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I was interested in ER and was wondering if someone could give me any resume advice?
Also, please feel free to bash the heck out of it for any reason. :P


Resume: https://docs.google.com/document/edit?id=1zEuVDd2E...

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    kill objective, put that in your cover letter, move research and whatnot job positions into work experience and move the study abroad under education.. kinda looks awkward to have the 'research' category that can be seperated into education and work imho

    leadership roles? expand on stuff if you can. can kill that managing database blabla and just insert that under work experience, maybe put the GRE/SAT scores under your education as to

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    country analyst and senior research assistant two diff jobs or one job? seems like two different titles-- did you get promoted to one or the other?

    and whyd u take the gre lsat anddd... everything but the gmat:? haha