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Hi everyone,

I'm looking to take a year or two off before graduate school and am considering my options. I'm an applied math major from a math/science college that is respected in the industry. Unfortunately, my GPA sucks because I took too many classes outside of my area of expertise as was required by my school (oh, and terrible grade deflation). I have a lot of computational modeling experience and independent research. I've never had any finance experiences, but am interested in learning more. My quantitative/programming abilities are strong and I do well during mock interviews. How much of a factor is a subpar GPA? Is there anything I can do to compensate for it? Does being a woman help or hurt me? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. :-)


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    If you have some internships it should be ok.
    If you networked, you should be ok.
    If not you may need to go to grad school to speciallize.
    Quant finance. They need more women at top programs anyways...

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    EngBanker wrote:
    Angus Macgyver wrote:
    MIT -> ??? -> Profit!

    Seems you missed the part about the GPA.

    Well, if the OP is female and can score well enough on the GRE, I get the feeling that they might be willing to overlook a low-ish GPA. I am, of course, no admissions consultant, but... It seems like MIT really wants people who aren't white or Asian males.

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    Angus Macgyver wrote:
    It seems like MIT really wants people who aren't white or Asian males.

    This is still true. Except now everybody knows this so any female with a decent GPA knows they have a good shot at MIT. They've been dinging pretty good candidates lately. Example: West indian female friend. GMAT 720. 3.4 GPA from top 3 engineering undergrad (not MIT). Worked at big oil for 3 years. This was this year first round.

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    Thanks for all the replies. My GPA is a 2.9. I know it sucks, and though I could give reasons for how much it sucks, I'm not going to make excuses right now. I'm not looking for a lifetime in finance, so it wouldn't make sense for me to get a degree in the field. I'm really just looking for a 2(ish) year job. Would such a low GPA weed me out before interviews? I think if I can get to in-house interviews I'd really be able to distinguish myself from my GPA, but my fear is that I won't even be able to get to that point.