working for a major financial services provider for the last year or so as a Trader. I am currently studying for CFA level 1. Series7, 63 and 66 licenced. I have a BA in Finance and Accoun... 81 year 10 months ago
Company Compensation: Wells Fargo and Company 01 year 10 months ago
Company Compensation: State Street Corporation 01 year 10 months ago
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Fantasy Football: One Monkey's EscapeExperts say one key to happiness is to live in the present. I think it is fair to say though, that these experts have never had to go through a whole day staring at a spread sheet, occasionally doing work. All employees have that thought of the weekend or that future vacation in Vegas to keep them g... 11 year 10 months ago
GMAT Test PrepI am about to start studying for the GMAT and have realized that there are a plethora of test prep books out there! I have "narrowed" it down to these five, I plan on doing the self study online courses, anybody happen to have any suggestions on which of the following is the best? 1. Princeton Re... 111 year 10 months ago
New UCLA MajorI am an incoming freshman at UCLA interested in finance as a career, and I was set on majoring in Business Economics until today. A friend told me that UCLA has created a new major called Financial Actuarial Mathematics. I am sorry to ask about such a specific topic, but would the new major give me ... 21 year 10 months ago
Company Compensation: Merrill Lynch Wealth Managment 01 year 10 months ago
Merrill Lynch Wealth Managment 01 year 10 months ago
No More Spills? New Technology Could Transform the Pipeline Sector The 2010 Kalamazoo spill and the 2013 Exxon leak in Arkansas are the most glaring incidents, but these are just the big leaks that are found right away and reported. Most leaks are found eventually—but there is money to be saved and damage to be avoided by catching them at the smallest rupture... 11 year 10 months ago
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FRM Bionic Turtle Online Study GuideIs anyone looking to take the Financial Risk Management (FRM) Exam #1? I originally considered it and heard that Bionic Turtle had the best study guides. I am no longer taking it but have the online study guide that is valid till march 1st, 2014. If anyone is interested in taking this online access ... 01 year 10 months ago
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Petronas Energy 2nd Round interview help!!!Hey, I have a 2nd round interview with Petronas Energy Trading London- front office. Grad I was wondering if anyone has any experience of them? any advice?? Interviews in a couple of days!!!... 11 year 10 months ago
Rising Junior - need feed back on Finance/MIS resumelooking for help on this resume. Any pointers or suggestions would be awesome and I'll give you a mental massage. ... 11 year 10 months ago
Surviving Sporting Events With Your Wall Street BossCourtesy and Credit of GS Elevator As a follow-up to my recent piece, Tips for Summer Interns of 2013, I have been asked to provide pearls of wisdom on surviving a sporting event with your boss. As an international bon vivant, hopefully I have put something in here for everyone – well almos... 111 year 10 months ago
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BAML Bankers LeavingDealbreaker makes the amount seem atypical, what do you guys think? Is the environment this rough everywhere? Wonder if it's true about 25k bonus for 1st year associate. Here is another one.... 411 year 10 months ago
Does your average Joe have a chance in Investment Banking?Hey, there-- I'm wondering what my chances are of making it in the financial world. I am still young (sophomore in college) and very determined to do whatever it takes to be successful. However, the other blogs about making it in the financial world if you don't attend an Ivy, Stanford, MIT, or sch... 71 year 10 months ago
CS Major to trader/research internship (summer 2013)?I'm a rising Junior, CS major at USC. I've had a few good tech internships, but I'd like to try my hand at finance before I graduate. Ideally: as a trader or researcher at a BB investment bank? How exactly show I prepare for and go about the internship process? And what's the timeline like? PS... 11 year 10 months ago
Keynes v. Hayek Who won?... 41 year 10 months ago
Networking - Would this Make me too Desperate? Hi all, I have been reading this blog for a while now. This is the first time I post anything as I have a sort of urgent networking question. Would really appreciate inputs from experienced monkeys! Let me first give you a bit of background info. I studied at an American university, interned a... 41 year 10 months ago
Particular networking with established connectionsSo, in my sophomore year (about 10 months ago, so in October/November) I made an effort to reach out to a number of alumni at my school. I contacted them through email, and had conversations with a number of them. I kept little index cards with their name and info, and what we talked about/what char... 01 year 10 months ago
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Post Private Equity Internship OpportunitiesHi all, So this summer I had the opportunity to work for a private equity firm (~$200 million firm). Figured I'd be doing mostly low level work but ended up spending most of the summer as the lead analyst for the acquisition of a company with $20-30 million in yearly revenues from beginning to en... 11 year 10 months ago
Company Review: Pacific Investment Management Company PIMCO 01 year 10 months ago
Company Interview: Morgan Stanley 01 year 10 months ago
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This NYC Barmaid Hates YouMod note: Best of Eddie, this was originally posted on 02/18/2013 First, a word of warning. The article I'm referring to in this thread was posted on BroBible, so you probably don't want to click the link at work unless you want all kinds of alarm bells to go off in your IT department. It's safe ... 991 year 10 months ago
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Positive ROE when NI and Equity are negative???This makes no sense to me - I was running an ROE on a company who posted a net loss and has negative shareholder's deficit. Obviously neither of these things are good, but the ROE comes up positive because the two negatives cancel out - how is this explained from a financial standpoint? ... 41 year 10 months ago
Technical question: NOLs, Beta, etcHi guys, I am doing some preparations for the interviews coming this fall. I have some technical questions and really appreciate any help. 1. How does NOLs affect the 3 statements? 2. I saw different versions of answers to the question "Rank from the highest to the lowest of the three majo... 231 year 10 months ago
What are good icebreaker questions for interviews?What are good icebreaker questions to ask the interviewer while making the trek to the conference room?... 91 year 10 months ago
Got the offer. What if I want to continue FT recruiting? Do I have time?I am excited I received an offer from my summer internship, but I want to keep some options I've had my eye on as possibility. However, I don't have much time...probably about a month or so before I need to respond to this offer. Is it still possible for me to secure another offer by then? What'... 41 year 10 months ago
DC WSO Happy Hour!DC Monkeys - the next WSO happy hour meetup is coming up! When: Tuesday, August 13, 6:30 pm Location: Front Page Restaurant ( by Dupont Circle (was recommended by several monkeys here) Email me (Justin) at [email protected] if you have any questions or can... 11 year 10 months ago
Company Interview: JPMorgan Chase 01 year 10 months ago
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My Sophomore Year StoryI figured I would share this story for any rising Sophomores who may feel "behind" or do not know what to do with the upcoming year. So here's my Sophomore year story... This time last year, (summer before my Sophomore year) I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in Finance, and was very int... 151 year 10 months ago
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Best keyboard for IB?Have any analysts out there brought their own keyboard in to the office? After some long hours in Excel, I can feel my hands cramping up. Any strong opinions on the most ergonomic keyboard? As a side question, does your bank make any modifications to your keyboard? Mine took away our F1 key.... 101 year 10 months ago
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Company Compensation: Morgan Stanley 01 year 10 months ago
Equity Risk Premiums (ERP) and Stocks: Bullish or Bearish IndicatorIf you have been following my blog postings, you are probably aware that I have an obsession with equity risk premiums (ERP), and have done an annual survey paper on the topic  every year since 2008 (with the 2013 update here). I also post a monthly update for the ERP for the S&P 500 a... 71 year 10 months ago
Job Shadowing Advice ! What's up everyone? In about a week I will be shadowing my roommate's father who is currently the CFO of a company. I'm entering my sophomore year of college, and don't have any previous experience in a financial field. I will be spending a few hours with the CFO then after lunch I will be shadowing... 11 year 10 months ago