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Southampton, New York: A gathering of Titans was brewing; names like Kravis, Schwarzman, Black, and Giuliani were on the guest list. Was it a Bilderberg meeting? No. Perhaps another "idea" dinner? Wrong again. Where they watching Shia LaBeouf pull a Costanza on the big screen? Bingo.

A special screening of Wall Street: Money never sleeps was given for the masters of the universe and among the attendees were Henry Kravis, Steve Schwarzman, Wilbur Ross, Leon Black, Pete Peterson, David Ganek, Steve Mnuchin, Aby Rosen, Tom Wolfe, Ted Forstmann, Rudy Giuliani, Alfred Taubman, and Jeffrey Epstein- who ironically was just released from his 1 year house arrest stint.

The screening was followed by a dinner party and some guests were kind enough to give out their reviews. No surprise, it was mostly praise for Michael Douglas; Wilbur Ross was quoted saying "He would captivate any audience" and Peter Smith, a former Lazard partner said "I thought Michael Douglas did a terrific job."

Douglas fanboyism aside, they didn't hold back on critiquing the story. "It was a weak storyline..." said Smith. "I'd rather see real combat, Wall Street style. They got a lot of things right, though, like the vindictiveness of the Treasury and the Fed." Ross added that compared to the original, which "had a lot more sex and violence. This one was more about family than finance." and when a reporter hinted that it was intended for a younger, non R-rated demographic, he snapped "You think younger people don't have sex?"

So anyway what have we got here? A family movie? For a younger audience? Sounds like Gordon Gekko got licensed to the Hallmark channel. He probably got himself a dog too. As expected Hollywood came out with another sequel that doesn't do justice to the original, and probably ruined an icon of generations.

What about Shia?

I'm leaving that to you.

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Comments (8)

  • PossumBelly's picture

    I'm surprised they were that nice. Movie looks like total garbage and Shia Labeouf is a failed abortion.

  • rankun's picture

    Someone remind me how he got the part... he never traded before this.

  • BocaYankee's picture

    Will be a total flop.

  • In reply to BocaYankee
    Jorgé's picture

    Will be a total flop.

    Yup, but I bet you most of us here are still going to watch it. lol

    People like Coldplay and voted for the Nazis, you can't trust people Jeremy

  • In reply to rankun
    M-001's picture

    Someone remind me how he got the part... he never traded before this.

    ...... hes an actor.. when was it customary for actors to have actual experience for the roles they are playing?

  • mxc's picture

    In porn I think it is.

  • netking007's picture

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