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0I'm painfully aware of how fat I am...02 years 9 months ago
0Does Anyone Have The Three Secrets to Breaking into Sales & Trading?Hey everyone, I know there was a webinar last night on S&T, more specifically it was called "Three Secrets to Breaking into Sales & Trading". Does anyone have a recording or know where I can watch this? thanks....22 years 9 months ago
0Non-standard options questionIf I chose to hold a NS option to expiration, would it execute in the following scenario? I buy puts at $6/sh strike. Reverse split is made 10:1 to $60/sh. Is the option considered "in-the-money" still if the new price is in the $30s? ...182 years 9 months ago
0CFA preparation -- 4 monthsHi all, I am almost new to finance. I have economics and engineering background. I would like to take exam for level I in 4 months, does it seem doable? Thanks!...52 years 9 months ago
0Company Interview: Simmons and Company02 years 9 months ago
0GS Division: Relative DifficultiesI will be applying for multiple GS summer analyst positions this upcoming year. I will be applying to: Atlanta-PWM NYC-PWM NYC-Asset Mgt I feel these are the best options considering I have no previous internship experience. We all know that the IBD summer analyst program is the most competi...22 years 9 months ago
0What should I do if I want to become an investor?I currently run my own business. However, after reading so much about value investing, I´ve decided I want to dedicate my career to become an investor. I want to invest my money an othe people´s money. Therefore, I need the "know how" of business valuation. I want to go to a program that will defi...112 years 9 months ago
0JLL corporate finance interviewHello fellow RE interersted finance ppl, this is my first post so I want to briefly introduce myself. I am an econ major at a venerable southern german university and i will graduate this fall. I have completed an internship at a financial advisory company (mostly DD) and i am looking into the car...162 years 9 months ago
+3Quality Articles of InterestOver the past few days, a number of articles have been published that may be of interest. If nothing else, if you don't currently read the following publications, you should: The Geography of Jobs Stanford Business School Americans frequently debate why wages are growing for the college-educ...162 years 9 months ago
0PWM Internship Experience Hey guys, during my Sophomore year in college, I did a PWM internship where I worked with a Financial Advisor and CFP. It was during the Spring semester, and was about 10 to 15 hours a week. I have the tasks that i completed on my resume, but i am worried about listing this experience because i dont...22 years 9 months ago
0Carey02 years 9 months ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase02 years 9 months ago
0Company Interview: SEI Investments02 years 9 months ago
0What are the best MBA programs that I can realistically get into?I am Canadian and would like to get into investment banking in Canada, but would be open to the US and the UK. I will be applying in a few years, but I am just wondering, given that I know what my profile will look like in a few years, which schools I have a chance of getting into. I have a 3.4G...52 years 9 months ago
0Lateral transfer from JP Morgan to GS?I am currently an IMD analyst at JP Morgan. I've applied to GS several times, and gotten rejected by various divisions. Do you know if I could apply as a lateral hire into the sanitation management division (SMD)? How exclusive is it? Exit opps? I heard this feeds into SSG....62 years 9 months ago
0swearing-kid.jpg02 years 9 months ago
0Company Compensation: SCHARR CPC02 years 9 months ago
0Get into Physical trading (Crude Oil)Hi Everybody, I have been working for 6 years in IT internal audit first in a Big 4 consulting firm and then in a company (Manufacturing business). I have been thinking more and more about changing career and started getting info on oil business. I bought all the books advised: Oil 101 (in progres...32 years 9 months ago
0ny ws.jpg02 years 9 months ago
0chicago.jpg02 years 9 months ago
0san francisco.jpg02 years 9 months ago
0chicago.jpg02 years 9 months ago
+2Prime Brokerage Stories: Big Mack and the Phantom PricingThis is the first of a series called “Prime Brokerage Stories,” real-life experiences from a close family member of mine who has worked in this area of the Street for about 30 years. You’ll hear about the frauds he uncovered, the laughs he enjoyed, and of course, the characters he encounte...32 years 9 months ago
0Similar Websites/forums for Indian MarketsI am a prospective trader (a wanna be trader) out here in India. Have been a long time follower of this website and have found it to be quite informative and interseting:). Was wondering if people out here would know similar websites/forums/groups that track Indian markets and related financial sect...42 years 9 months ago
0Company Compensation: Nomura Holdings02 years 9 months ago
0Elite MBA Programs for Real EstateI am planning to apply to a few elite MBA programs this fall, but plan to focus on real estate development after graduation. I would be interested in hearing everyone's take on the top Business Schools for those interested in real estate. Schools like Harvard, Wharton, and UNC seem to have real e...162 years 9 months ago
0Exchange student at WhartonBeen lurking for some time now and really appreciate the content. I am an undergrad student at a business school in a small European country and I really want to work in finance. I know it is a broad description and I intentionally keep it as broad as possible. I have really grown sick of my home co...102 years 9 months ago
0Jobs for non-US citizensHello, I'm an intl student, and I'll be attending Kelley in the fall as a direct admit. I would like to know what the chances of getting a job in Chicago/NYC are for an intl student such as myself, assuming that i do well in school and make it into Kelley's IB workshop. Also, i'm from Singapore...112 years 9 months ago
0220px-Coffee_Date_FilmPoster.jpeg02 years 9 months ago
0Company Compensation: SG Analytics02 years 9 months ago
0Company Interview: Quicken Loans02 years 9 months ago
0International rookie. looking to be drafted.I'm a international student looking for a job in US. I've got my BA in Korea and considering getting masters in finance at Hult University in San Francisco. I was wondering If I have better chance of getting a job in smaller banks or bigger banks. If so, should I start my position in investmen...32 years 9 months ago
0Company Interview: Moelis & Company02 years 9 months ago
0Company Interview: JPMorgan Chase02 years 9 months ago
0Cole Haan and Allen Edmonds shoesSo guys, I've been a long time Cole Haan customer, owning numerous pairs of their shoes, formal and casual. I've been thinking about making the transition to Allen Edmonds, my questions is, is it worth the hefty price tag $250+ for a pair of shoes? and how long do they hold up? ...182 years 9 months ago
0Which firms have freshmen programs?I know JPM is the only BB that has a full freshmen/sophomore summer program. Are there any well-known MM/boutique firms that offer official or unofficial summer programs for freshmen? EDIT: Let me revise criteria. Looking for FRESHMEN programs for non-URM, non-LBGT students. ...52 years 9 months ago
0Crowdfunding for Equity Solutions Series #4: DUE DILIGENCEDavid Drake of LDJ Capital continues today with his fourth article on his series regarding crowdfunding for equity solution. By David Drake Intermediaries, as set out in the Act, will be required to obtain background and history checks on officers, directors an...02 years 9 months ago
0soholoftny.jpg02 years 9 months ago
0Company Interview: WTAS02 years 9 months ago
0Apply as non-US citizenHi, After having dealt with first applications in the US (I-Banking) I wonder if it is feasible for foreigners to get a job. Does anyone have successfully applied in the US as non-US citizen? Also, do you have any hints for the application and visa process? Thanks a lot!...52 years 9 months ago
0Company Compensation: RBC Royal Bank of Canada02 years 9 months ago
0HF Position out of undergrad?Hi everyone I'm currently a rising Junior at Michigan Ross. This summer I've been completing a wealth management internship at UBS in Minneapolis, near my home, where I've been doing a lot of equity research and portfolio reviews. I'm interested in eventually working for a hedge fund and am wonde...42 years 9 months ago
0Company Compensation: Zurich Insurance Group02 years 9 months ago
0Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill Lynch02 years 9 months ago
0Company Interview: Citigroup02 years 9 months ago
0Does an MD have the ability to hire summer interns?I was wondering if MDs in top investment banks have power/ability to hire summer interns on their own....132 years 9 months ago
0AM Internship HelpI have viewed the forums for a while now and have found great advice and would like to thank everyone who has contributed. I plan on contributing myself after I go through the internship application process. Before i get into my questions id like to briefly introduce myself. I am a rising junior...22 years 9 months ago
0saudi-us-oil1.jpg02 years 9 months ago
0Company Compensation: Scotiabank02 years 9 months ago
0Larry Robbins on HMAMakes some great points about HMA and the current investment environment. ...52 years 9 months ago
+2Contemplating ING US (VOYA) Ran into ING US (VOYA) while hunting for cheap price to book investments. It has turned into a bit more interesting than just that metric and indeed may be an aig-style investment. A background: ING US is a financial services company that until recently was part of the Dutch company ING Groep N...142 years 9 months ago
0Company Compensation: Morgan Stanley02 years 9 months ago
+2How WSO Changed My PerspectiveError...52 years 9 months ago
0Contribution Value - Performance ReviewWhat are some of the (BS) projects or initiatives have you implemented in order to show your "contributing value" for mid year/annual performance reviews?...12 years 9 months ago
0Kinda torn on what offer should I pick?Option 1: It is a small no name consulting firm in the bay area. Roughly 50 people. Only one office though growing quick;y. Think ( They work with large tech companies like apple, google, oracle, hp doing work with their partners doing lots of marketing st...22 years 9 months ago
0Company Review: PrivCo02 years 9 months ago
0Realistic Boutique IB Exit OppsWhat are the exit opportunities of a non-elite boutique IB (less than 20 people) assuming it's well-known in its verticals? Just trying to gauge what one could expect going into one of their analyst programs. How should one get into the recruiting processes for these opportunities? Thanks!...72 years 9 months ago
0Equity waterfallHey Guys, About to start my PE gig and I wanted to ask about equity waterfalls. I never had to deal with them in banking, but I kept hearing the phrase being thrown out when I met up with Associates at the palce I'm going. What are they? A calculation of how much management will make dependin...142 years 9 months ago
0Company Compensation: FINRA Financial Industry Regulatory Authority02 years 9 months ago
0Question: Days Sales OutstandingI'm working through Pearl and Rosenblaum now and in their sample DCF, the assumptions for Days Sales Outstanding are per the image attached, or linked below. Shouldn't the downside cases have higher days outstanding since shorter DSO's means the company collects c...32 years 9 months ago
0Got a 1050 SAT...what should I do?Talkin outta 1600 by the way. Applyin to all the big boys next year, Goldmud, Citipoop, both the Morgans, and all the otha kidz with da pumped up kix. Should I swap that 1st 0 with da 5 and pray they don't come a knockin?...62 years 9 months ago
0Would I get into HBS or Wharton?Non target, 3.5 GPA, white, male, Football Team, President of Investment Club, Derivatives intern at Large multinational cusodian bank, Internship at top 10 hedge fund working on trading desk, SA S&T Fixed-Income at a BB, Series 7, CFA Level Two Candidate, Bloomberg Certified What schools do you ...52 years 9 months ago
0Advices for internship search in commodity trading Hi all I'm currently searching for a 6 months internship in commodity trading. Any advice is welcome !! I'm thinking to send my CV and cover letter to many companies but I'm not sure which way is preferable. These firms often don't offer internship. Often you can find this on their web...02 years 9 months ago
0Company Interview: S&P Capital02 years 9 months ago
0Analogies, your input neededFear indicator: gold :: depression indicator: ????? ........................:: complacency indicator: ????? ........................:: confidence indicator: ????? ........................:: happiness indicator: ????? ........................:: health indicator: ????? ........................::...82 years 9 months ago
0Broke into Buyside, now what?I currently work for a high yield bond asset manager (Less than 8B AUM) as a junior analyst. 3 yrs at this firm, 5ys in the Investment Industry. Finance Undergrad from a non-target, working through the CFA program) I do everything from low priority credit work (quant screens, fundamental analysis...102 years 9 months ago
0Search Broken?I've noticed that when I search a topic, the initial results are fairly accurate. However, when I then click a filter on the right side of the page, the search will then return seemingly random responses and the search field will change to parameters I didn't enter. Example: I typed in "San Franc...172 years 9 months ago
0Options / Volatility QuestionDoes anyone here have a simple explanation for both implied volatility and realized volatility? I can't seem to be able to find it explained in laymans terms anywhere. Is skew just the difference between the two?...132 years 9 months ago
0Have you ever hooked up with someone senior at your firm to "get ahead"?It is boring Saturday night at the office... The topic sez it all...112 years 9 months ago
0Stiffel Nicolaus InternshipNext summer I will have the opportunity to be an intern at Stiffel. Should I be a portfolio analyst intern or a broker intern? Which one would I benefit in the long term if my goal is to get a job as a trader, or i-banker?...12 years 9 months ago
0Any Shot at NYU or Columbia?Top 65 Non-Target. 3.52 GPA Accounting Major. Going into my second year at a Big 4 in Internal Audit. Realizing that my only way into IB or anything in finance is through B-school. Do I have any shot at getting into NYU or Columbia's MBA programs? Any recommendations as to how I can better m...82 years 9 months ago
0Company Compensation: Deutsche Bank02 years 9 months ago
0Coldcalling or Cold walking in unannounced?Hey gents, Looking to start making contact with some boutique IB and AM firms for next summer (Sophomore Summer). As I've never done this, I have a few questions I hope you could answer (already read everything on M&I) 1. If I can't find an MD or President's email/phone number, should I just c...62 years 9 months ago
0Company Compensation: American International Group02 years 9 months ago
0Choosing a Major/Avoiding underemployment Hey People of the world. I'm going to college in the fall and have this nagging feeling in my head. What should I major in? It's between business and engineering. I feel like if I choose Business, I wont find a good career right after school. I'm good at math that's excellent for fiance, but not Ca...12 years 9 months ago
0Internships for junior studentHello, I am looking for programs that can give me an edge. For example, internships or programs like mcnairs scholar but for business finance related majors. I have some experience with sales, and involved with leadership positions withing my university(which is a non-target one). I need help to st...02 years 9 months ago
0Company Review: Rabobank Group02 years 9 months ago
0How to network into IBDYes I know this question is extremely noobish Who specifically should I network with? (analysts, associates, MDs, etc.) What do I say in the initial e-mail or message How should I ask for an informational interview What do I ask in the informational interview How to ask for an interns...72 years 9 months ago
0Company Compensation: Credit Suisse02 years 9 months ago
0Company Compensation: Oppenheimer02 years 9 months ago
0IESE MBA - Any current students or Alumni on WSO?Can anyone weigh in on their overall experience here? What companies do most students interested in IB and MBB end up at? It would be great to live in Europe, but I'm more concerned about placement strength....22 years 9 months ago
+6On The List: Regional Equity Research GroupsIn what is now becoming an excellent case study of capitalism in action, I've decided to respond to VanillaThunder's impressive grab of share in the CapIQ List/Silver Banana exchange market by changing my model quite a bit to preempt VT and other entrants. No more extortion! Most of the Equity R...492 years 9 months ago
0Linkedin connection effectiveness to get summer internshipI was wondering how effective is to send inmail/make connections in linkedin with investment bankers. I mean there are hundreds of people doing the same thing, why would a new connection that I make in linkedin do something different and give me a summer internship?...22 years 9 months ago
0NHL Finals: Bruins vs BlackhawksThoughts?? Tonight's game is a turning point in my mind...132 years 9 months ago
0Transfer from UT Austin to Northwestern?I just finished my freshman year at UT and I have been accepted as a transfer to Northwestern. Currently I'm studying Finance at McCombs but if I go to Northwestern I'll be studying economics/for the Kellogg Certificate. Is it worth it for me to leave UT? I'm an out-of-state student (I have an in...322 years 9 months ago
0How different is the MBA life compared to undergrad?I went to a large state school for undergrad and enjoyed every single bits of it. I look forward for an MBA, because asides from all the obvious reasons (job placement/network/etc.) I also want to go back to school for 2 more years and enjoy my life when I'm still young and can afford doing so witho...142 years 9 months ago
0Google Chromecast anyone have this? if so how do you like it? ...32 years 9 months ago
0man-skills-kick-down-door.jpg02 years 9 months ago
0Sites used by NYC IB analysts to look for new jobsIn London efinancialcareers has hundreds of potential job opportunities for investment bankers looking o mov laterally, into PE, or into Corp Dev teams. What site(s) are the equivalent for NY based IB analysts? Need to figure out where to find analysts interested in switching into a Corp Dev rol...52 years 9 months ago
0internship after graduationIs it common for firms of any size to hire graduates to a temporary intern position, like a SA kind of deal? I would like to get into ER but didnt do a SA last summer and dont have much relevant work experience. Although I think I am a suitable candidate (in terms of skills) for a FT position and wi...22 years 9 months ago
0Your sex life after financeHow did your sex life change after you started working in finance? Did it get better, worse, or stay more or less the same? More one-night-stands or more relationships? All genders and sexualities, fire away....382 years 9 months ago
0Company Review: Instream Partners02 years 9 months ago
0th.jpeg02 years 9 months ago
0th.jpeg02 years 9 months ago
0research section on resume?In an effort to break into an ER role, I want to polish my resume and add a "equity research" section. Under it I want to include highlights of research pieces I have been doing on my own. How would this be viewed? Or should I just attach my research separately?...32 years 9 months ago
055dc.jpg02 years 9 months ago
0Bulge Bracket Fall Internships...Do they formally exist and are they common? Is it ever common for people to take Fall quarter off and work full-time for BB banks in IBD? Part-time? Has anyone ever had experience with this? ...12 years 9 months ago
0Marley.jpg02 years 9 months ago
0Magna Carta Holy GrailThoughts?...432 years 9 months ago
0Need Advice. Have soft offer but looking to take a different open roleIll make it short and sweet. I am currently an intern at a small boutique (8 months exp) that has been sitting around on giving me an offer (most likely because I have not had any others as of now) I interviewed for a business development role at a more reputable boutique in the area. As I ma...12 years 9 months ago


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