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0Is This Algo?I'm short this stock. When the company announced its plan to buy back its own shares, the price jumped up - which is natural. But what I don't quite understand is that, the price jumped immediately following the news announcement. How can manual traders react so fast? So I assume it's algo. But why?...23 years 1 week ago
0Can I get a bailout?03 years 1 week ago
0interview1.jpeg03 years 1 week ago
0internship.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0Crossroads03 years 1 week ago
010k wizard worth it?In preparation for some interviews and for my own personal accounts, I'm reading through the SEC statements/financial filings of some of my favorite companies. That said, EDGAR is terrible. Has anyone here used 10k wizard? Is it worth the hundreds of dollars a year? Pros/cons? If it's worth it, ...63 years 1 week ago
0Blackstone Restructuring & Reorganization InterviewI just received an offer to interview for Blackstone's Restructuring & Reorganization Summer Internship position. From what I understand they have 8 positions available and only recruit from Wharton and Harvard. I am from a non-target midwest school and only got the interview because I made a good i...53 years 1 week ago
0IB Hours are Killer. Literally? Correlation is not the same as causation. Interesting though. ...133 years 1 week ago
0Excel Assessment Next week I have an interview at McLagan consulting. They said they are going to give me a excel assessment. What should I expect on this test? V-look up, H-look up, Pivot table? anything else? thanks...23 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase03 years 1 week ago
+1One questionHi guys! I have recently found a very interesting question, and it goes like this: Let's assume you have a sequence of 36 1's and 0's (i.e. 01010101..., 10000100... ). Can you construct a sequence such that every consecutive subsequence of length 5 is unique? Let's assume that you start with 00...53 years 1 week ago
0Meeting people after 6 PM on a Friday in NYCIt just isn't going to happen right? I'm taking greyhound back to the Midwest tonight at 10 so I have some time in between my last meeting (should end around or before 6). I understand completely people wanting to get stuff done towards the end of the day in case something comes up so they...73 years 1 week ago
0Company Review: Mizuho03 years 1 week ago
0Samsung Global Strategy Group VS Apple OperationsGot offers from both, at an M7 Bschool. I know which I'll take but just interested to hear what you would choose and why. Samsung GSG - Internal strategy consulting role in Seoul within the mobile consumer electronics industry. Great comp package that covers living expenses (with only a 18.5% tax...73 years 1 week ago
0Deadline03 years 1 week ago
0News sources you should be reading every day to prepare for summer intern interviewsI need to make a super quick post about this. I have been disappointed by the awareness of the general economy, specifically deal flow, while interviewing for first year analysts. Just as an FYI to those of you who don't know, you should read these 3 sources every day: 1.) Zero Hedge's Frontrunni...83 years 1 week ago
0Organizational Chart in .PPTAnyone have any good recommendations on how to make a flashy organizational chart in .ppt? We have a few templates but they all suck and my artistic ability is very limited. If anyone can send me one (PM me and I'll give you e-mail), I'd be willing to trade some models (formulas intact) or send ...33 years 1 week ago
0PWC Competency for IT ConsultingI'm being asked for preferences. What do you think would be better to put first, IT Strategy or Emerging Technology? Thanks in advance!...33 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Goldman Sachs03 years 1 week ago
+2Do You Believe in Life After Love?First there was God. Then there was Jesus. And then Muhamma Its only appropriate that now there is a thread on Love. Or should I say Do you believe in life after love I can feel something inside me say I really don't think you're strong enough, Now Do you believe in life after love I...63 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Credit Suisse03 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: Evercore03 years 1 week ago
0Company Review: Credit Suisse03 years 1 week ago
+1Alibaba Hiring Strategy - Hungry Kids from 2nd Tier SchoolsThought WSO might find this interesting. The following is from a Slate article about the upcoming Alibaba Group IPO. [quote] The building of the helmsman’s [Alibaba founder and CEO Jack Ma] loyal army started with recruiting. In its early days, Alibaba preferred to hire fresh grads from secon...103 years 1 week ago
0How's your Lulu rep?For those you aren't familiar: Got a lady-friend to send me mine: 6.5. And #StillLovesHisEx? Bullshit. ...43 years 1 week ago
0Should I change apartments?My landlord hates me and I was wondering if I should change apartments Heres my story- I clogged my toilet - but kept shitting in it for the next 6 days because maintaince in my apartment is slow The toilet in my apartment became way too nasty to use so instead I went to use the toilet in th...113 years 1 week ago
0Got a job. What's next? [Deloitte BTA]Hello everybody! I have been reading the Consulting Cabaret forum for quite a while now, but I think this is a good time to write a first post. I have recently accepted an offer from Deloitte for their Business Technology Analyst position and am seeking any advice you can have. Especially from th...53 years 1 week ago
0Utterly hopeless?Greetings, By way of introduction, a brief bio: graduated in 2010 from Seven Sisters College (which is what, a semi-target?) double majored in Economics & a foreign language, significant finance coursework, finance extracurriculars (Wall Street Prep course, investment club, externship at a bank)....33 years 1 week ago
0Moving to New York to find prop trading gig!I want to find a prop trading firm that will hire a non college grad that is willing to make the required capital contribution (10-30k). Where is the best place to find such a list. Can anyone recommend prop firms with good reputations? Whats life like as a prop trader in the city? If I were to make...53 years 1 week ago
028+ GMAT Books in Seattle areaOfficial Guide - Verbal Review II Official GMAT Notepad with Pen (this is what you get on the exam) How to get into top mba programs - Richard Montauk Perfect Phrases for Business school acceptance 65 Successful Harvard Applications Great applications for business schools - Paul Bodine Ver...03 years 1 week ago
0Whining/patheticness/questioning/hope-giving thread.1. Has anyone else here failed tonnes of interviews due to bad social skills? I failed a spring week interview months ago and 2 internship interviews recently due to this. I have such little experience for competency questions that it's a stretch to get anything worthwhile from my life for some of t...23 years 1 week ago
0It's official I am moving to Cuba. ...83 years 1 week ago
0Which background will help me in the long run?I know that I would like to go into private equity but am not sure which path will help me best. I have been offered a summer internship at an energy focused PE shop and a boutique investment bank within their M&A group. Both of these internships don't necessarily guarantee employment after gradu...33 years 1 week ago
0Buyer03 years 1 week ago
+1Part time internship for Houlihan Lokey NYCFor any of you monkeys that live in NYC, Houlihan Lokey looks like it has a part time position open for an undergraduate to work in their Financial Advisory practice. Looks pretty interesting. Here's the link: years 1 week ago
0How dangerous is it to do this? I'm going to be calling a good family friend of mine who works at a BB private wealth management. I'm going to ask him if he knows any investment bankers I could get in contact with in the next few days. Would it be a bad idea to ask him if he knows any investment bankers at the other bulge brackets...243 years 1 week ago
0Which are the Top 10 MBA Investment Programs in USA and which offer the best ROI?I know the top 4 are: HBS Columbia Wharton Chicago Booth I dont know the next 6 or which one offers the best ROI. For example, one can be a one year program that will save you a lot of money. ...73 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: Walleye Trading Advisors03 years 1 week ago
0New to WSO and about to start college next Fall!Hi everyone! My name is Nicholas Piva and I am in my senior year of high school. After high school I will be attending Bryant University in Smiths field, Rhode Island. I have always been interested in business, especially business on Wall Street. My goal is to learn as much about business as I can...33 years 1 week ago
0Newbie Monkey & Question on WSO Company DatabaseHi guys, I'm a rising senior at a super non-target, just recently got interested in the finance industry (though I majored in finance, ...dunno) and started learning and networking, etc. The WSO products subforum seems pretty dead so I figured I might as well ask here: I purchased a subscription ...33 years 1 week ago
0MSF vs MFEI would like to know which degree is more useful towards breaking into IB?...33 years 1 week ago
0IB vs Consulting!Hi guys..i am a new user at WSO.. international freshman student at a top 10 business school in the US..kinda ton up between banking and consulting.. Although i love Quantitative stuff and i banking, i have also always loved solving complex problems, strategizing and thinking of ways to resolve turn...83 years 1 week ago
0Did Oswald Act Alone?I’m an absolute sucker for conspiracy theories. I know that they’re far-fetched at best, and absolutely insane at worst, but I can’t help myself from getting sucked in whenever I read them. We’re coming up on the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, an event that inspires more the...413 years 1 week ago
+2Why go Buffett?There seems to be an unspoken (but often implied) mantra in value investing that beginner investors start with asset investments and then once they learn the ropes and grow they graduate to real investment, buying great companies based on earnings or free cash flow.  A special few graduate ...123 years 1 week ago
0Need a New Computer ASAPHey guys, so I need a new computer/laptop because my current dell laptop is 5 years old and only has 4 GB of RAM. It has worked great but it's been slow lately I think mainly because I have the following programs running most of the time: Skype (3 to 10 windows open at a time) Spotify Chrome ...753 years 1 week ago
0Looking to transition from ER to Ecommerce Hey guys, I have worked in equity research for a few years after undergrad but have realized that I do not love finance like I once thought. I am really interested in joining a growing ecommerce company in NYC etc but an somewhat clueless on how to approach this situation. I am aiming for business d...23 years 1 week ago
0Cressey & Co. - Thoughts? Does anyone have any opinions or thoughts on Cressey & Co? It's Brian Cressey's (Founder of GTCR & Thoma Cressey Bravo) newly founded fund and only healthcare focused. I can't seem to find any accurate or recent news on fund size, fundraising or deals. FactSet's data is usual. ...43 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Morgan Stanley03 years 1 week ago
0Digital Marketing ManagerThis role will help drive execution of the team's digital marketing roadmap related to a core set of web assets specific to the firm and apps designed to support the firm’s goals of driving revenue, increasing sales team effectiveness, enhancing client loyalty and building brand equity. This indi...03 years 1 week ago
0Is it OK to send contacts who have passed my resume to HR an updated resume?The resume I've sent some contacts a month or so ago was, looking back, pretty awful and unclear. I've since updated it dramatically and hope to have this version shown to HR and my future interviewers - how should I go about doing this and is it even possible? Thanks!...23 years 1 week ago
0When is the best time to send a cold email?Hi everyone, Im in the process of sending a bunch of cold emails to a lot of industry guys to go out for coffees. I was wondering when is the best time to send emails to different level bankers. Essentially I want to maximize my probability of having my email read but dont want it to be at a tim...83 years 2 weeks ago
0HBB Mom.jpg03 years 2 weeks ago
0HBB Mom.jpg03 years 2 weeks ago
0Financial Controller (REF: FC 001)The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), is a regional body created with the aim of constituting a West African Common Market and a Customs and Monetary Union. As part of its restructuring efforts, the Commission has zoned its Financial Control function to Nigeria (one of its member s...03 years 2 weeks ago
0LAZ vs GS FIG vs MS P/UHow would you rank these? Lets say you are interested in both PE and HF. And just to add, this is for SA. One of these is an offer and two are superdays. All offers are generalist but I have multiple senior alumni who pushed for me in said groups....153 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Jane Street Capital03 years 2 weeks ago
0I Have $3.50....153 years 2 weeks ago
+1Old video of the "Hot" Citi banker and her plastic surgeryNot to give her any more attention but for those of you who didnt see : Watch Debrahlee's Breast Enhancement Surgery - Long Island Plastic Surgical Group in People & Blogs  |  View More Free Videos Online at This is a video of her getting plastic surgery (seco...93 years 2 weeks ago
0Do you believe in Karma?just curious since I saw the God, Jesus, and Muhammad threads floating around ... feel free to discuss karma, dharma, jebus, anything. As an agnost, I find religions interesting from a philosophical point of view as a debate on our existence. Don't really take a view on which one is better...53 years 2 weeks ago
0Project Finance - Macquarie vs BNP ParibasI received two offers from Macquarie and BNP Paribas as an associate in their project finance team. Both teams are cordial and offer similar compensation. Who would you guys pick? Somethings to considered are work/life balance and long-term career growth. Was wondering if both banks offer any p...53 years 2 weeks ago
0Accenture Systems Integration Analyst - Internal/External OpportunitiesFirst time posting so please forgive me if I am not using proper WSO etiquette. Thank you in advance for the help/info! I received an offer recently from Accenture for Systems Integration Analyst position in the east coast (entry level undergrad). I will be more on the functional sides of project...83 years 2 weeks ago
0Bp Holdings Tax Management Google Earth Hilft die UK Regierung vor Ort SteuerbetrugDie britische Regierung jetzt benutzt Google Earth um holen Sie sich einen Vorgeschmack auf die Eigenschaft der Steuerzahler zu identifizieren, übermäßige Ausgaben jene steuern, Schulden nach einem aktuellen Bericht der Daily Mail. Ihr Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), die Abteilung der br...03 years 2 weeks ago
0alibaba.jpg03 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: Citigroup03 years 2 weeks ago
0Webinar - PE Recruiting and the PE Transition Tuesday night, 11/26/13, at 9pm Eastern, Wall Street Mentors will be hosting a webinar on Private Equity Recruiting and the transition from investment banking to PE. The webinar will be hosted by Nina, a mentor with extensive experience in investment banking and private equity. Nina will cover...03 years 2 weeks ago
0Contacts in Nashville? WSO Crew, I'm looking for business contacts in the Nashville area for a project I'm working on. Preferably someone I can call, although I will settle for an email address. Obviously given my name, Real Estate is the focus, and specifically developers and financiers, but other finance connections...13 years 2 weeks ago
0WSO MENTORS.png03 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Bank of America Merrill Lynch03 years 2 weeks ago
+1David Thorne: World's Greatest TrollNot sure how many of you monkeys have been to this site or heard of him before, but David Thorne is hilarious. He trolls on anybody and everybody he can and published his shenanigans for our enjoyment. If you have a few minutes, I recommend reading these. A few of WSO's own trolls should especially ...83 years 2 weeks ago
+4Loeb Activist LetterThought this was funny and maybe some people on here would find it amusing as well: (image inside the post) ...183 years 2 weeks ago
0Info on credit rating agency paywas wondering if anyone had any info on pay for a research assistant at a credit agency such as Moodys/S&P/Fitch tried glassdoor but it was all over the place any info would be greatly appreciated thanks ...73 years 2 weeks ago
0JP Morgan MBS DeskDoes anyone have any insights into the MBS desk at JPM…Is it a good group? How it ranks to other BBs? Greatly appreciate any help...33 years 2 weeks ago
0Jury DutyI got summoned for jury duty. I thought that if you don't get selected on the first day, you're done. So I ranted to the judge about how "reasonable doubt" is a subjective term that makes me uncomfortable and I got dismissed. But these motherfuckers told me to come back at 9am tomorrow. What do I...233 years 2 weeks ago
0TGIF.jpg03 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Principal Real Estate Investors03 years 2 weeks ago
0Selling my stock picking algorithm to hedge funds/investment firms. Where do I start?I'm a C++ programmer and my friend and I recently made a nice little trading strategy that was able to gain 5000% over a simulated trading period and in another experiment, turned $5000 into $100,000. I know hedge funds get hit with scores of these things daily but we've both back-tested our stra...203 years 2 weeks ago
0MIT Mfin associate placementI've heard MIT places many mfin students in associate roles. Is this true? Is it a function of the brand or that the average WE is higher?...23 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Review: Gentry Capital Advisors03 years 2 weeks ago
0Completely Lost.... Anyone mind providing some advice?To make this story short, I have a finance background and worked in finance after graduating. A little later, I did a startup, which ended up getting funded, doing product management/marketing. The startup folded and then got a marketing/business dev manager gig at a company the investor runs. Howev...93 years 2 weeks ago
+2Another scandal for ObamaApparently he had the unemployment numbers faked. years 2 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: Morgan Stanley03 years 2 weeks ago
0I am graduating college with a biology degree. What should I do?I majored in biology for 4 years in college. The pathway options for this are not what I would enjoy with my life. I am looking to business and something I am potentially interested in. You could say I am struggling with finding something I enjoy that can pay me. How do I: -find out if this is what...33 years 2 weeks ago
0WSO Caption Contest - Nov 20th... Collect Silver Bananas and Win a Free Wall Street Oasis T-ShirtWe have a fun new contest each week to let our funniest members win a free WSO T shirt with their witty inner genius. All you have to do is leave a comment in this post with a caption you think is most fitting for the cartoon posted below. The winner will be determined by the community based on the ...413 years 2 weeks ago
+2My first informal. To start, I go to a small private college ~3.3 GPA Finance\Econ. major. I have been doing some cold emailing/calling as of recent. I make a call to this MD, probably not my best move, I give him a quick one liner and he responds, "Buddy, you're going to have to call my assistant to set up a...63 years 2 weeks ago
0RJF Atlanta RE CompDoes anyone know what they pay a first year equity research associate?...33 years 2 weeks ago
0No Response for SuperdayHi all I had a phone screening with the vp of a group at a BB last week, I thought it went really well, we both seemed to enjoy the conversation. Towards the end of the conversation the vp told me HR would get in contact with me this week about bringing me in for their superday, and he even told ...33 years 2 weeks ago
0Forget about peak oil? Looking for thoughts on this article. ...253 years 2 weeks ago
01340887104512.jpg03 years 2 weeks ago
0Views on Gamestop (GME)I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on them. They're up 119% year to date and they report this Thursday. Thanks....53 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Review: T. Rowe Price03 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Deutsche Bank03 years 2 weeks ago
+2Gridiron FreakonomicsThis is fantastic. What happens when you hand an accounting major a whistle and make him a high school football coach? He goes all Moneyball on you and changes the way the game is played entirely. Enter Kevin Kelley, head coach of the Pulaski Academy Bruins. Thanks to his devotion to Malcolm Gladwel...813 years 2 weeks ago
0Sheshunoff Logo03 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Interview: KPMG03 years 2 weeks ago
0PwC Vs IMSI have offers from PwC-Healthcare (Operation) Vs IMS consulting NYC to join post-MBA (top 10 US business school). Both the offers are for NY city. I have 6 years of pharmaceutical experience of scientific position at one of the top 3 big pharmaceutical companies before business school. My long t...23 years 2 weeks ago
+1Prestige whores and OCRMod Note (Andy): Yes this is old but some haven't seen it before (how I dont know) Probably old news, but I like it because it describes the finance kids at my school who don't have a shot working for GS....53 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Fidelity Investments03 years 2 weeks ago
0Multiplier calculator GOING MAD WITH THIS - Excel questionGuys, Discount rate on the X axis; Growth rate on the Y axis. In excel I'm trying to compute the multiplier for company valuation via EBITDA. So I'm trying to compute the SUM of 25 YEARS of (1+g)^i / (1+r)^i But can't get it to work in excel. Any help?...13 years 2 weeks ago
0How do I reach out and ask my former bosses for help landing an internship next semester?So I worked at a small boutique last summer and am now starting to think about how I should send an email to former bosses. Do I straight up ask for help? Mention I'm starting to look for internships and hope they catch on? How do I do this? Anyone do it and succeed? Thanks!...53 years 2 weeks ago
0iPad in the Office?As an intern, is it acceptable/common to bring an iPad into the office? Obviously wouldn't plan to mess with it while at work, but use it on the commute and potentially to take notes, etc....203 years 2 weeks ago


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