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Hi guys,

I'm currently working in PwC Advisory (been 2 years) and I'm planning to do more strategy work.

I got an offer to do corporate strategy in a company who builds and manages theme parks and attractions. Involves a lot of financial modeling/excel (which I love), project feasibility, M&A, internal performance improvement, market expansion and etc. The work sounds very interesting and fun, non of those consulting fluff.

However, this company is still new but expanding aggressively. They don't have a strong brand name but they are owned by my government's investment arm.

Was wondering if it will be a good move and if I can move laterally to other industries in the future without being pigeonholed, OR, I should consider moving to a bigger strat consultancy (ATK, MBB, Booz).


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    That sounds like a very high beta job (entry level at a new company, aggressive expansion, theme parks).

    This was a dream job of mine back in the day, but that has to be such a tough industry to be in during a recession. Your job security might feel like a (wait for it .... wait for it....) roller coaster ride!