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Are they hard to find or get? My dad thinks it is, but I don't think so. My dad thinks it is because Im from a non target and he thinks those with masters get it than those with bachelors.

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    I went through public accounting interviews at a top target, so my experience will be easy relative to yours. No networking and got first rounds but one small CPA firm; offers from 3 of the Big 4. Very easy if you know how to talk to people. The interviews are just 30 of talking about anything really. The only time you get behavioral questions is if you can't hold a decent conversation about something else (or if you interview with Deloitte). The good people don't need a masters because they graduate undergrad with 150 credits. If you don't go to a school with good OCR, you'll probably have a tough time and need to network.

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    i got to a school that is really close to big 4 in CA. I know a bunch of people in that school that got offers from the big 4. I planned out my schedule and it looks like Im really close to 150 units.

    I have gotten to final rounds, but got picked over.


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    Accounting internships are very easy to get - everybody needs accountants. If you missed out on the Big 4, apply to regional and local public accounting firms, as well as Fortune 1000 firms in your area. There will be lots of opportunities if you spend the time to network and look around.