I recently went on a job interview at GS for as a lateral hire. I was scheduled to meet with two people, one was a VP the other an associate. The interview lasted for about an hour and 15 minutes. After finishing speaking with the second person he went to see if one or two of the other people was available, but came back a few minutes later to say that they weren't free for an interview. The associate thanked be for coming in, hoped to have the other team members speak with me and then said I would hear from them shortly.

My question is how do you guys think this went based upon what I said above and how long does it usually take for them to get back to you?

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<2 hours for an SA position from what Ive heard from people at my school.

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I interviewed on a Tuesday, got my call on Friday


took a couple days longer than they originally said for me


Anyone at the superday today heard back tonight? Longshot but worth asking.


Just got the offer!


I know Goldman has been slow to get back to me in the past


For a long-term internship, they told after the interview they would get back to "within 1 week". Three weeks later, nothing. Called them and got the offer in 5 minutes. I always keep thinking what if I hadn't called them, maybe I would never got the offer.
So always call, never email or wait.

But in your case, it's still quite early, wait till Wednesday then call up.


fast forward a few weeks. I have been on two more rounds interviews with GS, both of which I thought went well. Before the last interview I was asked to fill out a prior compensation form. At the end of the third round of interviews someone from HR came in to ask me a few questions and explain how the hiring process works.

What opinions do you guys have on this and how long might I expect to hear back from them one way or the other?


Just wanted to update, they rejected me on the following Monday. (Final Round on Tuesday, next Monday they called me around 2pm).


Oh, and analyst2b, I went through the same experience. I did the PC form and they told me all about the company and everything, but I didn't get an offer. Sucks. Total roller coaster of emotions.


about 3 weeks after my superday... unfortunately, i had already accepted an offer elsewhere. it is for the summer though.

@dantheman2011 did you ask why? it's so cruel...

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