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is making me feel increasingly concerned each time someone posts about it. Is it still better to leave it on your resume if you have something you're not proud of (like 3-3.5), rather than just omit it altogether? I'm asking this in reference to another recent thread in which someone was mentioning how people automatically toss the resumes when they don't see any gpa listed.

Also, in relation to getting better gpas, is it possible to transfer after your 3rd year in college, so that you enter the new school as a senior? If not, what if you indicated you were interested in doing additional schooling (like a second major or studying a major that's not offered at your current school)?

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    know people (ie multiple) with 3.2 or lower as BB 07 analyst class.

    do not worry so much about GPA. these guys didnt have much else on their resumes either but got by on solid personalities once they got rnd 1

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    I also am aware of several people in BBs without stellar grades. At the end of the day it comes down to the role you're interviewing for, i.e. someone looking to do sales doesn't really have to be top of the class but should have a great personality and be able to quickly build rapport.

    If you are doing better in your final year put that on there too, ie GPA 3.3 ( Final year GPA 3.6) or whatever. Admit to whatever screwed you when you get asked at interview (i.e. I always did very well at school, got complacent and failed to respect the demands placed on me, but I've learned a lot from it).

    Good luck.

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    People on this board are way too obsessed about GPA. While it is important to have good grades, a number does not get you a job. Rather, one's personality, ability to perform and succeed are the factors that are really what the Firms want. There are plenty of bookworms with top numbers who can't hold leadership responsibilities if their life depended on it. Ok, so you have a 3.9---is a client going to care about that?

    So everyone, chill over who has 0.02 or 0.04 higher than you. Yes, it's important to get an interview, but if you define yourself by a number, that's just plain pathetic.