Hat tip to Business Insider for this one. Have you ever wondered about the value of your analyst stint? Ever thought about how badly your bank is screwing you? Ever pined over the relaxed hours and working conditions in a Chinese sweatshop? Well, monkey, it's time to bust out the Excel and analyze that shit.

Apparently this downloadable spreadsheet has been making the rounds in the analyst circles, and it illustrates how bad the job sucks, what your actual pay rate is, and most important - how many seconds you have left in your analyst stint.

I played around with it a bit and it's a good laugh. It even tells you whether it's a good night to go drinking and what you can expect the next day. It's about time someone put Excel to good use.

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This was around at least five years ago when I was an analyst. A few guys made their own spreadsheets that included things like # of red bulls drunk / $ spent on red bull. Anything to help those miserable years pass by is good.

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As mentioned above, this one isn't nearly as good as a number of similar ones that I saw years ago.


I remember meeting an MD during junior year and he asked me "Why would you want to do banking when you get paid as much as a McDonalds manager?"

I replied "Because, I dont have to wear a McDonalds uniform" Showed that motherfucker whose boss...but when you come to think of it, its pretty miserable.

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