Hi all,

I will be interning at MS this summer for IBD and I have the group selection phase coming up. I am wondering if anyone can comment on the various IBD groups at MS regarding their culture, exit opps, hours, return offer rate, etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if anyone has tips regarding how to best position myself for the selection process, I am open to advice!

Thanks a lot.

**Please, before you reply saying there are already threads on this, do your research - they are extremely outdated with the exception of one recent one, which wasn't even fully informative.

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Which office?




1) Nat Res
2) FIG
3) Pubfin
4) M&A
5) Tech
6) Industrials
7) All Else


What are your reasons? I've heard a lot about how Media & Comm is a top group and you didn't list it in your top 6.


1) Nat Res2) FIG3) Pubfin4) M&A5) Tech6) Industrials7) All Else

not sure if srs...

To the OP, what are your long-term goals? And are you industry-agnostic at this point?


I am primarily thinking private equity long-term.

Yes, I am industry-agnostic as of right now but I do have some preferences which I will certainly take into account. For the sake of the thread though, in order to have unbiased opinion and to help others who are viewing this as well, I am curious to hear people's opinions when looking at the groups in a vacuum.


Hey Xando,

Great to meet you. I will also be joining the NY office as an IBD summer intern. I have not heard anything from HR about group selection yet. Have you heard anything/ do you know what the group selection timeline will be like for us? Thanks so much!

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