I'm a non-target student and I'm not doing so well this semester because Im spending too much time searching for an internship. I haven't landed an SA offer yet and the process of searching for one is really ruining my grades.

I can still take some classes Pass/Fail. Doing this will keep my 3.7 . Otherwise, I'd probably get a few CS this semester and end with a 3.5 for fall recruiting. The damage has been done and I don't think I can still manage very high grades by this point.

Heres the fucked up part. I already have more than a couples Ws (1 each semester since I have a bad habit of signing up for too much, like this semester). adding a few Ps to it will make things look bad.

But as I recall, people don't really look at transcripts, just cum GPA for US recruiting. I think HK recruiting looks at GPA and transcript more carefully however.

So should I let my GPA drop to 3.5 or keep it at 3.7 by taking shit P/F

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For recruiting, P/F that class- nobody reads a transcript until after you get an offer, if then. Then, they only check to make sure that you didn't lie about your GPA.

Nobody really cares about P/F's, Ws, and class selection. Think of all the people taking "Drawing 101" to boost their GPA. It's a game.

Are you trying to work in HK? I can't comment on the process there.

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I agree with West Coast rainmaker. The only thing I would add is that since you are coming from a non-target undergrad you may want to go to business school in the near future. If you should do this, Ad Coms DO very much care about pass/fail courses and W's on the transcript and will do more to keep you from the better universities than a gpa on the lower side like a 3.5.


How about Big 4 in the US though? They required transcripts every time I applied


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