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Accepted at Kellogg and I'm very confident about Haas (decisions don't come out for another month). Assuming I get into both, i'm really stuck on which to choose.

Post MBA, I'd like to be on the west coast, though I'm not set on what type of job. Thinking about PE, Corp Dev, IB or VC. I'm currently in VC.

Kellogg has the better brand name, though Haas is on the west coast and isn't exactly known for finance.

Any thoughts?

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  • AlphaGeneration's picture

    Haas for sure if you're looking to go west coast (esp. cali). Haas has better brand equity in the west than Kellogg. If you're not set on staying in the west coast and could you see yourself east/midwest (NY/Chicago), go with Kellogg. Either way, both great schools.

  • islandergold's picture

    I know Haas places well into tech companies but do they still do well with local PE/IB/Corp Dev?

  • Sp00ner's picture

    I would say go for the better name, Kellogg.

  • LLcoolJ's picture

    When it comes to B-schools, Kellogg is tier one. Haas is not.

  • MPG's picture

    Kellogg and don't look back. Congrats on the admit. There are plenty of Kellogg grads on the west coast, and the name is known all around. You will have to do a lot of traveling on your own dime for recruiting, but in the long run it will be a much stronger network.

  • LookingForHelp's picture

    Kellogg. Agree with the above post.

  • Troll's picture

    I almost thought you were trying to choose between cereals.

  • islandergold's picture

    Wow, I didn't think most people would say Kellogg. I must admit that Haas' location is much more attractive to me and I have NO interest in working in the midwest or east coast afterwards. Lot's to think about but choices are good to have.

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