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I just did a search of how engineering degrees are viewed on the street and it seems that some people are for it and some people are against it. I don't see how an engineering degree can be a bad thing. A friend of mine recently started an engineering management degree and it seems like the perfect degree. He will learn all management skills someone getting a BA in business administration would and all the math and science skills of someone getting a BS in engineering. On top of that he can get a concentration in Financial Engineering.

Does anyone else agree that its hard to go wrong with an engineering management or any of engineering degree?

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    Dogon wrote:
    Might be good for trading type roles only
    where is he getting the engineering management degree?

    The school is pretty well known in the northeast, not to the general public but to companies and recruiters. Think Stevens/Rensselaer/Northeastern/WPI. It also leaves him with plenty of options, F100, BB, and top second tier consulting firms all recruit at his school and from what I've heard MBA programs love engineering degrees. I might be biased but I think engineering gives you a lot of options and opens a lot of doors.

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    I highly doubt management engineering has the same physics/calc lower div requirements or the same upper division design classes as a typical engineering major. Even if you do, people will not perceive management engineering to be as technical or quantitative as electrical, mechanical, chemical, civil, comp sci etc.

    I'm not saying it's not a good degree, and it can be broad based like you said, but you won't have the same technical pedigree as other engineers.