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0Company Compensation: Citigroup02 years 11 months ago
0Deloitte Global CEO Barry Salzberg Discusses Office Politics years 11 months ago
0Can soft skills make up for lack of experience? By that I mean "soft" skills such as cfa lv. 1, Wall St. excel modeling, Bloomberg cert., etc... All of my resume experience is in marketing and I have a mediocre gpa at the moment, 3.2, and I'm not at a target school. I also don't have enough time left in school to pursue a finance internship. I'...52 years 11 months ago
0Greenhill or Mid-Tier BB?Everyone, I was hoping someone could help me out regarding this decision. I am currently looking to lateral from a Mid-Tier BB (not GS-MS-JPM, also not UBS) to a boutique, and Greenhill appears to be my best opportunity at the moment. For one, I wanted to see if anyone didn't think this was an u...112 years 11 months ago
0Chances of moving up the ladder at a big 4How common is it to move up the ladder at a big 4 accounting firm? I understand most people leave after 2 years or so but if you stick it out and actually enjoy it is it common to be promoted? (assuming you have your CPA license) Is promotion performance based or just political? Thank you....262 years 11 months ago
0Ask me anything: Undergrad HF Summer InternHi fellow monkeys, Recently, xqtrack posted a fabulous forum with very helpful info on HF role. I am open to answer any other questions people may have about HFs in particular if you are interested in hearing from the perspective of an intern. I interned as an analyst at a multi-str...152 years 11 months ago
0Thank you emails to all 4 interviewers? Just had 4 separate interviews with 4 different people at the same bank in a row. Kind of like a superday format.. They each gave me their business card right when they walked in. Because of this, do you think its a good idea to send a thank-you email to all of these interviewers, or just one? I alm...62 years 11 months ago
0Are bosses/superiors in banking really that bad?I see a lot of stories on wso about how they got chewed out non stop, how their boss goes on abusive power trips etc etc. Is it really that bad though? I mean bosses in general aren't supposed to be the nicest people on the planet. I'm sure there are a lot of nasty bosses in other industries too....112 years 11 months ago
0Help me Print in $% ExcelPrinting in Excel is incredibly difficult for both modeling as well as any Comp Set from Capital IQ. If you increase the font size, it cuts up the pages terribly, if you adjust scale, your model and or work product becomes so tiny the MD's are incredibly agitated. WHAT IS THE ANSWER? I have tried...22 years 11 months ago
0S&T to VC How common is it to move from a S&T position on the corporate credit side of things to a VC firm? ...52 years 11 months ago
0Fullbright scholarship? Hi Guys. I have question regarding fullbright scholarships. I am in my senior year and have been intensely networking for IB or big 4 corp fin roles... however, my professor just mentioned to me that I should apply for a fullbright scholarship as they said it would be a great differentiating asset l...52 years 11 months ago
0Hotel DatabasesAnybody know of any online databases for Hotels? I know STR has this Hotel Census but I am looking for something free if possible....12 years 11 months ago
+1The Non-Target CurseAbout a week ago, I was sitting at my desk at my current PE internship when the partners and the CEO were filling in a questionnaire that an investor (bank) had requested. The specific question that caught my attention was one that asked for the caliber of my firm's current and previous interns. ...822 years 11 months ago
0Pershing Square Email Format?I've been trying to email my friend who works there, anyone know what their email format is?...142 years 11 months ago
0Best of the Best Non FLDP to Work ForHey folks, So here I am hating another day that goes by with my job. I'm at a F20ish filled with non-go-getters (PC way of saying morons) in FP&A. The company looks nice on the outside, but pay, location, benefits, etc. stink. So, I'm fed up and I'm looking to move up to the "target" world. I...102 years 11 months ago
0Powerlifting for resume?Is it a good sport to put on resume? For all who dont know what it is: powerlifting is a weight lifting sport with three disciplines: bench press, squat and deadlift. It is indeed a competition sport, where the one with maximum total performance wins. Problem is it's not a team sport so I dont know ...432 years 11 months ago
0173px-Christian_Bale_2009.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: CL King and Associates02 years 11 months ago
0how would I go about getting some relevant experience?In short i just finished high school in the UK and have secured a place to study economics at a semi-target in the UK but i wish to reapply to the targets. I was considering reapplying during my first year but now I am considering taking a gap year and then reapplying. I am a complete new come...92 years 11 months ago
0LetterIm interviewing at a PE shop and the MD told me to write him a half a page letter on why i want to work at his firm and why should they hire me. I have preprared a first draft and obviously it could use some touch up, i was wondering if someone was interested in me PM'ng them with the letter so you ...22 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Credit Suisse02 years 11 months ago
0Last minute fantasy leagueAnyone got a spot open in a free league?...142 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: UBS AG02 years 11 months ago
0Corporate Development -> M&A Consulting?Hello all. I was hoping I could get some advice from you on the chances of getting into M&A consulting from my current position in Corporate Development. Some background: 4 years out of undergrad Went to semi-target with 3.7 GPA Graduated in 2009 – not many people were hiring, so went to wor...02 years 11 months ago
0Formatting professional documentsWhen I was working at a big financial institution we had some plugin in MS Office to quickly generate documents and presentations using firm's templates. It was easy to add new elements, like boxes and charts, with predefined formatting. My attempts to create professionally looking immaculate doc...12 years 11 months ago
0Company Review: dealReporter02 years 11 months ago
0A$AP FERGTrap lord is something vicous... who fucks with it?...162 years 11 months ago
0Bonus Bananas September 6, 20131) Fund Of Fund Manager Caught In Prostitution Bust (FIN Alternatives) - No matter how bad a week you've had, this poor bastard has you beat. On top of everything else, his wife is the majority shareholder in his company. What do you think his bonus review is going to be like this year? 2) Is The...142 years 11 months ago
0We Can Learn From Puig02 years 11 months ago
0Company Review: The Retirement Group02 years 11 months ago
0Fall IB Deal Case Study CompetitionDoes anyone know if there are any fall investment bank deal case competitions? ...12 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Accenture02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Detecon Consulting02 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Accenture02 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: The Retirement Group02 years 11 months ago
0n/a2n/a...32 years 11 months ago
0build it 02 years 11 months ago
0Daily Grind Guideshop Exclusive.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Movie-Reel.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Is it safe for a company to use google search?When doing some market analysis or research into peers on some upcoming and secret deals, some employees just start by googling. I'm wondering if this is safe? I mean if you see the search queries it doesn't take a genius to figure out what deal they're probably are working on....52 years 11 months ago
0Moving from Asset Management into IB / PEI just finished my first year as an analyst at an institutional asset management firm (e.g. PIMCO, BlackRock, Vanguard) in New York. I'm on the front desk side, where I work in commercial mortgage-backed securities portfolio management.I graduated a year ago from a top ten school with an Economics m...52 years 11 months ago
0fox-in-suit.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Model Test Help!!Hey everyone, I have been working on this model test for a while now, but cant seem to get the last part...I have almost completed it. If someone can help me with just what formula to use, it would be much appreciated. Please let me know if you could be of assistance, and I will send you over the...142 years 11 months ago
0Sell Side Trading (not prop) vs Associate PM on buy sideI posted this as a response to another post, but am posting it here again (with some additions) because I am confused between sell side trading (not prop) and a portfolio associate/ associate PM kind of role on buy-side. I have some sell side research/strategy experience. "I am not sure why a sti...112 years 11 months ago
0Offer Accepted - Then Nothing.A few months ago I interviewed at a small boutique IB for an analyst position. Interview process was easy, phone interview followed by in-person interview (some technicals and a modeling exercise). Got a call a few days later saying I got it and asked when I can start. Called a few times that nig...122 years 11 months ago
0High-School Students Raise $30kHi Monkeys, For the last three years, myself and other students interested in business and entrepreneurship at my high-school have been traveling and meeting with businesses across the country. The first year we visited New York City, and met with employees and representatives from Coco Foods, St...92 years 11 months ago
0Company Review: Citigroup02 years 11 months ago
0Best college(s) for an aspiring Businessman?Hi everybody, I am a 16 year old, who plans to go to college, major in Economics, work for a while, enter a top MBA program, and then possibly end up in a career in business, maybe eventually Chief Financial Officer. I was wondering which colleges you think would be good for somebody taking a path l...102 years 11 months ago
0Google Predicts Recessions and Movie Box Office Grossings"Google Could Predict Recessions Faster, C.D. Howe Institute Says": "Google's Box Office Predictions: Tech Giant Says Trailer Interest Correlated With A Movie's Take": years 11 months ago
0Winter jacket for business casual As a person who lives in a year round warm weather climate, I'm sort of a oblivious to the world of cold weather business attire. In the coming months, ill be on an engagement in Boston - which will require a winter jacket. If the office attire is business casual, what type of jacket is acceptable? ...112 years 11 months ago
0Bob Goldfarb02 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Wells Fargo and Company02 years 11 months ago
0VC gone awryHey guys, I feel that my career was skyrocketting until I wanted to go to the VC. I had exceptional academics and went to target schools. Got into (one of) top of the top investment banks. Very quickly I made a mistake of my life. Some guys were going to join Samvver's start ups and I was told...32 years 11 months ago
0Capitalization Table Modeling Seminar (Boston)In Partnership with New England Venture Capital Association, Wall Street Prep will be conducting a 1-day Capitalization Table Modeling seminar, which is designed to assist venture capital and investment banking professionals in understanding how to model out early-stage investments. Overview: ...02 years 11 months ago
0Vault Guide To The Top 50 Banking Employers Hey monkeys, Just wondering if anyone has the 2013 edition of the Vault Guide to the Top 50 Banking Employers? The copy that I have is a few years old, and now that I am finally a junior and looking for SA spots at different banks, the inside scoop would be greatly appreciated. I have a to...12 years 11 months ago
0corporate finance.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0offer then nothing.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Sting.png02 years 11 months ago
0US job opportunities for foreignersHi guys, I work in an Italian asset management/private equity firm of real estate investment funds (european version of REITS). I have 3+ years of experience (think of an associate level) in the financial analysis and business development, and I would like to know about the opportunities for fo...62 years 11 months ago
0Hello Everyone, New user here..Hey everybody! I have been scrolling through this site for some time now and figured it was time to get involved. Simply, I am looking to get into asset management or a research analyst position at a hedge fund or bank. A little about me, I am 2013 graduate with a B.A. in Economics from The Un...02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: China International Capital Corporation02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Merrill Lynch Wealth Managment02 years 11 months ago
0Business AnalyticsI was wondering how many of you guys (consultants or bankers) are using business analytic tools like SQL, SAS, or others in your jobs. For consultants or equity researchers, how do you guys learn about industries quickly and use big data to support your ideas? ...12 years 11 months ago
0Go to Grad School?!?!I am in the process of deciding whether to go to grad school or not. is there any where one could read more about the pro and cons of different grad school in the US and Canada? Master of Finance Vs MBA? What are the exit opps?...82 years 11 months ago
0Macro trades?Can someone recommend (PM) a macro trade I can research for interviews? I will tell you my FX trade idea in return so you have another thing to pitch as well....72 years 11 months ago
0Breaking into wall street not at target or in Northeast?How would you suggest planning a career in finance if you are not at a target or in NYC? It seems that you would be at a disadvantage but there has to be a definite way. ...42 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: BB&T02 years 11 months ago
0wso weekly wrap up_3.preview_7.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0HF out of undergrad possible (for me)?. ...62 years 11 months ago
0Do I have any chanceCan you monkeys here plz help me.. I'm a bit lost. Background Info: Rising senior here at a semi-target school (think UVA, UMich, etc) Major: Finance & Accounting GPA: 3.3 WE: PWM sophomore year summer, Deloitte BTA summer analyst junior year summer (IT Consulting) After this summer inte...42 years 11 months ago
0sell side trader if the sell side trader are mainly agent trading, so it means that they simply follow the order of their clients, right? Then, isn't it a quite easy job that doesn't require a lot of analysis? Please inform. ...82 years 11 months ago
0how many pieces of luggage are unloaded at Boston airport on an average day?Anybody know how best to answer this market sizing question? I would break into 3 steps: 1) # of ppl that fly each day 2) # of ppl that fly into Boston each day 3) Assume 1 passenger has 1 bag and get total # of bags Would do #1 by segmenting into age (younger ppl likely to fly more, older ...42 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Bain & Company02 years 11 months ago
0crazy-monkey.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Company Review: Wedbush02 years 11 months ago
0Obama the Master PoliticianSo a big topic of conversation right now is the possible US military action in Syria. The world's governments are paying attention, the markets are paying attention, and the various media centers are definitely paying attention. So to many it was a surprise when Obama came out earlier this weekend w...222 years 11 months ago
0Landing a job in Finance as an undergrad Accounting majorGreetings WSO, I am going to be attending Rutgers as an Accounting major spring 2014, after I finish my A.S. from a 2 year CC, so I have a few questions for anybody on the forum who could offer some insight and advice. 1. I know big 4 does heavy recruiting at Rutgers, if I get recruited to one...42 years 11 months ago
0Linkedin Profile Picture: Bow tie instead of tie?What do you monkeys think about this? Note: -I am at the junior / Analyst level -I want to move into Private Equity (Germany, UK or Russia) -I have LOTS of both bow ties and ties For me the situation looks like this Pro: -it differentiates you from others of which 99,9999% wear a tie Co...352 years 11 months ago
0Military To ConsultingI am currently an Active duty military member nearing the end of my contract. I am looking for a possibility of going into the consulting field and i would like some feedback or advice on my plan. I am currently staioned in San Diego and my plan is to go to a California Community College and after ...152 years 11 months ago
0Hunter Knight Logo02 years 11 months ago
0Associate M&A transitioning to Real Estate PE or REITI've got 5 years of mostly TMT M&A investment banking experience, but I'm looking to transition into real estate private equity or the acquisitions team of a REIT. Any feedback is appreciated. Link to resume: years 11 months ago
0Company Review: Two Sigma Investments02 years 11 months ago
0How did these small community banks grow so fast years ago?This should be easy for someone to answer. During the boom years, some of these little redneck banks grew like crazy in a short amount of time. How? A coworker of mine, whose close family member is professionally involved with the establishment and growth of small banks, jokingly suggested th...62 years 11 months ago
0Is trading dead NOW? I've been doing a lot of snooping around with the search, and I found this post from 2 years ago. Do you guys think that HFT & algo helps or harms human traders? & If it harms, is it only day traders or those of ALL time frames?...102 years 11 months ago
0Company Review: Wells Fargo and Company02 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Old Mission Capital02 years 11 months ago
0Money BoyI was wondering why this had never been posted on here, given the rather high number of people listening to Rap music. This young gentleman is a highly confused individual, who is unintentionally funny. This is his first music video, and despite being 2 years old, it has been featured on 50 Cent's h...202 years 11 months ago
0What makes a cover letter stand out? Does mine?Needing some help with my cover letter. I am a senior, and will graduate Summer 2014. I am applying for jobs in energy finance. I wrote this cover letter for my first resume submission and didn't hear back from the company. Would y'all mind critiquing it for content and formatting?...72 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Lazard02 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Summit Partners02 years 11 months ago
03 Tips for Building a Successful Career in the Financial WorldThe workplace has changed over the years and in order to be successful in it, you have to play by a new set of rules and view your career differently. You have to be accountable for yourself and not rely anyone or anything. Your company can merge or acquire another company tomorrow and lay you off. ...42 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Ernst & Young LLP02 years 11 months ago
0How to become an algo trader with non-target non-quantitative degree?Hey everyone, I have been lurking around WSO for a while and trying to learn as much as possible, but I have not found any posts with a scenario similar to mine. As of now i am working at proprietary trading firm (non-algorithmic and non-quantitative) and have been doing fairly well. I have a bac...02 years 11 months ago
0Pinebridge InvestmentsAnyone familiar with their Los Angeles office, specifically their fixed income team? I may have an interview, and would really appreciate hearing anything about them, investment style, culture, pay, exit ops, really anything anyone can add. Thanks....02 years 11 months ago
0Ray Dalio, Tim Schilt02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: NBC Universal Inc02 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Goldman Sachs02 years 11 months ago
0Clifton Park Captial Management?Anyone heard of Clifton Park? It looks like they have ~$1.5bn in assets, but I can't find anything about them. They are the largest holder for ROVI...22 years 11 months ago
0Please help with my awful resumeI know it's bad compared to most of the hot shots on here. But I would love some help with it. I am pursuing a career in energy fiance in Houston. I would like to be working on a fuels or power trade floor. Any help y'all can offer in terms of content and/or formatting would be much apprecia...72 years 11 months ago
0LinkedIn Files Secondary OfferingWell this is surprising. Yesterday LinkedIn filed paperwork to bring a secondary offering of as much as $1.15 billion if the full shoe is exercised. Listed under Use of Proceeds: We kinda just want the dough. Seriously. The company is taking advantage of an extremely liquid market and the fact th...82 years 11 months ago


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