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Did they get back to applicants? The application was due on the 20th. I applied on the website for summer internship position in ibanking and merchant banking in seoul, but my status still says application received..

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    rednetnation wrote:
    Internships in Korea are all based on relationships, especially the foreign banks like JPM, MS, C, and GS. Even their full time recruiting are all based on relationships. You should not expect too much. Are you Korean?

    Rednet is absolutely right. And by relationships, it means your family should be the owners of Samsung, Hyundai or LG. Hell, even the Head of GS Seoul office is the president's cousin. When it comes to recruiting, those emerging market offices are pretty shady operations.

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    As mentioned before it largely hinges on personal/school connections...
    From my experiences (interned at a foreign IB in Korea) we had about 10 or so interns and only 2 or so actually interviewed and landed the position...the remain 8 had connections (dad personally knows the md etc)

    I did an off cycle internship so take it with a grain of salt....might be different for "formal" SA/FT recruiting but don't count on it....its not a coincidence that the MD/Associate/Analyst know each other already and attended the same school/same high school/same military unit etc...

    Since your Korean, try hitting up SNU / Yonsei / KU's career site...other postings available for finance related jobs (you have a leg up if your fully biligual)

    don't mean to discourage you from applying but keep your options open...gluck

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    Not sure but exchange programs won't help you as much as you might think it will...going to SNU/KU/Yonsei is aside the point...the point is to be integrated into the educational system in korea (ie: developing a relationship with the ppl/ joining the same finance club/ same military experience/ same village etc) as oppose to just being expose to the school...the career website don't require a password so your free to roam (if they do just look at naver for the same postings)...I'm pretty sure it will help you to a certain extent going on the exchange program (meet new ppl, develop a network but it's not a free ticket)...don't know where you go to school in Canada, but I know of couple ppl who went to UBC ( i think it was U of British Columbia???? ) in my IB internship...faster way is to hit up your alum base in asia...

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    I second bean's advice. Exchange programs won't get you anywhere. I don't think it's a stretch to say that recruiting in small Asian country offices are entirely dependent on networking. They posted on your school? KKR and Carlyle used to post on my undergrad alma mater regularly too. Does that mean they hired from our school? No. Nada. Never. Zero. (I went to UMich)