I heard ATK and OW also do this. Is this only for OW FS? Or OW GMS as well? Are there any others? If so, how do you prepare for these tests?

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All these tests are pretty similar. You have to make basic quants under time constraint. And you also need to be able to quickly decipher graphs and tables to get the data you need. Very simple and easy when you sit at home with a warm cup of coffee. So it's all about practice practice practice. I can send you some practice tests if you would like!

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Santini would you mind sending some to me as well?



Check out Victor Cheng's case interview website for the McKinsey PST. It'll lead you in the right direction which includes links to other useful sites and resources.


OW GM has an online test that you have to do. OW FS doesn't.


BCG Europe offices have the online math/case test too, but it's offered together with first round of interview.


Santini, could you send those my way too? Thanks! :)


Found a few resources through google, feel free to msg me too

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