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I was interested in getting everyone's view on what you think were the most memorable/best/funniest/worse/most shocking moments of 2009. This does not have to be related to banking or finance or the business world (it can be related to anything). I figured this could be an interesting forum.

So here we go: most shocking moment - the death of Michael Jackson

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    bd78 wrote:
    definitely a naive question but..

    why don't you like obama

    I don't like the democratic or republic parties - they're both corrupt as fuck and really are just two sides of the same coin. Both parties as far as I can remember keep taking away your rights, expanding government power, increasing the national debt, and bullshitting through every election.

    Obama is particularly bad only because the American people think he is a savior and therefore they trust his every move, even when he outright lies (i.e. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LsSppYxSHk). Look at all the bills he is trying to push through (healthcare, cap and trade, bailouts, etc.). They are all massive bills that expand government power. He has increased the deficit to an all-time high, yet he promises not to raise taxes... and he accepted a nobel peace prize, while sending more troops to Afghanistan. The guy is a fucking joke. I hope American wake up by 2012 and stop voting for these cronies in both parties.